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4 days ago, 10:02 PM #1
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^I always love seeing your top ten videos! Looking forward to this one (it's one of my favorite series from back then)

My good thing: Someone dropped from an outdoor artist maker's market I applied for, so I'm getting in this weekend. And by in, I mean out, since it's outdoors.

I hope it doesn't rain, but if it does, I'm prepared.



Looks like I finally need to get my butt into the bottle return center to clear out my car...
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4 days ago, 7:22 PM #2
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The Good:

*Very productive art wise

*My life dream of leaving the Midwest for my paradise Mecca came true (and boy am I glad. I wish I could get my family out here).

*Improvements on art

*Comic Fury Zine was created, and had two successful years. And I've been able to read and see some really cool comics. These are personal "goods" so I'm just talking about my perspective. I'm a sh*t designer, but I think doing this has improved my eye a little bit, and I was able to take some online courses for free to help learn some new stuff this year.

*Live in a lovely neighborhood near all my grocery and art needs, with neighbors who are genuinely kind and fun to talk to.

*My partner's been far less depressed (as in his medicine's been fairly well balanced, getting fresh air, going outdoors, and he's working at a place that he feels is worth working at. It's amazing how this combination along with therapy can be so helpful).

*I didn't put on weight during Covid, which is shocking because I'll be the first to admit I stress eat. I'm going to be working with a therapist on that. But I need to get my *ss back outside, because the sedentary life is a trap. Seeing my dad deteriorate all I can say to everyone is: NEVER STOP MOVING. (Also, no joke, swap your soda for water. It'll suck for a while, but you'll save money and start to feel better. Trust me. I used to worship at the alter of Mountain Dew, but now it's so syrupy sweet I can barely stand to drink it. The brominated vegetable oil is what killed it for me, and I am so glad I stopped drinking it o_O I feel so much better. I still drink soda, I just don't drink it like water).

*Oh, I finally have my first ever appointment for therapy. Hurray! It's within walking distance. Wish me luck.

*Participating in a handful of art related events, socially distanced of course

*Played some cool "new" (to me) video games.

*I feel I've made some somewhat good connections online. I much prefer in person community, because while I can be alone for a long time, I'm also a social butterfly and I like to make people laugh, and I like to see people have fun...text is just not the same as visually experiencing joy (this sounds corny, but I dunno, I guess it's selfish but I get high off other people's joy...and there's been little to be joyful for in the last two years).

*Playing DnD online with friends, while still kinda makes me nervous (since I'm not good at getting into character) has actually become fun. It's nice to hear voices, even if we're not there in person.

*I learned to navigate the transit systems in Portland. I like taking the bus and train. I like not having to drive (though I still do of course).

*We've saved so much money we probably would have spent. Granted, we lost all our savings when my partner was unemployed, but we never got to a point where we feared getting kicked out after the rent delay sh*t was lifted, so while the "bad" section is long, I am fully aware of how fortunate I am.

*This pandemic has strengthened my partner and my relationship. It was already pretty good.

I was going to start going into every thing awful that's happened the last two years, but I realize no one wants to hear it, and it's bringing me down. So I'll leave it with the good. "We mustn't dwell."

Anyway, I don't want to be a bastion of negativity. So take the good, and just know things were bad, too. But they're getting better. Slowly but surely, things are looking up. (Can't wait to get my booster. I need to schedule).
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4 days ago, 5:11 PM #3
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I predict we'll just keep doing webcomics for long even against the law that the government will just give up after realizing they can capitalize off them, and politicians will eventually use the decriminalization of webcomics as a campaign promise to get all us comickers to support them in the next election.

And then everyone who was anti-webcomics will suddenly pretend they supported webcomics all along and jump on the band wagon and begin commercially mass producing web comics taking all our audiences and money away from us.


Viva la revolucion!
4 days ago, 5:05 PM #4
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Today I learned that MACs will allow you to hold down a letter, and a pop-up of options for accented letters will appear.

