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Yesterday, 1:17 PM #1
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Kyo:Okay, this should be fixed in old firefox/pale moon, once you hit ctrl + f5 on a page with the bbcode editor to clear your cache of the old script. Although you should really look into updating your firefox if at all possible, since that version won't be getting security updates, and long term other stuff might break that won't be as easily fixable.

Yes - indeed it is, with Palemoon 28.10.0*, too - I trust that the rest is working, too. Many thanks for the hint about the cache!

*: That's an old version of Palemoon but it's the one that works best for me.
Result in thread: Thread O' Dreams II
4th Jun 2022, 10:37 AM #2
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So, I dreamed that there was a cat in my bed. I was laying on my side and the cat was cuddled against my back, probably for warmth. When I moved, it came around to my other side, in front of my face. I put a hand on its back and went back to sleep.
A short time later I heard a noise from my porch (which is directly in line of sight from my bed). First I could only see dangling legs in black pantyhose of some girl who was sitting on the table on the porch. She was looking for her cat.
So I rose up in the bed but I didn't want her to see me naked, so I didn't get out of bed at once, then I realized that a T-shirt just hanging there would block her view when I moved a bit to the side, so I did that. While getting up I noticed that I already wore a T-shirt so I left it like that.
Next, I noticed someone kneeling/crouching on the floor of my flat, facing away from me. It was the girl from before, looking for her cat now inside my flat, at a spot where a cat couldn't possibly be.

Next, and completely different: I came to my parent's house where I usually live on the upper floor. When I entered the house, I noticed some people going up the stairway and entering the area where I normally lived. I say something like "Hey! That's my flat. What do you -" but they didn't listen. They seemed to be a family of refugees, a dad in his 40s, two daughters in their 20s and 3 very young kids. The bathroom smelled of poo because they just went potty with the smallest one, and the living room smelled of freshly done laundry. The dad kinda complained that the price for some underpants went down from 155 to 145 and turned away before I could ask "145 what?", it was obviously too high to be € or $. Then I woke up. No cat in my bed and the door to the porch was closed.

(This is the 2nd dream I remembered within a few weeks that was not some kind of horror dream but by the time I found the Thread o' Dreams (and got past some distractions) I had forgotten most of the first one.)
Result in thread: a warning for you
26th May 2022, 5:28 AM #3
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Also, avoid "heavy" food very late or shortly before going to bed.

2 days ago I felt a bit hungry after sports so I opened a can of tuna salad and poured some mild sunflower oil and dry herbs on it. Oh my, that was so good! :D
Only, it was already about 22:00 and when I went to bed about two hours later... I felt rather full, and later on a bit nauseous. So I didn't sleep well, skipped breakfast and eating altogether until about 15:00... so... altogether, can't recommend that.
Result in thread: More reliable comment forms
18th Apr 2022, 4:54 PM #4
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I have configured my browser to do that explicitly, and that is the intended effect. (I'm the other kind of Comic Fury user who uncheck "remember me" box every time logging in) I am okay with having to click that button once on every session; ...

(My only concern is being followed around the whole internet by means of cookies, CF doesn't sprinkle the internet with buttons or banners and AFAIK doesn't use Google services of any kind, therefore I consider it privacy-safe.)
Result in thread: More reliable comment forms
17th Apr 2022, 9:59 PM #5
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Kyo:you would probably want to also exempt the webcomic domains, otherwise it might log you out on those.

Oops. Done, now. Maybe not all of them yet. Thank you very much.
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17th Apr 2022, 9:20 PM #6
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Kyo:have you tried pressing the login button on the comment form? if you login once from there you should stay logged in from then on out

What if someone has an add-on that automatically deletes all cookies when the last tab that uses them is closed or if the browser is closed, does the new system still work then?

I have such a cookie exterminator running, but A) CF is exempted, B) with several tabs of CF-based comics open, the last tab is never closed and C) it doesn't delete cookies when the browser is closed, so that wouldn't affect me, I'm asking just for clarification.
Result in thread: Thread O' Dreams II
28th Feb 2022, 12:38 AM #7
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Yesterday I dreamed something weird. But before I tell the dream, I have to establish an image: Is everybody familiar with "Dinner for One"? Remember the bear fur on the floor where the butler always stumbles over it's head? Now imagine something alike, same pose of the limbs but much smaller: A sable fur with "the head still on" much like that bear fur in "Dinner for One".

