I'm sorry for your loss. I know how it feels; I lost a cat once to some illness, and a young cat at that. A playful little thing; would always hide in the bushes and then jump at anyone who passed by. And at night, she would come into the house and cuddle, mainly with my mother.

On a more positive note, about a year after, well, that, a little mostly white kitten wandered into our yard. Like Jinny, the little guy was pretty thin, and he apparently liked the place, so we fed him. Today, the little guy is still with us, only he is not little anymore. He has grown into a big beautiful cat. And he knows: he knows how much he means to us. He likes to go into the house when we're there, climb on us, cuddle, and bonk heads with us.

So yeah: cats know how much you love them, and I'm sure Jinny did too. Rest in peace, you beautiful bundle of brightness.