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29th Mar 2020, 9:40 AM #1
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The one hope I harbor for this entire clusterfuck of a pandemic is that maybe people will finally wake up to how unworkable the current system is, and how badly it needs permanent change. Bandaids and burying our heads in the sand have gotten us nowhere, and this proves it.
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27th Mar 2020, 3:38 AM #2
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megamaster:I know, but it's okay because apparently we will be going back to work soon (So our President says).
In the meantime, the USA just became the #1 country for corona virus cases :|

And I live in the place with the fastest growing number of cases. And based on what I saw from people at the store I worked at before getting fired, I absolutely believe it. I saw up to 40% of people refusing to take the free hand wipes that were being offered, and a significant chunk of them were dismissive of the entire idea of taking preventative measures (but they were sure as hell gonna panic buy anyways).
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24th Mar 2020, 6:57 AM #3
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Fruity20:This corona virus is driving me absolutely insane. At this rate I have nothing lose anymore. Not like I had hopes to begin with. Most of the folks I know, my family, fiends, and teachers are going to die because our “great” America president downplayed this shit like it was minor cold. Here we are now....

I really Just want someone to tell me everything’s okay but it just isn’t. The world is getting worse and worse and makes me fucking pissed and frustrated. I don;t know what to do with myself.

Harness that anger, use it to affect some positive change. Keep snowballing it. Don't lose hope.
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24th Mar 2020, 3:07 AM #4
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Welp, I got fired. Indirectly because of the virus. My state's governor has put a stay home order in place and closed all non-essential businesses, but thankfully, the job search requirement for unemployment has been waived.
17th Mar 2020, 5:26 PM #5
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Shekets:Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2)

There are 4 strains.

Edit: reading comprehension skills

There are four strains of regularly occurring flu viruses and they are suggesting that covid19 could become a regularly occurring flu virus following mutations and its spread through unreported cases.
I think they've said it's already mutated though...

Actually, its a bit different from that. They're saying that there are already 4 endemic strains of coronavirus (which are actually responsible for a lot of, though not all, cases of the common cold) and that this one could become the 5th. The flu was only mentioned as comparison/historical precedent.
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17th Mar 2020, 5:19 PM #6
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Yeah, that's what gets me. Why haven't they put price controls and rationing in yet? And better yet, why not start mandating curbside pickups? Makes it a hell of a lot easier for us to keep the stores stocked and sanitary if the customers just put their orders in online and we either send it out to them at the curb or use a 3rd party service to send it to them directly.
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17th Mar 2020, 12:31 AM #7
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Except looking at only the raw numbers denies you some critical context. Percentage wise, more people die from COVID19 than the flu. And I'm pretty sure most flu deaths are preventable by the vaccine. As there is no vaccine against COVID19, and it kills a higher percentage of people than the flu, it is a much bigger threat.
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14th Mar 2020, 6:17 AM #8
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keiiii:I'm pretty sure I have COVID-19. In addition to fever, I've got "itchy lungs" and uhh, despite getting constantly sick during winter, every year, that is a very rare symptom for me. I can't even remember last time I had this symptom.

I'll be fine; I'm staying home till I get better, and I'm a hermit by nature anyway. When I've recovered, I'm gonna go outside with all my antibodies and get a takeout.

Also, @GMan003 that was an excellent post, comparing it to dice rolls.

Fucking ouch, hope you get well soon.

mightguy15:Yeah same situation at our location as well. We are actually beginning to get quite a few cases here, a bunch of people in New Orleans got it and some people in terrebonne parish got it as well. my parish actually got its first case of few days ago so now everybody is tripping balls. understandably since a lot of people in my parish are actually quite old and either people who are retired (which happens a lot even people from out-of-state come here to retire because it's a cheap to live in these parts of Louisiana) or already sick.

Nothing confirmed in my parish yet, but they're freaking out.

Funny thing about how they have you guys doing that with the hand sanitizer wipes, our store is doing the exact same thing and leaving us Just as behind on our work, lol. We thought it was just our location being annoying (ironically this happened before we found out there was a case in our parish) but apparently that's something that's happening everywhere!

I heard from one of my friends (who knows the guy who was pushing buggies tonight) that we were so jammed that he couldn't even bring a load of buggies into the corral, because after he'd get a load together and start pushing it, everyone in the lot would swarm him for one of them.

