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25th Jun 2021, 7:26 PM #1
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That's quite a head****, to read your one-before-last page without knowing any of it's context beside the - somewhat underwhelming - name xD
I love the face of the nun, it's pretty cool how you combined some sterile feel of a cartoon with some little crazy details and asymmetry.

I just wanted to share my new page of Clichés, because I am happy with how a page that was supposed to be a filler turned up rather entertaining to make and I hope also to read. Instead of just buying me time to catch up with schedule I used it for some extra exposition without breaking the overall pace.
16th Jun 2021, 3:22 PM #2
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I actually started my story as a book, long time ago. I've written a couple hundreds of pages so I'd still be happy to see it finished that way, because prose allows more intricate descriptions of separate sensations and inner dialogue, something that was always important to me as a writer.
My story in it's whole is a super bloated epic with so many different settings and characters and all that, that probably the very best medium for it would be an open world RPG game with an emphasis on role play, dialogue and freedom of choice, á la Planescape: Torment, Disco Elysium or Fallout.
16th Jun 2021, 2:39 PM #3
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Seems like everyone has exactly same experience with FB. My page has over 100 followers, most of them my friends and colleagues. I get 1 like from always the same person. Highly doubt that anyone else actually sees the posts on their feeds and I don't think they check the page. But I just keep posting and every once in a while share a post from my personal account and there's at least some movement.
To be honest the more I think about it the more I realize that I am not doing promoting right. Not on FB, not on CF, not anywhere, lol.
EDIT: I hope it goes without saying that if you post a link to your page here then I'll follow it ;)
26th Apr 2020, 2:38 PM #4
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Probably something from Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo)... Rubber or Wrong Cops.
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20th Apr 2020, 6:34 PM #5
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Howdy! Can I join in? :)
20th Apr 2020, 5:11 PM #6
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UUUUuuuughhhh... I've quit smoking everything a few days ago and now I realized how badly timed it was, lol. It ain't easy.

Also - Jacob Collier <3 woop woop, love his music! Thanks for that, because today I felt more like Slipknot but it'd probably be a bad idea xD
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20th Apr 2020, 4:24 PM #7
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20th Apr 2020, 4:05 PM #8
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Hah, nicely done with smoothly plugging your own webcomic haha! (please excuse me, I'm in a very cynical mood today)
Anyway, since I already had some recommendations on mind... here they are:
Recently I stumbled upon Venom: The End and WOW, I didn't expect it to be so psychedelic and 4th wall breaking. Awesome read with a lot of imagination!
Another comic I read recently that was a very interesting read was Brass Sun that told a story of a world where an entire solar system was a gigantic orrary - an interconnected clockwork mechanism.
Lastly I read recently an INCREDIBLE graphic novel called Habibi. It's just... WOW. The amount of detail, the imagination, the emotions... a lot of very heavy, taboo subjects are touched with so much care and respect... this book is going to be an example of exquisite storytelling for me for a looong time in the future. :)
20th Apr 2020, 3:51 PM #9
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Besides the obvious classics that definitely helped shaping my taste in comic art and humor, like Tintin and Asterix, there was one Polish comic that is one of my all-time favorite. It's called 'Osiedle Swoboda' which translates to The Freedom Estate and it's just sooo good. Not only I love the sketchy, rough kinda unpolished but very impressive art style (that clearly influenced my drawing) but also the plot, revolving around a bunch of dudes living on a suburban estate of a Polish city, mixed with some urban semi-fantastic lore, was very captivating because of how real it felt. Plus the author not only was from the same town but also went to the same art school as I did so there was a lot of local feel to it. Aaaaah, I love it so much I might even read the whole thing again!
PS: I can't believe how massive it's English WIKI page is!
19th Apr 2020, 8:56 PM #10
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Thank you so much for the review. I really think it's spot on! :)
People, go check out his videos, they're really funny and informational. I'm very happy with the stuff I discovered through that channel :)
11th Apr 2020, 1:33 PM #11
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Wow, I completely forgot how inspiring this forum is. Your art styles are all so cool :) I'm especially jealous of some of your coloring skills. Anyway, here's my last page. I really feel good about that page because it marks the end of my fight with depression that caused me to work on the second book of my comic for 2 freaking years. Finally I got wind in my sails and got back my creative flow, working every day. A new chapter for both the comic and my personal life :)
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10th Apr 2020, 11:44 PM #12
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Well, considering that the main setting of my comic is a fractal party out of time and space, the answer would be... anywhere, because there's no limit of any food or drinks and most of the time they come free and instantly to you whenever you wish for any... BUT, considering that probably we mean some quiet area to chill with a cuppa, I'd say somewhere in the outer clusters of The Party's interiors for intimacy or in The Chill Chamber, which is one of the few places on The Party that is interconnected with every other room in the fractal architecture of the place, plus it is meant to be a place for relaxing.

