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Yesterday, 2:17 AM #1
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That out of the way... I'd like to promote a whole music style: Electroswing!

First, a little movie:

Somewhere in the middle of last year I was checking out Aron Chupa (of Albatraoz fame which was where it all started) who did the movie above. Which let to

And from there everything went downhill:

Alice Francis - Shoot him down (Original):

Alice Francis - Shoot him down (Parov Stellar remix):

Hit the Road Jack (Wolfgang Lohr & Maskarade Remix):

Charlie Puth - Betty Boop (_Blan Kato remix)

Caravan Palace - Dramophone:

Jamie Berry - Peeping Tom (ft. Rosie Harte):

Electro Velvet - Take Me Home:

Swingrowers - Butterfly:

Still here? Then come the channels:
Electro Swing Thing
Freshly Squeezed
Or just search for: Electro swing mix
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2 days ago, 6:00 PM #2
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GMan003:The federal government has completely dropped the ball. In some ways they're actively working to make this worse.
Aww, at least the gov managed to get the borders closed. And now ordered GM to make ventilators. That's at least a little bit, even though it's too f'ing late.

GMan003:Like it would almost be better if we had literally zero leadership from the Trump regime, because at least then we wouldn't be giving a microphone to dangerous misinformation. Even now, they seem more focused on blaming China and playing politics than saving people's lives.
:) (<- kinda sad smile) Agreed... but what would one expect from "Mr. Fake News" himself? This could have handled a lot better but he got a few points of respect in my book for not actively doing everything wrong.
(Personal opinion: Donald Trump is an ex-wrestler and a business man who went bankrupt a few times, like most business men he knows how to manipulate people, saying the truth would be (IMHO understandably, knowing where he comes from) literally the least of his interests, he tries to run America like a business, which means telling lies whenever that's possible (or even when not) including when it's not needed and when it's not a good idea. There, I said it.)

GMan003:There's a few people who stubbornly insist on doing their jobs, and they deserve hella recognition for that, but on the whole? It's not entirely wrong to look at the US as operating under an occupation government.
Yes, but - serious question, not meant as an attack - dou you have a better idea, given that people cannot be trusted to to the right thing?

Cooke:Settle down. It's not papers please like in France and Germany is it?
I'm not entirely sure what that's even supposed to mean.

Same here... I mean it's still not very pleasurable to be (somewhat self-)restricted to one's flat, but I still think it's a good idea, and since some people seem to either not get it or just don't take the idea seriously, I appreciate that the police in Germany is enforcing it to some extend.

Cooke:I'm only pulling your chain. No offence. Lighten the mood.
O_o But what is that supposed to mean?

To add something (hopefully) useful, a short interview with Dr. Fauci (who recently facepalmed behind Trump & hardly managed to not laugh)
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3 days ago, 11:49 PM #3
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One that doesn't get old: Sledgehammer

Something completely different: Lollypop

LeRenardRoux:... the perfect quarantine anthem...

Couldn't find an anthem (well, I could but it's too off-topic), but here is maybe something remotely on topic:
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6 days ago, 7:07 PM #4
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Jason Moon:I get a lot of my customers coming out to talk to me while I work in their yard wanting to discuss whats going on. But I'm doing good and no one I know has caught the virus so thumbs up!
It's probably a relatively save job if you work alone, but have you considered the incubation period? If you catch the flu, you'll most likely know it a few hours later but this thing can develop in any period between 2 and 27 days, from what is known by now.
6 days ago, 6:37 PM #5
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Edit: Don't look until you made up your mind!
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6 days ago, 2:27 PM #6
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Cooke:I'm telling people if they're eventually going to get sick, try and avoid it for as long as possible so that when they do, that initial rush is gone and you'll be guaranteed some quality of health care.
Good idea. Also, the more you can delay getting sick, the more likely it is that you can get healed because medicines are in development and they will get better and better with time.

Merged Doublepost:

RJDG14:I was due to travel to Northern Ireland by via Rosslare on that date.
Travel, now of all times? :-(
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8 days ago, 1:54 AM #7
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I remember having seen something on reddit where a doctor explained something about masks and respirators but now I can't find it anymore.

Instead I found this on reddit:
Linked article:

Also found via reddit:

I guess if the government doesn't force you to minimize personal contact, you have to take matters into your own hands >:-|
Huh. I hope that's not political.


