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18th Jun 2011, 5:36 PM #1
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*Rises from the grave*
Where's my death pic? :P
*crawls back into his grave*
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14th Jun 2011, 10:34 PM #2
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I made you one as well.
I have no comic on my own, but I made one anyway.
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12th Jun 2011, 4:00 PM #3
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Always tough: having nightmares about an innocent kill :p
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11th Jun 2011, 10:59 PM #4
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Paul Stintzi:

Does that mean that the wolves are eating us right now?


Not untill Lalaland says so ;)
But voting has been over for 7 hours now.
So: good luck Civilians...
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11th Jun 2011, 7:11 PM #5
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Onecanofsprite:Oh lookie here, he's now telling us he has an important role.

I love how you've specifically attacked me, and not ANY of the other players on your bandwagon. You know that I don't care how wolflike I seem, right? I was an enemy once, and that was extremely bloody obvious from day one.

Never said it was important, only said it was good... your last vote killed me, since there's no way I can have another 2 votes removed.
That's what's wolf-like: last minute votes that'll push someone over the edge.
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11th Jun 2011, 4:47 PM #6
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Onecanofsprite:Ok, I'm going to drop my random vote and vote Muchacho for Non-sportsmanship conduct. And he deserves to be lynched more then Spinnerlink.

Please explain Non-sportmanship conduct...

you're lynching me base on Out of Character discussions, I never had my role back there.
So you'd rather lynch a good role (and trust me: I'm a good role) because of some bullshit, instead of actually try to win the game.
Very wolf-like, Onecanofsprite.
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11th Jun 2011, 6:20 AM #7
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Sarge:Initial thoughts:




so, I'm just gonna roll with Muchacho, because if he's going to be doing role-revealing, I won't like it one bit. The idea is that the majority of the fun comes from not knowing who is who, and trying to figure out who is innocent and who is guilty.

We get it now... no need to keep telling everybody about it that you don't like the game I'm used to.
You could also consider the fact I'm flexible enough to NOT do it, if that's what you all like so much.
In this case I vote Spinnerlink to save my own sorry ass...
Hope it'll help though... it'll be the last game I've played here if I actually got lynched because you're all afraid of me doing role-calling.
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9th Jun 2011, 10:13 AM #8
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For me it depends in which manner it is done.
If you quote the gamemaster's Private Message with your role in it... then yes, it's ruining the game for me as well.
But just claiming your something doesn't have to make it true.

9th Jun 2011, 3:34 AM #9
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BishopFrenzy:Hey guys, been a while since I posted around here. As I am now employed at a job where I have the time and energy to concentrate on a creative project again, I've decided to revisit Noose. However, I've decided to drastically overhaul the concept into something a little easier to write and a lot more fun to draw.

The biggest problem I'm finding is that I have nobody to bounce ideas off of and to get regular, constructive feedback from. An additional viewpoint would also be helpful in fleshing out the story in an interesting way. So I figured, maybe it's time to look for a partner, somebody to help me not only figure things out, but stay excited and motivated about the project.

The new concept will be an action-comedy-horror with a serial story, and a bent for examining social and philosophical issues, but for the most part, it's still fairly loose. I have plenty more ideas, but don't want to give it all away here.

So I'm looking for some help. At this point I'm reluctant to say 'partner', as this is very much an experiment to see if it helps with my work flow, and I won't claim I'm giving equal credit or anything of the sort until I see how much is brought to the table. That said, this could be a long term association, depending how well it works out. Please don't apply if you just want to dabble.

Anyway, what I'm looking for is a writer. Somebody mature (18+, sorry younger folks), who likes dark humour, over-the-top action, character driven story and wrestling with difficult topics. I need somebody who understands the structure and pacing of a good narrative, likes to brainstorm, and who can both give and receive constructive criticism. Most importantly I want somebody who can challenge me, and who likes to be challenged in return, so we can develop something great.

I am also seeking somebody who can help me stick to a schedule, and generally help me be accountable. Any extra skills would be nice as well (artistic skills, web design, etc).

If you're interested, post here or drop me a PM, or even contact me on MSN. If you have a sample of writing (or whatever) I'd love a copy or a link. Looking forward to hearing from interested people!