The dream: I was in bed, in a bedroom that resembles my bedroom but there was a table beside the bed, similar to the long table in the living room but only half the size (a little higher than the mattress, less than half a meter wide and a bit more that a meter long). There were some books beneath the table and a bit further into the room, that sable fur, the head towards the bed, well out of reach from the bed. So in the dream I leaned a bit out of the bed and rummaged among the books on the floor under the table. Suddenly while doing that, I heard a "hr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r..." coming from the sable fur and stopped moving my hands for a moment. I knew (within the dream) that this was impossible, it was just a fur, but I had heard the growling, no doubt. Then I woke up.
Result in thread: Small suggestions thread
17th Jan 2022, 1:06 AM #8
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"sympathize" +1!!!

There were several times I didn't "like" some post because it was about something ... "unlikable", an unlucky event or worse, I mean, what's to "like" about a loss or some destruction... as in, "my car broke, now I'm sad" - "I like that" :-/ Instead, "have my sympathy about it" feels much more sympathetic.
29th Dec 2021, 1:48 AM #9
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spike vacant:Yeah, exposure helps. I've known people who go to great lengths to blacklist every mention of something that triggers them from their lives, and inevitably something slips through and causes about the same level of breakdown as it did back at the start. Which sucks.

Warnings can help people mentally prepare for something that's gonna bother them and avoid stuff that's over the top shocking though. There's lots of different ways [horrific event] can be portrayed:
- seriously and in depth
- in a subtle way offscreen
- in your face for shock value
- played for laughs
and I really wouldn't blame anyone for wanting a warning before those last two.

I'd like a warning before every case except the 2nd. But if you give a TW before a shock value, you practically destroy it. But really, shock me once (doing a case 3) and I probably stop reading the comic.
Result in thread: How Do You Eat Your Cereal?
8th Dec 2021, 1:01 PM #10
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The Letter M:You wait until it's soggy! Wow. I really didn't think people did that.

While Kyo just mentioned "empty calories" (idk, literally, about that but there may be better stuff for breakfast): Does anyone eat & like Weetabix? There is 1 shop where I can get it, apparently it's not that common in Germany... Anyway, they are dry bricks of... something... (do they count as cereal?) and when you pour milk over them, they kinda dissolve within a minute. It never occurred to me that one could eat these dry... OK, they are an extreme case... but still.

Then again, my mom once came up with the idea to present certain (sweet) cereal chips for watching TV, instead of potato chips and/or popcorn. :-)
Result in thread: How Do You Eat Your Cereal?
8th Dec 2021, 11:57 AM #11
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Soggy. Fill bowl with cereal, tap with spoon until there's a somewhat flat surface, then pour milk from the fridge into bowl until the cereals are just covered. Carefully push some down. (Depending on the kind of cereals, now is the time to drip a bit liquid honey on top of all, unless they are already sweet.) Waitaminit. Or two. Then: Eat.
4th Dec 2021, 12:46 AM #12
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mitchellbravo:THATS OK JM


Someone with a huge number of pages to upload should make a test. What if it's an irrational number, like 6.283 hours?
Result in thread: santa is real (a message)
4th Dec 2021, 12:24 AM #13
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Sorry 4 being late.

GMan003:Flying a 747's pretty easy, with all those engines and those big wings.

Come on, those wings can't even flap, how are they supposed to create some upwards thrust?
And the engines are powerful but heavy by themselves - the only explanation can be that they create energy for some flying spell.

GMan003:You could probably take off with just a strong headwind, if you weren't carrying any load.

But the heavy engines? Without them, a strong headwind might flip the 747 over on it's back! Thank god for creating those engines.

GMan003:Now, landing it, that's a different story.

Aww, you just adjust the spell and go downwards. easy-peasy.

GMan003:No, my first attempt at LAX totally did not end up in the Bay, why would you ask?

Wait. Did you try to land a huge, inanimate metal cross like a 747 without adjusting the flight spell? *facepalm* Well, you obviously survived, that's impressive!
Result in thread: Thread O' Dreams II
27th Nov 2021, 3:10 AM #14
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I felt really disoriented for a few hours, realizing several memories I had from that day and days past were actually part of the dream and had never actually happened.

Ahh - something like that happened to me too! A dream somehow incorporated recent memories and when I woke up I didn't know which events really happened and which were part of the dream. Which made me think: Usually my dreams contain something unlikely or impossible, so after waking up I can tell that something was a dream. But what if a dream "tells" a continuation of something that really happened by just a few minutes, something that you cold have observed if you had paid attention? What would differentiate such a dream from a memory?