Vitamin C doesn't even help with colds, beyond the basic "if you're dying of scurvy you're probably not going to deal with infection well". Research has found no link between higher vitamin C doses and disease prevention. Once you've got enough to keep your body running smoothly, it has no further benefits. In particular, it does absolutely nothing once you're already sick.
Can't provide any science, maybe it's just a (positive) kind of self-fulfilling prophecy / placebo effect or whatnot, but my personal experience is that, when I feel like getting a common cold, increasing* on Vitamin C helps with shortening it and keep the symptoms milder, if you take it from the very beginning on. A few days in and it doesn't make a difference, at least I didn't notice. That's all anecdotal and your milage may vary yadda yadda.

GMan003:Additionally, extremely high doses of vitamin C are harmful. It can cause diarrhea, kidney damage, anemia, and general metabolic fuckery. Like with handwashing, it's only dangerous at several times the recommended level - on the order of multiple grams per day. It's not going to kill you (estimated LD50 is 12g/kg, or 800 grams for the average person), but it's still not a great idea. I know there's a lot of books and youtube videos that go on about how vitamin C megadoses can cure anything, they're bullshit. Actual science has found nothing.

The powder is usually sold in 200g plastic cans. 800g would be 4 of these cans per day, even the imagination... >_< Ascorbic acid is an acid and it tastes very much like an acid, about like concentrated lemon juice with a few drops of vinegar acid... I can gulp down 1 knife-tip of powder dissolved in half a cup of water in one go (I think that's the recommended dose for one day) but it's not something I'd do for fun.

The taste aside, also personal experience: Already 4 times the recommended dose will give me diarrhea. Maybe also stomach pain, depending on what I ate at the time. But I'm not big (74kg), someone big may endure a bit more, but obviously even small amounts put some additional stress on your stomach and probably other parts of your body, so, don't overdo it and by all means: Listen to your body.
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9 days ago, 12:42 PM #8
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GMan003:... If you wash your hands too often, you get dry skin - which can, ironically, open you to infection. And you may need to sanitize when away from running water, such as in your car.
That's where I use it most often: Disinfect the steering wheel and the things you touch often in the car, I hope that time will do the rest.
GMan003:So I've been washing my hands before eating and after evacuating, and using hand sanitizer elsewhere. I've found a spray bottle of isopropyl-based sanitizer very handy for disinfecting objects.
I do it now whenever I come back from the outside of my flat. Thinking about it, the "place" one has the least control over is the floor, might be a good idea to clean the floor more often...

GMan003, since you are good at explaining (no joke, you are!), what about the dangers of sanitizers on skin?

Merged Doublepost:

elektro:... but I've only been able to talk to him over the phone since this COVID scare got started. The truth is that I've been feeling like I'm ready to go over the edge again, and all of the hysteria is bringing my closer to it.

Putting it like that still sounds as if you don't believe it. I'm not as good at explaining but here I try: What you said at the bottom is true, but there are two aspects and a little twist. The twist is, these measures are rather about tweaking the odds (of catching it) in your favor, each of the inconvenient little things increases your chances of staying healthy. Doing these things is within your power, some of them are enforced by the government but you are the only one to decide whether or not to do them and actually do them.
By tweaking the odds to your favor you also protect others (if you don't catch it, you can't pass it on to someone else), like your father. He is in a high risk group, so you might want to do all you can to keep him healthy. There's little you can do about other except displaying a good example and, well, tell them to wash hands and keep a distance. But I'm under the impression that you still don't believe these measures would be beneficial.

elektro:That said, I feel like the best thing to do is to prepare for the worst, whatever that may be. I've been building up my Vitamin C intake lately, and I have been preparing myself for the worst case scenario in case the whole system bottoms out. The only thing I wanted to point out the other day was this: don't expect the government or anyone else to be the magic pill that will come and save everything. Only you (whoever you are) can save yourself.
Not sure about Vitamin C in this situation. It helps with colds but this "attack against the body" may be different.

