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1st Dec 2019, 8:47 PM #1
I uploaded my comic.
it was stressful.
"Horror! Magic! Fantasy! at least a little bit of side boob!", 1st Dec 2019, 8:45 PM #2
Hey Folks,
i just uploaded my comic so if you're a fan of Horror and fantasy action with a little conspiracy theory and cryptozoology thrown in
this might be right up your alley. Lots of witches,vampires, werewolves with some good old fashion gore splattered all over the top like a Jackson Pollock painting! Its called Extremely Fucking Nigh.

In all seriousness ive been writing this thing for close to 20 years and i've finally got the first few issues banged out. It's been an exciting and nerve wracking journey.
Hope you enjoy it.

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