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11th Apr 2021, 11:24 PM #1
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Site runs like ass as if the DNS server is on the moon! On laptop with internet via cable.

Click on a page or "next"... several seconds delay... then the next page loads quickly (sometimes without the image). This is quite annoying. Also, sometimes the comment-popup opens but is empty, that's even more annoying but does not happen so often. The delays is (nearly) always there.

Not sure when the (nearly) constant delays started but at least a week ago.

I'm in Germany, just in case that's helpful to know. The rest of the internet doesn't show these delays, it seems to be only CF.

Meanwhile it's constantly at least 9s (up to 16s) from clicking on "next" until the page starts loading.

This is really ANNOYING! Especially when finding a new comic and starting a binge read. It applies to the rating-popup and comment popup, too. Always 9-16s until I see them.

12s in average doesn't seem much and is bearable if there are only a few pages/updates, but for binge reads they really add up and each feels longer than 12s because it's pure "wasted time". I have tried clicking "next" before I'm done with the page but that's a poor solution because I cannot predict very well at which point I need about 9s more on the actual page. Yesterday I gave up a binge read after about 25 pages, of about 500 :-/

Is it only me??

Will this get fixed with the server move?
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11th Apr 2021, 10:56 PM #2
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What if it is someone who doesn't have a comic?

No! It wasn't me!
(I have dropped a few low ratings over time (mostly 4's) but AFAIR I almost always commented about why I didn't like the page or something on it.)
8th Feb 2021, 12:07 AM #3
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> He actually set up a motion camera pointing towards the kitchen door so if it happens again we'll have it on camera. <:'D

Not sure whether I should wish for you to see something, or not :P

What irritates me is that... someone/something... could open the door in a way the dogs heard, too, but the dogs were not barking downstairs, were they? So either they found nothing or they found someone they knew.

An involuntary astral projection (wishing to be home already / Radar Love (the song)), idk. While driving? Idk about the whole thing. If both of you wanted to see each other... maybe, but... idk, it shouldn't be that easy. And it doesn't explain the door.
Or could the door have been something else? Like some explosion or ... whatever, that vibrated the door and the house? The dogs would have heard that...

W-what do you mean, the second scariest thing that's ever happened there?? W-would I want to know about the m-most scary event ó_ò?
7th Feb 2021, 2:02 PM #4
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JayyLyn:yep sure is! lemme tell you about because this literally just happened to me right now, i sh!t you not, i have goosebumps.

so i'm upstairs drawing (home alone), i have 3 dogs and they're all upstairs in this room with me. I hear the front door slam and feel the vibration of it and the dogs start barking and run downstairs. i think " oh, my husband's home." so i wait but i don't hear anything else. the dogs come back upstairs. I go downstairs, no one's home. No one's been home, So i think wtf am i hearing things? and go back upstairs.

So then about a half hour later i go downstairs to get a soda and i SWEAR TO GOD someone was standing in the kitchen doorway and i think.."um.. my husband is home? but why is he standing in the dark?" and i hear a soft man's whisper: "hey" so i say "OK LIGHTS ON" and

Up until this point I thought your husband was playing a prank, like so: Enters the house noisily, (dogs bark and go down), greets dogs, tells them to be silent and go up again, (dogs know him and happily do as he said), hides in the kitchen, (you come down), whispers "hey" from a dark location and...

JayyLyn:no one is there. NO ONE IS THERRRRE. WTF i've never heard anything like that with my own ears and guys it sounded just like the recordings on ghost shows. I got goosebumps. You can tell i'm shook because there is literally not a single emoji in this whole post.

We live in a really old house and i've had weird experiences before (footsteps etc.)but nothing scared me like this. THERE WAS SOMEONE STANDING THERE.


That would require some very sophisticated tech. Like a holographic projector. Or a very sophisticated setup with a full-size see-through mirror, and you would see the mirror when light goes on. (A weak holography would just vanish, getting drowned out by the light.) But in both cases you would see some light around the person, either the person itself glows or is illuminated by a weak light.

So I'm at the end of my wits. But one question: What happened when you saw your husband for real?

gman0003, here's one for you!

Merged Doublepost:

Kokoneos:Haha it's a true story too, in hindsight I think the cord got hooked around my ankle and I was too distracted by my phone to feel it.

But even that doesn't explain the app saying "yank".

Merged Doublepost:

after my mom died and I was super down because of it,
7th Feb 2021, 1:42 AM #5
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At the risk of derailing the thread: After watching 1.5 episodes of Paranoia Agent I needed a dose of Moldiver! Not sure whether it qualifies for "bad" movie (anime in this case) but it's hilariously satirizing the whole super hero anime genre and probably itself. Funny fun! Can cure having watched depressing animes if you let it :D
6th Feb 2021, 9:57 PM #6
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Firefly Jelly:...

Sounds like the best recipe to drive anime-inexperienced viewers away from animes in general.