I'm willing to give it a try.
Some might not believe me, but I'm actually 29 years old :)
I always have enough of a fantasy to write a story-line if you can say what the end point should be.
I don't know Noose at all, but that can work in your advantage by really going outside the box.
I'm currently stranded on my own novell that I'm writing, so I could use the sidetrack as well.
Write me up on if you want to know anything more :)
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9th Jun 2011, 3:30 AM #10
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I will.
Praise be to Sarge :)

I hope that in return I might be able to get some of the roles I'm used to to stick on these forums :)
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9th Jun 2011, 3:10 AM #11
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I never said it should be like that... winning it as fast as possible.
I'll read through Werewolf X when I wake up (I've been up all night and really need some shut-eye since it's now 5.09 AM at my place).
Too bad I can't give you any English games that we've played.
The way I told you still made the game take about 7 days and 7 nights.
Because when a seer opens up, he immediately becomes a target.
So a self-centered guardian can still get the seer killed.

@Lalaland: I love the prodigy role.
I think I'm going to introduce it to our community as well.
First I thought: Why would you give the prodigy the opportunity to see the killer of that night if he always looks at the wrong person?
Second thought: That would make the Seer be totally aware of being a Seer, UNLESS you give that role the same opportunity, but actually succeed (or at least have a 50-50 shot).

edit: And as I'm typing this I see you already put that up in the roles section....
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9th Jun 2011, 2:51 AM #12
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As I understand your post... I also understand you hate roles like seers which are basically helping Citizens/Humans to win the game.
You'd rather have a witch, an executioner, a priest and 12 normal Humans/Citizens vs the other 8 wolves?
Powers to kill, but no powers to detect??

If a seer or just a random person claims to have seen a wolf, the wolf should try and prove their wrong.
That's the game: Deceit and winning someone's trust.
Person A claims he 'knows' that person B is a Wolf... Person C could say like "well, that's weird... I've been spying on B last night and all I saw was a good role".
Other way around: Person A claims person B is a Wolf, Person C says "I can back up that theory because I saw his role last night".
THAT is the game, and THAT is the use of roles like Seers.
They shouldn't be just using it for their own fun and let themselves be lynched because you feel they reacted "strangely" without being able to say: "I used my powers and guess what: What's-his-name is a wolf"

If you vote for me on the first day regardless of what my role is... so help me god, let me be the executioner.
I'll chop your head right off.

It's votes like yours that makes the Human faction lose the game.
You're reading too deep into the game, the roles are there for a reason: to help the Humans win... there's some wolf roles to make it more difficult for the humans.

The game YOU obviously want is just 17 powerless Citizens and 8 powerless wolves.
No guardians, no executioners to speed up the death of the wolves... you think the wolves will lose with roles like Seers.

We've been playing 53 rounds now... 2 are still in progess, so out of the 51 rounds the wolves won 22 of them, Civilians won 19, other factions (Vampires, lovers) won 4 of them, and the other 6 ended prematurely because of several reasons (breaking rules, too much inactivity, ghost towns).
And that's all played the way I described it.
USING your roles instead of taking them for granted and not use them to your own advantage.
Result in thread: Werewolf XV - OCC
9th Jun 2011, 1:19 AM #13
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I will try to keep that in mind, I just feel I should emphasize on my change of subject with a new paragraph.
Anywho... I am not used to "Comic Fury Werewolves" if that's a whole different game.
If you're able to view this without a registered account, please have a look at the game I'm used to, then you might understand my strategy.
Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
As for the day one vote: It's always a gut feeling, and since the roles are random, you can never give one person your constant day one vote.
If enough people would do that, that would mean he/she gets killed EVERY single game no matter what his/her role is... that makes the game less fun as well.
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9th Jun 2011, 1:02 AM #14
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It's all in the timing.
Claiming in the middle of the night is a surefire way to get yourself killed.

Two pages would mean, what... 4 day/night updates... so 8 total victims?
At 25 players I'd say a fair amount of wolves would be 8 wolves.
So either the wolves were WAY too transparent, or someone secretly PM'ed the list of wolves to a non-wolf.

I'm currently playing a game of Werewolf where I'm the Village Idiot, and I'm in love with the Heretic wolf.
It's been 3 nights now, and my beloved is the only wolf left.
This is a total exception where 3 wolves (including a Primal Wolf) were lynched in a row.
I have to make sure that the last surviving wolf (my lover) stays alive.