Also, to save or not to save is somewhat a poor concept, this is not a black-or-white thing. There is nothing that will keep you 100% safe, and there is also no guarantee that you will get it of you don't care at all - but there is a world between these extremes and every time you, say, wash your hands (of course not every other minute, as Gman003 already explained) you push the slider of your personal amount of luck a little bit more in the direction of your favor.
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10 days ago, 7:37 PM #9
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lirvilas:here we only drink the finest of hooch

Nearly forgot the bare necessities... Whisky, check, Amaretto, check, Rum, check, Vodka, fuck, Wine, fuck, I forgot the Vodka and the wine. :-(
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12 days ago, 1:52 AM #10
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@Shekets - I'm sorry, I was f'ing overreacting.

Shekets:I think you mean lose-lose-win since you constricted yourself in your last sentence.

I meant win-win-win in medical terms and (yes) loose-loose-win in financial terms. So there is some help planned, medically and financially - many thanks for the info!

Shekets:The reality of it is, there was a point where governments had a chance to stop this before it got to a point where it would be able to overwhelm healthcare systems. WHO and politicians downplayed it. The public downplayed it. Now here we are. Too little, but maybe not too late.
The whole event has shown how incompetent and complacent EVERYONE was because they weren't prepared, did not make proper precautions and did not put into practice what we've learned from other pandemics and epidemics like SARS and ebola.
Well, many people were already in emergency mode, but I agree, it was downplayed and that's IMHO still going on. (Maybe not so much here but the reactions came a bit late.)
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13 days ago, 10:17 AM #11
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What I removed from my comment above:
The dreaded P-word is unavoidable by now, sorry for channeling Captain Obvious. Different countries handle this differently, some are in deep shit, some president is trying to get the world record of being the biggest asshole of all times, did you get that Trump tried to buy a German company that is working on a vaccine against Corona, to get vaccinations "for America exclusively"? That should gain him a solid second place in history, right after Hitler. :-(

Shekets:While I'm also in the boat of not being able to afford medical treatment, I wholeheartedly believe that if there's anything you can do to help someone, at least try. The worst action for this type of thing is inaction.

I've heard that some people rather die than go personally bankrupts and/or get into a debt they see no chance of paying off :( And now there is no time left to quickly set up a solution (couldn't even imagine one), besides, I'd bet that Trump would rather bail out banks than bail out common people of their medical debts :-(

Shekets:It would not weigh well on my conscious knowing that I could've helped someone in the early stages of infection and then they die from it. :/ The faster you catch this shit, the better off the patient is going to be before it turns into full-blown pneumonia and their lungs fill up with fluid.
That, and removing an infectious person from their environment would slow down the spread a bit and help avoid overwhelming the health system. Win-Win-win, for the sick person, for their family and friends, and for the whole country. Maybe even financially for the country... just not for the sick person and their family :(
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13 days ago, 9:41 AM #12
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Shekets:... The person in question came into contact with a family in Louisiana (mom's friend is a travel agent in New Orleans) who cancelled their trip to Italy (I'm unsure if they traveled there and then made an emergency return), are confirmed cases and now hospitalized.

She is refusing to go to the hospital to get tested either due to stubbornness, being too physically ill or sick brain not processing the severity.
She is coughing up blood and has had a high fever for several days.

Please, if you know anyone who is having symptoms or come into contact with someone who is confirmed/hospitalized, please urge them to seek medical treatment.

edit: Please remember that when people are sick with fever, they might not be able to process information very well. They might hallucinate ("fever dream") and not be coherent. If you are friends with someone who is delirious from fever, PLEASE try to get them medical help.

And pay for said medical help? I have reasons to suspect that some people think that they cannot afford medical treatment in the USA. At least I have heard of such things.

Edit, removed my edit because there is already an answer
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13 days ago, 9:34 AM #13
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In less serious news, someone brought in a corona bucket to the dishpit a couple days ago as a "good luck charm"

Just yesterday afternoon I got a message from my local comic shop containing an image of a bicycle

In more serious news, I can't possibly answer to something else of your comment without getting banned, so:
Answer over there ->
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15th Mar 2020, 1:59 PM #14
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Thank you, Shekets! Good ideas. :) The 3rd one sounds tasty :D
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15th Mar 2020, 11:56 AM #15
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BeeMKay:Here in Germany, things are not panicky yet, ...

With the empty shelves of all kitchen-related paperware and no disinfection spray or wipes available anymore, some aspects of panic are going on for sure, at least in my vicinity. But at least the people are not visibly panicking...

