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"DAHMER - The Mad Scientist", 4 days ago, 12:10 AM #1
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I just finished watching that 10 episode Dahmer show on Netflix and I was wondering if anyone else has watched it? It was rough through some of the scenes with his victims but overall I would say it was a pretty damn gnarly horror. And I'm a fan of Evan Peters so it was fun to see him get into character but it really didn't surprise me to see him as the lead when I saw that Ryan Murphy (american horror dude) was one of the main writers for the show.

I would say Evan Peters did a good job it's just that at 34 Evan still looks kinda like a boy where Dahmer really looked like a full grown man at 34. But his mannerism and drinking and smoking was eerily dead on with forensic videos I've seen.

But what did you guys think of the rendition? Do you know any details that happened that never made it into the show? I for one was really shocked by that episode with "Tony" the deaf black man. I'm straight but I could really relate to that Tony episode because I've struggled in a big city while working for a model/talent agency and it is really scary not knowing anyone and people can try to take advantage of you. And Tony's episode felt like one of those underdog stories you like to see where they prevail in the end but.....not in this case.

Also <<SPOILER>> the one thing in the show that kinda bothered me though was how they showed Christopher Scarver. The guy is not a good person (especially if you look up his past) and Ryan Murphy kinda glorified him I feel like. The final scene in the gym I feel like was bullshit. Scarver pulled out a newspaper and did confront Jeff before killing him but there wasn't a long conversation about God and how he was the Lord's vessel to punsih Jeff. Scarver was an unstable murderer who tried blaming his violence on his sugar levels and diet.
6 days ago, 12:25 AM #2
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I would love you to critique my comic "CRATERS EDGE" it would be interesting because the art is really rough at the beginning but develops into digital art by the final chapter. But since it's such a long comic you could just start from chapter 13 and read on, thats the chapter where the art transitions from traditional to digital. But I would LOVE feed back on the characters and story.
2nd Sep 2022, 2:51 PM #3
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I would love to have you brutally critique my writing in my comic! It's a weird one! Check it out on comicfury called "Craters Edge". It's a long story though. BTW I love that pic of Vegeta
2nd Sep 2022, 2:14 PM #4
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So odd that they would even have a machine be allowed to enter a human art contest. What the hell? People are so weird now a days. Machines are just tools making tasks, jobs, and daily life easier, I think it's silly these tech guys who think their artists. Lazy artists.

Stephen King should be worried. He was posting on twitter how he had a tech friend tell his computer to create Pennywise on a bike. He was admiring it, but I just wanted to tell the guy, you shouldn't be excited because one day computers are going to be writing books instead of you. lol jk
Result in thread: The Greatest Villain
"The Greatest Villain", 20th Aug 2022, 4:59 PM #5
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Out of all the comic books you have ever read (including webcomics - it can even be your own) who is the wickedest most nastiest most scariest villain you have ever witnessed.

1.Why are they the scariest?
2.What are they capable of?
3.What is their mission objective?
4.Do they have a weakness?
5.What is the most evil deed you've seen them accomplish?


1. Her knowledge makes her terrifying. She builds machines underground that educate her and that also turn humans into creatures.
2. She is capable of exterminating an entire planet with her breed of creatures then traveling the cosmos from planet to planet repeating the process.
3. Considers herself a Goddess and wants to create her own worlds with her own creations.
4. A character named Salaster- (She wants him for herself)
5. She had a group of murdering humans collect homeless children off the street and had them brought to her underground hive where she turned the children into hideous monsters using her technology and chemicals.
Result in thread: What do you do to relax?
12th Aug 2022, 2:25 PM #6
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I like going to the gym and lifting weights. I feel like I can escape there and just relax. People are always nice too, and sometimes I get to meet cute girls. Drawing and creating is also relaxing, I draw just about everyday even on a busy work week.
Result in thread: The Sandman
"The Sandman", 6th Aug 2022, 1:31 PM #7
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Have you guys checked out the new series from the epic comic Sandman on netflix? I've been waiting a very long time for this live action adaptation of the strange and wonderful comic. I was wondering if anyone else has been watching and if you like any of the cast or elements from the comic to the show? Do you think the show will do well?
Result in thread: One Piece
28th Jul 2022, 2:36 PM #8
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killersteak:i always liked usopp and chopper vs the baroque works fellas in alabasta. otherwise i dont pay much attention to fights. its the catalyst to fights i like (luffy arlong showdown).

