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Result in thread: three-word story
Today, 4:50 AM #1
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experienced cowboy known
Result in thread: Minor Annoyances
Today, 4:48 AM #2
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My little sister had awful eczema when she was younger, and washed her hands intensely. I am so sorry you guys have similar troubles as her. She still has eczema, but she is doing better now. Hope things get better for you all too!

My complaint of the day:

I got a book from the thrift store. It's a book on yoga. Inside it says you should have an instructor. I did not realize this when I purchased the book. Why make a book if you need an instructor anyway?

I know it's not awful, I'm just annoyed and now I have to figure out what to do with the book. I'm not sure if I can donate it back to the thrift store. Last I knew, they only wanted clothing donations.
Result in thread: corrupt a wish!
Today, 4:40 AM #3
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Granted! Instead, I reply to this, and RazorD9 is very hurt by your wish. So hurt, in fact, that he destroys the world.

Thanks a lot.

I wish for the Cupid Shuffle song to be popular again!
Result in thread: Random Questions (Game)
Today, 4:29 AM #4
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Plug In! By Cookie Waffle started recently, so I'll repeat that.

What is something you regret buying/obtaining?
Today, 4:24 AM #5
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True, I love cats, followed closely by ferrets.

The person below me is always up later than they meant to be.
Result in thread: Reverse Questions
Today, 4:21 AM #6
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What are cute and lovable made-up creatures who just want a little adventure?

I'll never tell.
Result in thread: Cast/Crew Call | Mafia CII
Today, 4:13 AM #7
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EMILIA: Shuffle


CAMERA OPERATOR: Archer Xanthorg
GAFFER: (backup option: Shuffle)

Gaffer is an old man, right? Oh. Electrician. I can play with wires. The blue one goes there, right?

I can also act as Emilia, I have experience as an old man and a young lady.

Don't ask.


I changed my name to Emilia's spot, but will concede if need be. I claim gaffer if no one else wants it.

You'll get my lovely headshot in a couple days. I'd be faster, but tomorrow is my little sister's 12th birthday. I wouldn't miss it for my own funeral.
Today, 4:07 AM #8
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Nyomi:Washed up on the beach, in the aftermath of all the bloodshed, is a single cellphone with a picture of Shuffle and LMS taking a goofy selfie in the cabin of Nyomi and Trav. The water laps, grabbing it, and taking it into the ocean, taking the memories of the hellhole with it.


Murder Buddies <3
Result in thread: Random Questions (Game)
Yesterday, 9:00 PM #9
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I sure hope not, but I hear it's possible to have one and think it's just a random pain in your chest.

Have you ever been diagnosed with something that was supposed to be a long lasting or life long condition, but you defeated it?
Yesterday, 8:58 PM #10
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If you consider a slipknot unusual, then yes.

The person below me likes animals more than humans.
Yesterday, 8:27 PM #11
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I hope so. I try to be.

The person below me is an empath.
Yesterday, 7:50 PM #12
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I used to love baking. Now I hate it. I make wonderful cookies, but the problem is:
-Lack of patience
-I get sick of the smell when I can't eat it, despite having a weak sense of smell in the first place.

The person below me has a book near them.
Result in thread: Random Questions (Game)
Yesterday, 7:46 PM #13
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How dare you ask me to choose a favorite? How dare you?

Right now, my #1 favorite is Plug In! By Cookie Waffle. It's just too beautiful.

But I have a lot I need to get around to reading and subscribing to.

I need a better attention span.

What might you be procrastinating right now?
Yesterday, 7:41 PM #14
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@Jaycee Storm awesome! I saw it. It's sweet!

Updated the post.
Result in thread: Reverse Questions
Yesterday, 7:36 PM #15
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Who is a fun member of Comic Fury with an awesome sense of humor?

Brad Paisley.
Yesterday, 7:33 PM #16
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Oooh! I'm not great with celebs, but I'll try this.

Essie: Emma Roberts? I don't know. I had insane troubles with my entire list here.

Kage: Ludi Lin. Though Kage would ideally be portrayed by a Japanese actor, Ludi Lin is a good second choice (I believe he is Chinese). I don't know enough actors at all, but Ludi Lin played the Black Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers movie. He could totally pull off the adorable character that is Kage.

Hector: Malcolm Jamal Warner. Currently about twice Hector's age. I don't care. His pics definitely look similar to how I imagine Hector.

Cecil: a middle aged Bruce Willis. Maybe. If Bruce Willis ever played a school therapist. Not the right feel for the character's personality, but a similar appearance in my mind.

Fae: Dakota Fanning when she was 12 might have been a good choice. But Fae isn't as serious as Dakota Fanning's characters were.

As you can see, I know very few celebs. At least, not enough to say "oh, definitely so-and-so." But on the bright side, that means if there is ever a live action version of my comic (I can dream!) then I'm not too partial to any actor.
Result in thread: Reverse Questions
Yesterday, 6:55 PM #17
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What movie stars Casey Kasem and Casey Kasem?

(Casey Kasem was BAE... as was Adam West)

Jackie Chan
Yesterday, 6:50 PM #18
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@PsychicNature, yep! I've been stalking it for a bit. Man, that thread moves fast!

I'm neutral on old kung fu films. But Jackie Chan will always be amazing. Hey, some of his films count as old now =O

The person below me loves cheesecake.
Yesterday, 6:34 PM #19
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Mostly false. I like watching the water, and the bobber, but I despise hooking the fish, hooking the worm, and dreading the idea of possibly casting the hook into my face.

...I'm sorry for that visual.

The person below me has been stalking the OC tournament, even if not participating.
Result in thread: Reverse Questions
Yesterday, 6:30 PM #20
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Who played The Penguin in Batman Returns?

Batman Returns.
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