Not going to lie, I was one of those guys who thought this shit would blow over in a few days but now the gravity of how serious this is is really beginning to hit me. and it doesn't help that the news is consistently fear-mongering here telling people the economy has tanked the extent where it's doing worse than we did on Black Friday during the great depression (I have no idea how true this is keep in mind this is the same media that says Bernie Sanders is a communist so take that how you want) Yesterday, and ironically the biggest reason we were so busy was because we also have a Walmart next to us and even today there are entire aisles that are entirely empty, our location got absolutely ass blasted. we ended up running out of so much shit our managers were contemplating marking the prices up so people would buy less of it. Rest in peace to the following casualties:

Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper
Bottled water
Paper towels
Meats we had on sale
Literally anything in a sealed container
Ramen noodles
Peanut butter (wtf even!?)

as people are tearing you open and using you to wipe their bums and probably virus-infected hands, ur sacrifices will always be remembered. Rest in spaghetti never forgetti.

Yeah, that sounds like the same as us. Tomorrow (technically today, I guess, since its 1AM) is gonna be hell. Hopefully the ban on gatherings of more than 250 people will keep the church rush on Sunday from killing us all in one massive horde.

Note: I was joking about the licking flagpoles idea. Personally I am a strongly dedicated nihilist and my principles on my personal existence are entirely neutral. I'm literally the type of guy to where either if my town was hit by a nuclear missile or I just won $1000000 I would continue finding out a way to make the best of the situation and feel entirely neutral on the situation, which leads to a strange personality trait of a mine where I will find the idea of a licking flagpoles and using public restrooms in situations like this quite appealing in a joking hypothetical sense of course.

Or is it!?

No it is that was just another joke

That's a bruh moment.
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13th Mar 2020, 7:30 AM #9
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mightguy15:Now that the virus is finally here in Louisiana, I originally was a bit spooked.

but now that I remember Bernie Sanders is losing the election plus my life has no meaning I'm tempted to start licking some flagpoles.

Yeah, I've been busting my ass at work for the last 3 days. But, my store decided to just have someone standing around near the entrance offering hand wipes to people, and I got to be that person for a few hours today, which is a welcome break from my normal duties. Unfortunately, while most people take the offer, there's a few stubborn assholes who refuse to (I'd guess about 35%).

In other news, we've run out of hand sanitizer, and we can't keep toilet paper stocked on our shelves. Apparently, the walmart up the road from us had a fist fight over it earlier tonight (overheard a customer say that to a cashier). I'm constantly having to stay an hour over what I was scheduled in order to finish everything I have to, which is great for my paycheck, but I won't see it for 2 weeks, and I'm pretty sure if this keeps going on, management is going to want to have words with me about it (not like its in my control, though, not my fault people keep swarming the store like its a week before Thanksgiving).

As for Bernie, I'm hoping this whole virus scare makes people realize we need Medicare For All.

And, on a final note, life has no intrinsic meaning, thus, we are free to give our lives whatever meaning we wish. That's always helped me.

inky:It's like a switch was just flipped. A week or two ago, things seemed normal. People were unfazed. Now it's in my state, and it's a pandemic. The shelves are cleared. Schools are cancelled, as well as any public events. I'm slated to start a job next week, but I have no idea if I'm going to be working, or even if I feel comfortable working considering it involves a fair bit of human contact with many disparate individuals.

There's still a distance though. No friends of friends of friends with the virus. It's like the foreshock of an earthquake. I'm glad we're acting though. Our healthcare system could easily become overburdened if proper precautions aren't taken.

Honestly, I've noticed the same thing about the flip of a switch. The state flagship university is closed, but the one in my town is still open (they even had the semesterly visit from Diet Westboro Baptist Church today), and all the festivals and concerts are cancelled, except the biggest festival my town holds, which is still on, apparently. But everyone is acting differently, even the people who are pretending to not be concerned.

Good to hear your extended friends network is untouched for now.
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7th Mar 2020, 4:15 PM #10
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Shekets:My coworker went to walmart a couple days ago, and there are people who are intentionally COUGHING on people to make them scatter so they can cut to the front of lines. There are some people who're onto it though and telling them to stop.

