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3 days ago, 8:33 PM #1
Somewhat. Sherman Act was first of few laws designed to tackle monopolies. The idea behind Sherman Act was to keep companies from exercising anti-competition tactics and break up monopolies. Most familiar of monopolies during late 1800 was Rockefeller's Standard Oil, but some others were Carnegie Steel and Vanderbilt's railroad and steamboats. The government realized that monopolies were getting out of hand and something had to be done, hence the Sherman Act.

I can see Google, YouTube, Disney, Amazon, and some other companies facing the heat from Sherman Act at some point, but the Google lawsuit is a start.
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3 days ago, 8:20 PM #2
I am starting to believe that my state (Tennessee) government is just playing fiddle while Rome burns. They're not doing ANYTHING while the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are rising. Also, they just expanded vaccine exemptions even for future COVID-19 vaccines.

Man, I'm stuck in this sinking ship.
3 days ago, 7:57 PM #3
The newest page is up! Would you hate it if the ship's alarm goes off in the middle of exploration?
3 days ago, 7:53 PM #4
Just found this. At least the Sherman Antitrust Act had not been forgotten since 1890 since Google broke the Sherman Antitrust Act. Just pulling that kind of stuff with ads on YouTube is one example.

For the context, Sherman Antitrust Act was passed in 1890 and was put in use by few presidents (Harrison, Taft, and Teddy Roosevelt). If you're familiar with U.S. history, you might hear about Standard Oil and several monopolies in late 1800s and early 1900s hence the law.
3 days ago, 7:39 PM #5
I have several subscriptions, but Foxy Flavored Cookie by El Zorrito is my favorite. It starts off as a little slow, but it became a story that I fell in love with. It's fun to read, but there are some serious topics to balance it out too.
3 days ago, 7:27 PM #6
That's neat that you tied something new with art.

In BATSJR, the ship computer security ruined her adventure
9 days ago, 6:44 PM #7
Finished sketching details for page 6
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9 days ago, 5:52 PM #8
Some places would refuse customers without masks, but we also have places that refuse people with masks. At this point, it's hard to pin down anything since it's already so out of control.
9 days ago, 5:49 PM #9
Thanks! It's not a lot to start with, but certainly more later on especially around Christmas time.
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10 days ago, 10:21 PM #10
Considering getting testing for COVID-19 Monday just in case this weird "cold" isn't really a cold.

In the middle of massive wave and the virus spreading everywhere in Tennessee and ICU beds running out... guess what the state legislature just cooked up. (We also don't have statewide mask mandate)

10 days ago, 7:50 PM #11
Pretty interesting to see both sharing a meal and introducing themselves.

She take a closer look at a mysterious ship in the garden.
10 days ago, 7:47 PM #12
Page 5 is up. Taking a closer look at a mysterious ship!

Ch 1 Pg 5
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12 days ago, 6:06 PM #13
Amid my state running out of ICU beds and some hospitals being full and having to ship out people with COVID-19... the governor decided that state wide mask mandate is socialism so he was like... imma ain't doing it. I worry that it would not be long before our local hospitals gets full.
Two weeks ago, 5:45 PM #14
After having zero motivation to do anything but catch up on election after hearing Biden winning, I went back to comic and sketched out the details. I'll ink the page later.
6th Nov 2020, 11:34 PM #15
1. Focus on story, not pandering (this had been issue in mainstream comics)
2. Comics should be fun!
3. Don't be afraid of posting "bad comics" (Agreed that worse stuff have been published by professionals)
4. Make characters unique and relatable
5. Develop your own art style!
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6th Nov 2020, 3:05 PM #16
I absolutely love it. Whenever I read my summary and incomplete script, it sure feels like reading a story, and I wanted to bring a story to life. I also wanted to take something off my bucket list and get started on it. Lastly, it keeps me away from news, politics, and election and it's nice therapy!
6th Nov 2020, 12:01 AM #17
I was so glad I called a quit on Twitter back in May. Riots and North Korea were the last straws, so I'm glad I didn't see the show about election day. I bet it's super toxic.
5th Nov 2020, 4:42 PM #18
4th page is up! Early submission. I managed to bust my leg, so I have more time drawing comic while I heal so I may have 5th page up this weekend. Also, I decided to make some tweaks to designs for the character since I felt that the previous pages were too basic, but I was getting a hang of it.
5th Nov 2020, 3:28 PM #19
Cool character designs! I'm interested to see what the queen has to say.

Early release on Bones and the Space Jolly Rogers today. CH 1 Page 4 Bones sees something mysterious in her garden after her mother left her in despair.
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4th Nov 2020, 3:05 PM #20
I was working on codes last night, and there was a bug in the code for matrix calculation a.k.a. Guassian elimination. So... my professor told me to do a 4x5 matrix by hand to see where the codes messed up. Guassian elimination by hand for 3x4 matrix is already painful to start with.
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