I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this thread, it seemed the most appropriate out of all of them i think.

I'm looking for a comic i used to read back on good old SJ but i can't remember the name. I remember some of the plot though.

It was a cop noir kinda murder-mystery comic that was in black and white with i think maybe some reds every now and then. It looked like it was drawn with paint tool sai's marker tool if that's any help. The comic started out with like case file style introductions to the characters and some of the officers/detectives had supernatural powers.

the main character, i can't remember his name, always had a tired look with prominent eyebas and his ability was to... speak every language i think? or something similar. He was young looking with short messy hair and i think two moles on his face around his lips i think.

He was partnered with a convict who may have been wrongly imprisoned and as such is being given a chance to help find the real killer.

The last chapter i remember reading had a club scene where there was a lot of color and disorienting images and the detective got overwhelmed and ended up going back outside and his partner met him outside.

Ah.. what else was there... the cop seemed to be a bit of a durnkard too, i think.

I don't know if that's enough info to spark anyone's memory, but if anyone recalls that comic and could link me to where else it's hosted or if you know the artists/author's twitter or tumblr or something that'd be awesome.