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Result in thread: comicfury needs your help
13 days ago, 7:17 AM #1
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Do you have a Paypal we can send to?
(I tried browsing the thread but so far didn't see anything about one, just that you might not accept maildrop or maybe not money from the U.S.)
Patreon is a little tricky for me but I'd happily donate through Paypal if possible, I greatly appreciate what you do for us here. (:
Result in thread: Steve. In. Smash.
12th Oct 2020, 7:51 AM #2
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How do I reply to a thread, is this it? Guess we'll see...

I'm excited to try him out. I'm already not-good at Minecraft, his character seems very complex, as if they basically programmed in Minecraft just to get it working in Smash. But that'll make it a lot of fun to try and figure out, haha.
Result in thread: notifications
27th Jun 2020, 7:49 PM #3
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Cool idea reptilian friend! (I think they're reptiles anyway...)
11th Jul 2019, 7:57 AM #4
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Kyo:so do you want 5 spaces...


You are so smart and nice and kind and also helpful!
I just wanted my 5 spaces at the start of every paragraph to show up. I don't think I needed the whole block to show up.
I randomly pasted that in the layout sorta near the top of the page coding and it works perfect just like I want. <3
I wasn't expecting any help or any so soon, thank you for being active cute reptile-icon person! Do you want a reward or paypal money or anything for help cause your assistance solved a big problem for me so now I can totally use this site! <3 Thank you!
"Adding spaces/indentation to author notes?", 11th Jul 2019, 6:03 AM #5
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Hello! I'm having trouble with what's hopefully a simple issue.

I want to post writing under each comic I post, in the Author Notes area.
I'd like to indent each paragraph with 5 spaces, but when I paste the text in, all my extra spaces disappear after I save.
I've tried using &nbsp; and &emsp; to fill in for 4 spaces, but I already have thousands of lines of text and it's kind of a pain if I have to manually do that for every single line. ono; I've also tried <pre> but it didn't quite work either. How come some blogs/HTML/BBCode keep multiple spaces in your writing and others don't?

I think the coding has to be done somewhere in this area where the Author Notes appear, correct?

Here's a link to my site, you can see my embarrassing practice under the images:

If you solve this for me and want a reward for it lemme know.
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