This makes me very happy, as I've been searching for words with accents and copying the letters...which annoying and time consuming.

Why has it taken me so long to realize this is a function, when I've had these computers for years?





I love this!
11 days ago, 6:49 AM #5
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^Space Dandy was delightful. It is pure madcap insanity, and I loved just about every minute of it.

Edit: I should add, many parts of Space Dandy reminded me of Loony Toons or Animaniacs, but anime.
19th Nov 2021, 10:41 PM #6
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I think they're gonna have Ed, they just weren't introduced until like Episode maybe they're holding off on a reveal for that reason?

Man, it's been great re-watching the anime, though. It's been years (I plan to follow this up with Samurai Champloo).
19th Nov 2021, 9:58 PM #7
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^I haven't seen Ed yet. Have they finally released what they look like?

Jason Moon:Could someone please post a pic of the Cowboy Bebop characters from the anime and a pic of the characters from the adaptation next to each other, I'm to tech retarded to try and figure out how to post an image on this site. lol thanks. Well the adaptation came on Netflix today and its a series not a movie! Thank God!




Live Action (I don't think I needed to label these XD)


Oh, we need Ein.

19th Nov 2021, 8:20 PM #8
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I don't have high hopes, but I plan to check it out.

I worry how the heck they are going to capture Ed's fluidity. I mean, or Spike's for that matter.

The subject matter can and has been done well, but when adapting something so seemless as an anime into the real world, so much of the magic is going to be drained from it. And Watanabe's LOVE for music is an INTEGRAL part of the anime. How are they handling the soundtrack? What are the episode titles? The characters in the anime move with the music. The music is almost as much as a character as the actual cast.

I loved how episodic it was. Aside from a few threads and 2 parters, you could pick it up just about anywhere and enjoy a single episode. It was great as it was: a single contained story that didn't outstay its welcome.

I think in the present day, people have trouble with just letting something be and letting it go.

See Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, DC, everything that has to have a billion sequels and never end.

That said, I always give something a chance, before judging it too harshly. I couldn't even finish the US Death Note, and I barely tolerated the Japanese live action Death Note -_-

It's not that I don't think live action can work, it's just usually the people making the film...miss the point.

Eh, I guess we'll see.
19th Nov 2021, 1:39 AM #9
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I just spent an entire day making this 2 minute video for my partner's work Holiday Video contest...



And I'm thinking it's probably going to be too weird to win (it's like, a $500 dollar first prize, $100 3rd prize...and unless they were just trying to get people to submit videos, there was only one other I'm hoping we're bound to win something).

But as consolation, I laughed all day making this.

One clip from it:

16th Nov 2021, 7:02 PM #10
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I'm just here to say ya'll working full time for someone else AND working on a comic is something to be proud of. I've been there, and sucked (Edit: by "suck" I mean I sucked and I probably should have said it's hard. So it's hard XD).

You all rock!

Also @MK: Yes, regardless of how most people view staying at home with kids (whatever one's gender: I know a handful of stay at home dads), that is a FULL TIME job. Good on you.
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16th Nov 2021, 6:56 PM #11
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I haven't been around the forums much, but I saw your post. Be strong. Rely on those you can, when you can for strength. You'll get through this.

I'm worthless when it comes to comforting words, but I'm thinking of you. Take care.
12th Nov 2021, 7:16 AM #12
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I'm not entirely sure why conservatives are so entertained by this- considering that the whole story makes no secret that they are the villains of the story.
There's even a line that calls them out specifically and highly emphasizes that it's the Christians who've done it.

Probably the same reasons many people think Rorschach is a hero and totally right...even as Moore flat out said "no, he's awful, not the hero."

Um..not that we should need Moore to say that, because it's evidenced in the text...
Result in thread: 2021 Halloween Exchange
3rd Nov 2021, 11:48 PM #13
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I'm a bit late, but I just got done reading them all! This was so awesome! I always love seeing what everybody comes up with!