As someone who takes care of my mom, who has COPD, those shitstains (because lets face it, there's no polite term for individuals like that) need to be decked.
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6th Mar 2020, 9:47 AM #11
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As a hairless bipedal freak, I am utterly unsulted! Good day to you, SIR!
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21st Feb 2020, 2:01 AM #12
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Tonight, I made chili mac. Blue box, Hormel beanless, a can of queso dip, some diced onions, and a whole bag of shredded cheddar.

Odd ingredients warning:
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27th Jan 2020, 7:16 PM #13
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I was a kid when he was president, but I remember the second half of his term pretty well.
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26th Jan 2020, 2:02 PM #14
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Sir, this is a Wendys.
17th Jan 2020, 6:35 AM #15
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The Letter M:Could you counteract being overqualified by saying "yea, I am technically a physicist but I have a drinking problem and all my experiments results are ambiguous at best."

"Physicist with a drinking problem" just sounds like a real life Rick, tbh. Coming from a physics dropout with a drinking problem. Otherwise known as a real life Morty.

mightguy15:Was making 11 dollars an hour at Wally world (which in Louisiana, that's enough to live like a king) until I ended up losing that job and now I work at a local grocery chain called rouses. I make around 10 dollars an hour, which is a pretty decent chunk of money in Louisiana(at least to the extent where I don't have to worry about bills). I enjoy the work and it will suffice untill I can get back into the military.

Bruh. You're telling me that not only are we in the same state, we work for the same company?
12th Jan 2020, 9:18 PM #16
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The Letter M:Imagine what life must be like for those foot fetish people. It's sad and ridiculous. Looking at porn but needing feet. Whenever a relationship is getting going they have to find some way to stear conversation towards "I want to bang your foot" hah. I dunno. Maybe they need a shelter or something.

I mean, I'm not one to kinkshame. Unless its something actually harmful. It ain't my thing, but everyone's got things they like in that department that other people think are gross.

DSW:The constant fear and anxiety of trying to make it in such a brutal job market is the primary reason why i'm still a grocery store manager after so many miserable years. it really does feel like a helpless situation, especially once you start making decent money being a competent middle manager, it's like, well, guess i'm stuck doing this now.


heckos:Location is killing me right now. I live in an area that I love, but it's too rural to get any non-minimum wage jobs. (and even that is a struggle, clearly) There's no job here that I qualify for that isn't part time and $12 an hour maximum, and given the massive loan payments I have that's not going to cut it.

I'm trying to move back to Baltimore because I'm familiar with it as a result of college and have friends there, but then I run into the ridiculous predicament of needing to move to get a job and needing a job to move. Most landlords won't rent to you unless you have 625+ credit AND proof of three months' income that adds to about three times the cost of rent. I can't get a job that will give me that here, so I need to go there. But I can't go there until I have a job that pays me enough here.... you get it.

God, that sucks.
11th Jan 2020, 1:25 PM #17
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I once accidentally included them in a picture on discord, and had a rando tell me I should do that.
11th Jan 2020, 12:55 PM #18
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I mean, I figure that's the closest I'll ever get to creative anything. But putting a story together still kinda escapes me. I think the best I can hope for at this point is a technobabble writer or something.
10th Jan 2020, 11:24 PM #19
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And I really look down on people who look down on art majors. Like, I've never been good at art, of any kind. So I appreciate people who have drawing ability, music ability, etc, because its something I want to do, but can't (not that I hate STEM by any means, I'm very passionate about it, in fact). I guess its kind of a weird role reversal, because sometimes people tell me the reverse when they find out I'm a physics major.
10th Jan 2020, 1:35 PM #20
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DT_Colaptes:I have a bachelor's from a top 15 national school and a master's (from a... not top 15 school), both in hard sciences. I graduated in May 2018 and moved back home while I looked for full-time employment.

I sent out probably 150 applications over an 18 month period to a handful of interviews and no job offers. Effectively "gave up" and started the process to get a teaching certificate when I finally got to the final hurdle of a government job opportunity.

I'll find out next week whether or not I got it, although this whole process has basically conditioned me to assume the worst.

How anybody anywhere is hired for anything is baffling

Yeah. Everyone says "Go in STEM so you can actually get a job when you graduate, sweaty!". And then almost nobody wants to hire you when you actually do.

I mean, like I said, I'm a dropout, but I've heard stories from friends who've graduated.
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