Normally at 25 players, the game will last for 7 consecutive nights/days.
Sometimes 10, sometimes 5...

@Cogs: We play that way on a Dutch forum for as long as I've joined the werewolf games.
Guardians may only guard a person one night in a row, successfully blocking a kill or guarding him/her unnecessary: doesn't matter.
So if he guards himself in the first night, he HAS to guard someone else or nobody the night after.

If you want I can post my translation of our Dutch roles (they're not that different from these, but we think we tweaked the game quite fairly)
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9th Jun 2011, 12:47 AM #15
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MatthewJA:Actually you're wrong.
In this case, Spinnerlink is X and him not giving reasons is Y. It's dangerous for the village!

Some people play that way.
It's their safe haven for wolves.
Remember: Wolves are reading the topic as well.
If I were to say... "well, I'm no wolf, the first one who says I am will taste my axe!" I would:
- A: reveal my role to both citizens and wolves, which makes me an easy target.
- B: most likely call someone's bluff (most likely an inexperienced civilian) to actually vote against me, and use my axe on him... result: dead civilian, and useless executioner.

So it's wise to not just blurt out your role, but to try and be picky to whom you trust, and be cryptic about your role in the open.

Ice... Role claiming doesn't destroy the fun of the game.
I've been playing the forum game for almost 2 years, and claiming a role is part of the game.
That's what the game is about: The wolves know who the other wolves are, the civilians know nothing.
So the civilians must persuade each other that they're good, but not too obvious so that the wolves can see you're a threat and kill you, and the wolves must persuade the civilians they're civilians as well.

There's a fool-proof way of checking up on a claim....
Let's say I openly claim Seer and accuse Splinter for being a wolf.
You've got three options:
- Execute me to see if I'm right... which wouldn't get you anywhere because you will see Fortuneteller instead of Seer/Shaman, so you still won't know if I'm telling the truth.
- Tag along with me and have a priest throw water at Splinter... if he burns, I'm right, if not I'm either wrong or the Priest was slower than the Heretic.
- Just lynch the one I'm pointing out and if he appears to be a civilian, kill me the very next day.

That's what it's all about.
The fun of the game isn't just wildly guessing who's wolf or not.
It's trying to get each other to believe one and another.

I'm a regular Werewolf Game Master, so I know what I'm talking about :)
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9th Jun 2011, 12:40 AM #16
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Spinnerlink:the game has not began yet. this it the sign up thread.

ugh, this is what i get for playing three forum games. >/^P This is werewolf, right? I neeeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeep...

It's Werewolf, alright.
Anyone could be a wolf.
But neither of us haven't received their roles yet, so neither of us is talking in character.
This is an out of character discussion.

So if you're saying now that X should be lynched because of Y.... it's flawed.
The roles are given randomly.
I could be a wolf 2 times in a row, but a Seer the next round.
It's no use of lynching me in the 1st day of the 3rd round because I was a wolf in the previous two rounds, or because I'm a ranter at a certain forum-part.

First night is the night of Seers, Guardian Angels, Witches and/or Healers to prove themselves if the chance were that their role would require an action that night.
If the Seer finds a wolf in the first night, he/she should call it, so the guardian Angel, Witch or Healer can save him/her from certain death.
So Witches and healers shouldn't really heal in the first night... how ego-centric it might be.

@ Thatguy2010: I'm not saying to NOT lynch anyone in the first day.
But if you have no clue... just be safe and name someone that hasn't got any votes.
People who are certain of their case will voice it... wolves will either bluff it, or blend in... depends on their experience in this game.
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8th Jun 2011, 11:54 PM #17
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Just wait for the first night and see what roles are willing to risk their 'lives' by crying wolf.
If none will do so, we'll play it safe and make everyone have the same amount of votes.. the first one to make a person have more votes than the rest, is most likely a wolf...... or just a dumb-ass Citizen.
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6th Jun 2011, 9:49 PM #18
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2. [Reserved for Ranger]
3. Hedgehogboy5
4. Muchacho NL
6. Spinnerlink
11. MattWL
12. Frosty
13. Skycrusher
17. Onecanofsprite
19. Cogs
25. Kimmy
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