This reminds me of: StarCrash
The name of the space ship in the first shot is "Murray Leinster" :D
Satirizes a lot Sci-Fi movies & stories.
14th Jan 2021, 2:39 AM #7
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What straker said.

And what celin said!

Not that I'd disagree with mitchellbravo.

There are a lots of options (story, art-style, realism, how much color and many things I wouldn't even think of) that even if you make a comic that fits my answers perfectly, I might still not like it because I don't like the combination of all the perfection. Perfections? Whatever.

And indeed, the vocal minority can lead you in the totally wrong/bad direction. There IS a huge silent majority here!

Maybe you get "better answers" by not asking, but looking at the popular categories to see which comics are popular, even though that doesn't tell you why.

13th Jan 2021, 6:56 PM #8
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Links only:

Modesta Pastiche - Lemon Tree (Fool's Garden cover) {invidious} {youtube} - Original {invidious} {youtube}

Eric Clapton - Swing Low Sweet Chariot {invidious} {youtube}. This is my favorite and the one that stands out the most. No idea which one of the over 9000 other versions the original is.

The Dollyrots - Brand New Key {invidious} {youtube} - Original {invidious} {youtube}

And then there are 2 song that are IMHO great in all versions I encountered so far:

Sand by Lee Hazlewood, also the only song about a one-night stand in the nature I know of.
Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokum (1966) {invidious} {youtube} - this is most likely the original
Lee (Hazlewood) & Nancy (Sinatra) {invidious} {youtube} - probably the best known version.
Einstürzende Neubauten {invidious} {youtube} - clearly the most obscure version.
Gavin Friday & Cillian Murphy {invidious} {youtube}

Summer Wine by Lee Hazlewood, a song about the weakness of men against Women and Wine.
Virgil Warner & Suzi Jane Hokom {invidious} {youtube}
Lee (Hazlewood) & Nancy (Sinatra) {invidious} {youtube}
Alex Kapranos & Clara Luciani (partly in french) {invidious} {youtube}
Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon (probably the newest) {invidious} {youtube}

The "invidious"-links require one click on the video to start. It's a feature.
12th Jan 2021, 8:39 PM #9
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I'm probably going to regret this, but there are 2:

Waterworld. No! Really! It's one of my two or three favorite Kevin Costner movies and I liked it much better than Bodyguard. If there was a 3D version of it, I'd go to cinema to watch it.

Plan 9 From Outer Space! Yes! That one. This movie changed my life, in the same way "Yellow Submarine" (the song) did: Before watching it I had heard all kinds of bad things about it and was bracing myself (hnng!) but then I found it to be a quite decent low-budged B-movie, for sure better than a few others I had seen until then*. Would watch it again.

*:This convinced me to never listen to movie critics again. They can have their opinion, I have mine and probably a different one.
20th Dec 2020, 1:14 AM #10
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Sorry about being late...

About commenting and getting no answer:
Cooke:Is the person reading because they like the work or are they looking for some sort of validation from the creator?

I mean if you're unsubbing because of that, you probably weren't that interested in the first place.

You may have a question about a certain page or the comic in general. Not getting the question answered or generally seeing that comments don't get answered would make me stop asking, maybe stop commenting at all, but it wouldn't be a reason to unsubscribe, not on its own. Provided that the comic is still enjoyable with the questions left unanswered :P
(But sure it's nice to know that the creator read the comment(s).)
19th Dec 2020, 1:05 AM #11
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The easiest reason I can name: Brutality. Especially when I begin to like a character and he/she/they is getting brutally murdered. Even worse when the murder is not punished for a long time.
There are bloody murder stories I read with not too much emotional stress, e.g. when the death is not very graphically shown or not at all... it depends a bit, of things I can hardly name. Anyway, it's my #1 reason to unsub, by far. Happened a few times, here.

Also, when it looks promising at first (maybe the first few pages have great artwork) and then goes on and on without the story going forward. (There is some Manga Love Story I'm ashamed to not having stopped buying MUCH earlier.) But that's less of a reason.

Then, really big plot holes or completely non-understandable story. I mean, about 50 pages in and I have no clue about what the comic is about. Happened with a printed manga, I probably won't let it happen again.

Or, events that are (or should be) outright impossible within the world of the comic. Really pissed me off once with a printed comic and was the reason to unsub from one comic here. (Don't worry, it was really over the top impossible. Things that look impossible for some time but can be explained within the comic are perfectly fine, even great.)

(And if it causes severe emotional stress. Hasn't happened with a comic yet (well, nearly, once) - I'll never watch "Grave of the Fireflies" after having read what it is about and some summary of the anime.)
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18th Dec 2020, 1:18 AM #12
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Eve Z.:... and I'm afraid that taking a hiatus is going to cost me plenty of readers. It did last time I took time off and I may lose the little (eerily quiet) audience I do have left and this might kill my motivation to continue even more. ...