Kokoneos:Eventually my brain sorted it out and started to forget all the dream memories but that was one of the strangest dream experiences I've ever had.

Took my brain several days to weed out the dream memories from the real memories and I'm still not sure the is nothing left.
19th Nov 2021, 10:26 PM #15
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^- Yeah, the actors don't look super off, and if John Cho can pull off moving like a much younger man, it might be not super bad. (I don't care much about Jill Valentine's actress not being "sexy enough".)

But without Ed it's just a rather meh Sci-Fi story about bounty hunters in a spaceship, IMHO not even very interesting as an anime, quite less so in real form. And one entire season without Ed? There may not be a 2nd season.
17th Nov 2021, 12:05 AM #16
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lirvilas:Yeah, pass.

They would have done better to make something original.

Same. Especially if they start off with actors that are hardly recognizable by anybody who knows the original. It will be some life action that, by some legal twist, has the same name as a famous anime of the past and may contain some references to that anime.

Just looked it up. Oh God :-( And no Edward.

But it might work to some extend anyway because 1998 was in the last millennium and kids today don't remember the original. And it's cheaper to "adapt" (= rip off) some existing material instead of creating something original.

@ Feeshly: Here. A glimpse.

Merged Doublepost:

Teles:I'll still wait for the reviews to come out first...

"Netflix Cowboy Bebop reviews are BRUTAL! First reactions EXPOSE it as cheap low budget snooze fest!" - someone on the internet.
Result in thread: Please pray for my Dad
14th Nov 2021, 2:24 PM #17
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When my dad died (2 years after my mom), my brother and me inherited a house with a big garden.

WARNING: This is Germany, I'm aware that stuff may not apply to where you are but it may give you a hint.

In general: It's a heritage. In my case I got a letter from the city about it. I went there and the city clerk was very helpful with sorting out basic things about the big stuff. Maybe there is some office of the city that can help and would help with such things? Otherwise, since your dad prepared for it, the most important things are probably taken care of, your dad's lawyer not being available anymore shouldn't be a snag regarding that. I'd assume you have a few months before something comes up where you need some help.

What I'm trying to say: Stay calm.
Also, there is your brother. If somebody (legal "bodies" included) tries to rush you into making a decision, you can always say, you have to talk with your brother, you can't make a decision alone. And then take your time.
7th Nov 2021, 1:58 AM #18
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Pretty much all 3 of them. I wasn't very productive...

- Some teen gets inflicted by an alien device (two bracelets) that start to convert his body into a machine, making him 3 times heavier, 7 times stronger, and somewhat bulletproof. The idea died in the planning phase because I wanted it to play in this world, no compromise. Soon I realized that every government including his own country's would try to kill him. Once you get found out, there's no way to survive for more than several days in our world, unless you are really completely invulnerable like Superman. Or...

- A scientist having an accident while setting up an experiment and a flash hitting the equipment, which renders him "phased out" of the material world, but he can become solid enough to touch anything and render it out of phase, too. Or not, which enables him to go/move through walls. (A good amount of Kitty Pryde with slightly different abilities + some Doctor Solar + a little bit of Doctor Manhattan. Here I wasn't concerned about his well-being. But then I realized that if he makes something go out of phase, air will fill the space where it was and he can't put it back. I found no solution for that, it made the whole idea non-workable.

- A former test pilot gets visited by aliens. They tell him that their sun is dying and he may be the only one who can help them. He agrees and they bring him to construction where his body is apparently replaced by a back hole. Being able to manipulate gravity at will and create and dissolve black holes, he salvages the alien's sun and returns to earth, soon realizing that earth is not his home anymore. So he takes off into space, on a self selected mission to solve problems of literally astronomical level. (This one is not completely dropped. It might work as a weird one-time story, as described, but as a literally untouchable character, he is much too powerful to interact with any hero or villain I know of.)

Seeing these ideas written down here, I just realized that each is an amplification of the previous one. In a way, they are all the same. Also, no women.
Result in thread: Please pray for my Dad
26th Oct 2021, 11:25 PM #19
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Oh sh*t man. Within just a few days. :-(

Honestly, my head is all over the place regardless of my efforts to try and distract myself from things just for a bit. I've had calls from hospice people and various others talking to me on all this.

Might music help? LOUD Music maybe?
Just for some hours, sure you can't escape from the situation but perhaps you don't need to take it all in one go.
24th Oct 2021, 6:06 AM #20
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^ & 100% off-topic:
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