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15th Oct 2020, 2:16 PM #1
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I mostly have a question, but my suggestion would be an implementation to make it a little clearer.

I was wondering if someone could clarify what the statistic pages mean when they define a 'Visitor' I've seen in the Comic FAQ thread that a visitor is 'the number of individual people who looked at your site that day', but I was wondering HOW the stats beneath that counts towards the total visitors.

For example, one of my comics currently says Visitors: 24129 visitors (100992 pages viewed)
However, if a individual IP address visits the page 5 times in a week, does that account for 5 visitors in total, since that IP address came to the site five times over five days, or is that still counter a single visitor?

It's the difference between 24 thousand people visiting the page since I joined the site in Janurary or 240 people returning 100 times.
I'm optimistic about the former, but realistically I'm thinking it's the later. :P
"SJ refugee with some questions", 5th Dec 2019, 7:10 PM #2
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Just started up the new site here, but I have a couple of concerns about what to do with my comic. My Gamer Cafe webcomic has been going on 6 years with 3 pages updated every week, meaning it's currently at 960 pages in total. As much as I would like to start uploading every page here, I'm worried that It might be considered spamming.

Is that something I should be concerned about? I'm not sure how people are informed when comics get updated here and I don't want to flood In-boxes or notifications. I'm just looking for the most user-friendly way to get every page uploaded.

I have three ideas on how to go about this:

1 - Uploade everything
Most preferred, but also the most spammy.

2 - Story pages only
While it has a lot of pages, most are video game pages from over the years and slice-of-life. The actual story and development pages are only somewhere in the 200 range. Those would be the best to upload, but there's still a lot of content missing.

3 - Only new pages
Least preferred options. Only upload new pages, and leave the old ones to Smackjeeves. This'll mean the comic is, essentially, split between the two websites. And I'd much rather have the full comic readable on the site itself.

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