(I have no right to say something because I don't read your comic ...
But from a reader's viewpoint in general, please declare a hiatus instead of silently vanishing. One doesn't know whether it's abandoned or (worse) the artist is dead or is physically unable to continue. IMHO a declared hiatus isn't so bad. There is a chance to come back. Plus, what Mitchellbravo said.)
17th Dec 2020, 1:46 AM #13
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^-That fits to what I believe to know, too, thus: Additional vitamin D support by eating some. (Which I forgot.)

But bright (WHITE artificial light, or sun light) still helps the mind.
"Fighting "Winter Depression" (SAD) with WHITE Power", 16th Dec 2020, 2:44 PM #14
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Lutzbug:I dunno if this might help, but people have been a lot less likely to go outside since COVID started, which can cause low vitamin D. Your body makes it from sunlight and staying in can keep you from getting enough of it. Low vitamin D can trigger depression, sluggishness, and other problems. Going on walks in quiet areas can help you make more vitamin D and boost your overall health. If you like fatty fish such as swordfish or salmon, it has high levels of vitamin D in it too.

disclaimer: I am not a doctor

Here is a BBC article about quarantine being linked to low vitamin D

Gosh, I forgot about the vitamin D :(

About 4 weeks ago I felt my thoughts going darker and because I had this already a few years ago, I realized I had a SAD(<- search on DuckDuckGo). Back then, a friend suggested a therapeutical lamp. They were expensive, so instead I bought some bright WHITE (6400K light color) LED bulbs and it helped muddling through. Last week I bought some more, now I have 7 bulbs of 6500K LEDs, together a bit more than 10000 (yes, over then thousand) lumen and when the sky is grey, the inside of my flat is brighter than the outside, at high noon! And well, it took only a few days and dark thought (mostly of death and dying) were gone.

But: This (only) affects the mind. Which is very important, but in the joy of not having these dark thoughts anymore, I forgot the body, namely, additional vitamin D supply, and yesterday I felt tired the whole day through and caffeine didn't help.

Also, natural light is (most likely) still the best, so going out if possible would be advised. And (something I also didn't think of) cleaning the windows, so you get as much sun light as possible through them.

(There were some posts in the forum that suggest that some others have a SAD, too, so I thought it was high time to tell about the one countermeasure I know.)

If you buy lamps / LED bulbs: Don't bother about the orange-ish "warm white" (2000K-3000K light color), they don't help at all. 4000K (neutral white, which is now advertised as "cool white") is the minimum, not sure if it helps, 6500K (now advertised as "cool white daylight" - daylight is what you want to emulate) is MUCH better but it is not easy to find in shops because most people want "warm white". :-/

Therapy Lamps may be even better, so far I have no experience with them - does anybody?
They have become cheaper and apparently require less electrical power for the same output.
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15th Dec 2020, 8:51 AM #15
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Zero Hour:Recently there was a thing that was really bothering me/making me sad, but I don't feel like talking about that with anyone as it is really specific and makes me look kinda crazy, but at the same time it is really hard for me to not be able to tell it to anyone.

You're not alone.
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13th Dec 2020, 7:07 PM #16
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Are there any captchas one can add to a specific site without letting the data kraken Google in? CF is so nicely Google-free now.
11th Dec 2020, 9:26 PM #17
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melaredblu:Honestly, I think I'd freak out and probably assume I'm having some sort of psychotic episode? And then eventually, later down the line, draw the conclusion that maybe I passed out on the couch and was dreaming or something.

That. Me, too.

And a few days later once I stopped shakin' in my shoes, I'd post the story on reddit, /r/TheTruthIsHere. Of course, nobody would believe it but some may act supportive XD.

<goes reading the spoiler>

So... call the police? Would I expect them to handle some supernatural event? I'd rather think that calling the police would probably put me in some spotlight where drugs are involved*. After having calmed down enough and after posting the story on reddit I'd go searching the internet for "from the shadows" (provided that I remember that, but I probably would, even if I was assuming/believing that it was a (day)dream.) Oh. I'd find something. About a salvation army truck... Now stuff begins to make sense, maybe it has to do with this hero of the poor. Is someone after him? No time to loose, I'd try to call him and unintelligibly blurt out the story on the phone. Not sure what happens next.

*: Things might be different in a universe where the police is known to handle supernatural things as well, and well. (I mean handle such events well.) But even then, all I have is that I've seen and heard something. It might have been a technology test that got misdirected. The voice excused so I don't think they would come after me. Bother the police with such a story, which provides nothing substantial but the words I heard? Rather not.
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2nd Dec 2020, 12:32 PM #18
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The Accidental Ninja:
... and now my brain is like "oh no what if I have covid???" I'm 90% sure that it's just anxiety, ...

Just taking the opportunity because I was halfway (or less) there, too, minus the anxiety. Spoilered because it's not a grievance.
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29th Nov 2020, 4:41 PM #19
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I can’t remember the last weekend I visited my parents without any drama occuring.
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29th Nov 2020, 12:27 AM #20
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This seems to be going into a derailment, thus, spoiler:

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