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12th Dec 2017, 12:45 PM #2
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The fee is probably about the same as Patreon minus their 5% cut.

But hey, if your going to pay the fee anyhow might as well be PayPal at this point...

Have not looked in to it but:

Looking in to
The good news is:
1) They take no cut
2) you Sub and give a certain amount like Patreon
3) They take USD & Euros
4) Not only do they Bundle each month like Patreon use to do they go father and bundle multiple months to further minimize fees:
> Basically you have an account that you fill up with as much $ as you want then they take your monthly pledges from that account.
> So a fee is only paid when you fill up that account.
> There is also no way for a user to go over their budget. They just transfer what they can afford when they can afford it.

The bad news is:
1) No pay walls on site.
2) It doesn’t look like the account will auto fill.
> So once your account is empty it notifies you and you have to manually transfer money to fill it.
> If you don’t fill the account your pledges stop since there is no money left to pledge.
> So it’s not as automatic as Patreon was.

That said, this might be a great option for Patreon itself. If they would take a lump payment so the users would avoid fees and give them accounts like creators already have then that would go a long way. At that point they would basically become a PayPal.
11th Dec 2017, 5:13 PM #3
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Amphurious01:Found a Patreon alternative called Flattr. Wonder how it stacks up?

Flattr is interesting in that users specify how much they want to give and then the money is automatically devided depending on where that person spends his/her time. It works off of a browser extension the reader installs that tracks where you go.

It’s probably not a 1:1 Patreon replacement, but if you run your own website and people want to use the system I don’t see why you wouldn’t sign up to get your cut.

Ironically their fee structure changed recently as well. They seem to have been a bit more transparent. Lol.
11th Dec 2017, 1:52 PM #4
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I don’t think you linked to the right place so I’m not sure what your looking at, however I think you might be confusing the “old” system with the “new” system.

In the old system CC fees were taken out then Patreon took out an additional 5%.
So it would look something like:
Pay 100% - 7% CC fee = 93% - 5% Patreon fee = 88.65%

In the new system the CC fees are added at a fee on top of the pledge.
So it would look something like:
100% + 7% CC fee = 107% Paid
100% - 5% Patreon fee = 95%

we’re introducing a change that allows Patreon creators to take home exactly 95% of every pledge, with no additional fees.

Here it is in graphics form provided by Patreon assuming an every day normal payment of $50

Or, if your not from Silicon Valley, here’s the fee with a $1 pledge >.>
(couldn't figuer out how to make the image work)

Either way you can clearly see you start at 100% then Patreon takes 5% so you get 95%. They aren’t lying about that aleast even if you fan has to pay 137%
10th Dec 2017, 8:25 PM #5
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I don’t think Patreon has as much of a hold as some people think. Competition is around and although nothing is as big as Patreon I’m not sure how much size really matters here. As much as Patreon likes to tout itself as a place for artist discovery I don’t think we get many new fans directly off a funding platform. Personally I’ve only once found an artist worth funding through Patreon itself and (ironically) I only gave them $1 because I wasn’t all that invested.

So why not just figure out a way to set up a reoccurring monthly PayPal charge or something on your own website?
10th Dec 2017, 3:34 PM #6
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HiFranc:Slightly wrong: Under the new system, artists official get 95% but, if you look at the graphic, there’s another 5% fee so they only get 90% of the pledge. So a “$1 donation”, where the supporter pays $1.38, the artist only gets $0.90.

No, the 95% is after the 5% fee.

That said:
Inceltic Frost (on Twitter):Okay, back on wifi. There’s a fair bit that jack [CEO of Patreon] asked me not to talk about publicly but I’ll say what I can:

1) they know they fucked up
2) they know why everyone is so angry
3) they still think the service fee changes are necessary- I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere

They said in their own blog post that know Patrons will leave over this and they are OK with that. They think Patrons, our fans, are replaceable and we can just get new ones. I disagree. I think Patreon is the one who is replaceable. As creators we have a multitude of options at our disposal to allow our fans to support us. From PayPal to Kickstarter’s new survice we don’t have to stay here. And if this is how they plan to treat our fans we shouldn’t.
9th Dec 2017, 3:12 PM #7
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Everyone, I just found a link to a petition asking Patreon not to split up charges. I would appreciate it greatly if you would consider signing and forwarding the link to anyone else you know who may care.

I’ll also just drop this here: (Heather, Creator Care Lead) (Dave Hunt, Creator Care) (Ellie MacBride, Community Manager) (Darby Thomas, Experience Researcher) (Jamie Shroff, Patreon Researcher) (Jessica Crabb, Designer & Researcher) (Tyler Palmer, VP Operations)

There is also Patreon’s Twitter account at:
and it’s Facebook account at:

There is a lot of Internet rage right now so try and keep your messages polite but firm. ;)
9th Dec 2017, 12:39 AM #8
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They are really doing 2 things:

1) They are splitting every pledge in to it’s own transaction. So if you support 3 creators your credit card will be charged 3 times where as before your card would only be charged once. This means the credit card will rack up more fees then before because there will be more transactions.

2) To shield Creators from the high fees the second thing they are doing is transferring the fee to the Patrons. So creators should get more money, but Patrons will have to pay even more still and a lower % of that money will go to the creators. The worst part is from what I can tell the extra money isn’t even going to Patreon but instead to extra credit card fees. So really we all lose. :(

I’m really disappointed not only in the new system, but also in the companies’ lack of communication. They didn’t even clearly explain the first part until people started questioning why they had to pay a credit card fee per pledge when Patreon charged everything at once. They have been completely silent for the last 24hrs ignoring a growing wave of rage aimed at them on Twitter. I fear the management of the platform may have changed for the worse.
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