Thanks for putting this all together and doing so much work to make this happen, Zero Hour!

Same for the back-ups and other participants! What a great exchange!!
2nd Nov 2021, 8:53 PM #14
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All righty! Just got finished fixing the Splash page!

Here's what it looks now. I hope I sized the characters about right. I also forgot about a conversation I'd had with LeeLines before the zine production! So thanks Kokoneos for reminding me of your character! I was about to go to sleep last night, and Fantomah popped into my head! I gotta LL a message so he knows the zine is ready :3

1st Nov 2021, 10:54 PM #15
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hawkfoolery:Looking through it the zine turned out lovely! Definitely lots of talent on this site (and it's nice seeing my worm clown chilling by the campfire with the other characters :D ).
I'll have to actually submit a comic next time around, it looks like a ton of fun.

Definitely! I think your character was so unique! Very well designed :D


Got your file! Again, so sorry I missed that! I'll be adding her ASAP.
And again, thank you (and Stilldown) both for being understanding at how long this is taking.
You two have been awesome, and beyond patient!

@Kokoneos & @snarkclaw

I LOVE the idea of having people volunteer to do fanart as the prize, and maybe compensating with a small ad, or half a page ad.

Yeah...actually, I'm glad you both commented, because I wouldn't have thought of that solution XD I'm going to put it down for a trial run, and if we generate people who follow through, we can definitely incorporate that into the process! Because man, that would just be one more layer of advertising and showing off people's art. I dig it.

This is only a disclaimer, because we all know how the Internet is and I have to make this clear
1st Nov 2021, 5:55 PM #16
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^ I don't know why I didn't get it D: Or didn't see it. If you send it to me, I'd be happy to add it! Everything is on it's own separate layer, so I shouldn't have too much trouble adding it :3

Also, oh yeah! I thought space would be a cool idea, since there are a lot of groovie space comics here! And I'm trying to make sure that we do some holiday stuff, but also don't tie ourselves down to holidays XD (though, there for sure is going to be some more Halloween/Winter Holiday zines at some point :D)


@Thanks everyone commenting! I've been trying to promote it on Reddit (I hope people check it out!) I plan to share it on my YouTube channel this week, also :D I always do a tour of the zines, so hopefully that will help promote it :3

For next year, I will have another critique thread so I can work on improving what we do on our end. I'm thinking that having either a cover page, or at the least a title added to the top, might help separate each comic. We had a love of amazing covers for the comics! And I know I've had a couple readers tell me that would be a boon to the layout.

Also, since I am constantly behind on work (yes, I'm STILL working on the fan art prizes from the LAST cover contest. I haven't forgotten), I am going to stop doing fanart as a prize (I'm not the best artist anyway), and am instead going to have a small $ prize. I just...can't keep up with the work, and I'm not sure my fan art is even worth the amazing covers people do o_O
1st Nov 2021, 4:14 AM #17
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^ Definitely! We have our schedule posted with all the themes for next year (I still need to update the main site XD), so feel free to start thinking about it :D I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!


Whooot! Your pages turned out nice! I was impressed with the lighting effects!
31st Oct 2021, 11:57 PM #18
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I know, right!? All the comics and characters and's all a lot of fun!

I'll be popping in and out to check up on things. Just got done carving our pumpkin and need to make some pumpkin muffins >XD It's Halloween!

Later I'm gonna settle in to start reading the Crossover Exchange :D
31st Oct 2021, 10:19 PM #19
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Ah ha! Thank you!!! I am fixing it now :D

So sorry about that! Document is now updated!

I also just caught a line up issue with a page. Working on it now (the share link won't change, though :D)
31st Oct 2021, 10:07 PM #20
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Happy Halloween! Posting this here, too, in case people are subbed to this thread. I will be closing it, since questions/edits/comments should probably be in the main thread :D

Halloween Zine!
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