Sounds cool! I just got to the Alabasta arc! So I should be seeing that soon! Thanks!
Result in thread: One Piece
28th Jul 2022, 1:59 AM #9
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Any opinions on best One Piece fight or most beautifully animated fight?
Result in thread: One Piece
27th Jul 2022, 8:19 PM #10
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Thanks for the info man! The recent shots from new episodes and buzz on twitter make me want to see the anime! But I'm back in 80's episodes making my way up! The luffy transformations look fascinating and I want to witness them.
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"One Piece", 27th Jul 2022, 2:47 PM #11
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Friends have been tellling me for years to watch the One Piece anime. I've been sick for the last week and I've started binge watching it and I gotta say I like the humor and the characters but the art is really rough! There are times the animation backgrounds kind of bother me because they are just so washed out and the lines are barely there. It makes it hard to watch at times. I've made it past the two giant friends fighting and right now they are trying to get a sick Nami to the witch to cure her so I'm only on like episode 80 something. I know the show has like over 1ooo episodes but I was wondering are the episodes art going into improve? Should I skip ahead? Do you guys have a favorite arc or season? Is it worth me watching all these hours? It's pretty good so far......
Result in thread: Fictional Crushes!
25th Jul 2022, 2:55 PM #12
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Probably scare MOST people but I found her wickedly attractive. The video game "Agony" has a woman as the devil and she teases and guides you through her Hell. She was attractive in a really wicked sort of way how she would just prance around naked but sometimes cover herself in shroud made of blood. The things she would say would just shock me and her sexuality was out of this world.
24th Jul 2022, 4:36 AM #13
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-3-:I've been having cravings, but haven't surrendered to them yet.
I still play Skyrim original edition, with all the DLC and updates, including Community patches.
But i play on the PC, so i've got access to mods that upgrade and expand most aspects of the game. And tons of mods that add or modify content. It's a completely different decision on PC than it is on Console. How extensively do you mod your game, and what mods do you lose updating to the newer version?

On the PC, most of the upgraded content in the new editions tended to be catching up to the mods so there wasn't much real incentive to update. How extensive is mod support on the consoles? Is what the update you're considering provides already available in free mods? (Do some of them work better?)

I've seen the Mods option at the main menu and your game menu but I haven't played around with it yet. So with this ps4 special edition I'm assuming you can do extensive modding. After reading what you can do I will have to check it out, Thank you!
24th Jul 2022, 4:26 AM #14
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wow this is really cool! And whatever you did it linked my tabs perfect with horror demons monsters. Great work Kyo!
22nd Jul 2022, 3:10 PM #15
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Anyone else playing Skyrim? I've been playing Skyrim the Special Edition on ps4 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Anniversary Edition is worth downloading? It's around 20 bucks and it says you get more material. quest,weapons,etc, is that true?
9th Jul 2022, 4:36 PM #16
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Shadow man PS4 Remastered. I've almost killed "The Five" and I have 103 dark souls out of 120. I've found all 4 tattoos so I'm immune to fire and lava!
Result in thread: Website turns 14 years old
6th Jul 2022, 3:14 PM #17
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Woot Woot! Go Comicfury! 14YRS!
Result in thread: its too hot
27th Jun 2022, 7:42 PM #18
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I'm out landscaping in it everyday. I'm a sun God with moon as my last name.
Result in thread: Bad hair cut
20th Jun 2022, 3:04 PM #19
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I've had a mohawk now for about 2 years and I usually spike it up every day. Even when I'm out landscaping in peoples yards. Unfortunately......a mohawk is very high maintenance because the hair on the sides of your head grow very fast! So you have to have your head trimmed like once a month maybe a little less.

Well one day I decided to try cutting on the hair in the middle to save a trip to the barber and I really messed up the back. For a month or so I couldn't put my hair up I just laid it down to mess up my hack job in the back. But I learned I can't cut my own mohawk.
Result in thread: Age check
17th Jun 2022, 2:15 PM #20
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I always assumed CF was dominated by kid viewers. In the popular overall all you mainly see is Eevee and pokemon comics. Other webcomic sites have more adult related material and more violent/horror. CF lacks that, kid friendly crowd up in here.
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