BeeMKay:A virologist here said that to effectively stop the thing, you'd need to have 70% of the population have gone through it.

F'ck :-(

BeeMKay:Then again, the annual flu season (and a lot of people do get flu shots here!) has - in Germany alone - already 23.000 infected people, and cost 247 lives in 2020. Compared to that, the Corona numbers are still fairly low (3630 infected and 8 dead), but that number will go up considerably in the next few weeks. I shudder at the thought of what Corona will do on top of the flu, i.e. for people who are already weakened by the flu.

Looking at Italia will tell us how that will go. The number of people who recovered is about 20% higher than the number of people who died. The numbers of China look so much better but I'm getting doubts about them.

Personal experience: Yesterday while shopping I encountered one Corona-sick woman. Red face, couldn't stop coughing. 2 meters in front of me. She had just paid, I hadn't, so I had to go there, too. I was just hoping I didn't catch it. But a minute ago I heard someone coughing like crazy on the hallway right outside of my flat :-( No chance to escape that, it's too fucking near. So it's just a matter of time now. A week? Maybe a month, at most. And I don't know what to do. :-(
Result in thread: Sanders?
11th Mar 2020, 11:22 PM #16
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Strangely, somehow there are still Europeans who want to go there. I don't understand why.

Ahem. I never wanted someone to win as hard as I want Bernie Sanders to win. IMHO everyone would be better than Trump but Bernie is than the man America needs, if not, the world needs to be the President of the USA. But him winning would restore my belief in the good of mankind and I don't think there is any chance to that getting restored.
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11th Mar 2020, 9:55 AM #17
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Just dropping a link here, didn't see it being mentioned so far:

(This thing is several times more deadly than the flu, about 4% (corona) vs. about 0.2% (flu, by heart). In absolute numbers, worldwide, it's still "not much" but that's because it's still quite new. Just saying.)
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3rd Mar 2020, 9:15 AM #18
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mitchellbravo:... and proceed to "just fucking grab somethign and shove it in the bag" which as you smarns know means the first n weeks are going to be day after day of "where the hell did we put Thingie" and, as well, that all the things I didn't realize I need, but actually need very much, are all Thingie

*Trying to be helpful*: Can I assume that you packed up the things you needed most, like kitchen utensils, the last? If so, just start unpacking the last bags first and you'll survive a few days without buying something new. During that, the next less often needed things will fall into your hands. And while unpacking into a "bigger space" it should be easier to restore the order. Just leave the boxes you packed up first (these will have the most order in them) for unpacking last and you'll be OK :)
18th Feb 2020, 9:02 AM #19
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What Gman003 said. They both look a bit head-heavy, easy to tilt over, 1 looks like it's already falling backwards. So 2.

(But it depends on context, if you want chaos, 1 might contribute more.)
16th Feb 2020, 10:58 PM #20
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RJDG14:So you want these stupid europopups bugging you all the time, even after you've clicked "agree" and reload your browser to the same site?

Yes. To constantly remind me.

RJDG14:Makes no sense to me... as far as I'm concerned, my consent for cookies is automatic whenever I click on a hyperlink - the former Cookies Directive from 2011 and since 2018 the GDPR are totally beauracratic and should be abolished, although I don't support Brexit as I strongly support free movement and am against protectionism (the EU has just struck deals with both Canada and Japan, and is working on a similar trade deal with South America; that said I would also strongly support trade with the US, and it appears that Brexit Britain won't be implementing the Copyright Directive now), plus Boris Johnson and his puppet master Dominic Cummings are dangerous.

Don't know what all that about Brexit has anything to do with add-ons or cookies... anyway... Most sites on the internet (CF is an exception) incorprate lots of third-party "content" so that the third party can give you a cookie - and subsequently track you everywhere where their content is included. Most people are not aware of this and it is this behavior I loath the most, because it has no use for you or the site you actually visit (except the get a bit of money out of it), only for the 3rd party - and I like to get reminded of all this, over and over, even though I'm safer against all that than most.

I'm also aware that there are people out the there who are willfully ignorant about cookies and such, that's most likely the majority. Maybe even knowingly ignorant. Feel free, it's just, I'm not, while already having counter measures in place.
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