Okay, where in your world would your main character(s) would rather be if they weren't entangled in the plot's events? Alternatively - where in the world would they'd love to settle down if they decided to... something like that. If they weren't where they are where in the world would they be? xD Too metaphysical? :D
10th Apr 2020, 5:51 PM #13
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Hah, just checked this game for the first time, thinking if there's a point for me to join in, since I usually don't reveal much about my characters' lives at once . Didn't expect such a specific question and didn't expect to actually have a matching character, since I only introduced just a few of many, but there's Sean. That's quite of a spoiler since that detail of his past will not be discussed in a story for a while from now but he hates his father. Never hated him for being too harsh in childhood, since that saved Sean's skin in adult life, but he hates him for a 180 degree change of morals in the time of their separation and contradicting Sean's idolized view of his father from childhood. Now, I can explain a bit more but that's kinda bigger spoiler of things to come (in sense of narrative) so let's hide it.

That's as vague as I could've describe it :D

Now, which of your characters is getting on everyone's nerves but is essential for any reason so others can't really get rid of them?
14th May 2018, 1:25 PM #14
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THank youu!
Sorry I'm a stoned noob and dunno what's where and how. I can't even find the option to make a custom page but I'll sort this out. Thanxx
14th May 2018, 12:58 PM #15
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HELLO, any of the CF Crew here?
I've send you a message and no response... Can you fix this glitch PLOXXX <3
11th May 2018, 8:00 PM #16
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that's the thing... I don't see it. I have option for first comic, latest comic, overall, blog and archive. I swear I've seen the mentioned option before, but now it's gone.
"Is there a way to make a specific page (ie the beginning of a current chapter) a front page?", 11th May 2018, 6:23 PM #17
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Yo people!
Like in a title, I'd like my front page to be a specific comic, so new people could start reading from a specific point of the story?
I'm asking, because the second chapter is a prequel to the first one and I'd like to give people an option to choose without spoiling much. The first chapter was made as a sort of pilot. I originally didn't plan to put so much exposition at the beginning, but it happened for certain reasons. That's why it'd be cool if I could provide some directions for people to choose what kind of experience they'd get.
Thanks in advance. :)
2nd May 2018, 6:07 PM #18
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Matt Comics:Do you have any idea of the walls of text you're going to unleash with that question? :)

Yyyeeaahh, I didn't really think about it, but now I'm glad 'cause I'm already learning something new from the responses. :)

I also have to mention Persepolis and Maus, they are very inspiring in terms of storytelling.
Also I completely ommited One Piece. This manga/anime is IMHO mastery of creative character design and I love the way it juggles with the light and dark tones of the story. Plus it doesn't submit to any common limitations, os not afraid of cheese and even though it's packed with cliches it always twist them in a way I haven't seen before.
"What are your favorite, most influential comics / comic book authors?", 2nd May 2018, 4:35 PM #19
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Hello, I searched the forum if there is a thread like this already and didn't find it, but if there is one like that already, then I'm sorry for making a mess. Also I know that this is webcomic and art forum, but c'mon, we all read some famous titles and got inspired by it.
So, we make webcomics here, most of us (I suppose) are amateurs, so at some point of our lives there must have been a moment when we read a comic and thought: 'wow, I wanna make something like that!'
I wonder, what are your most influential comic books and artists or writers behind them. What exactly was an inspiration there for you?

Mine, which I got to know many many years ago in my early adolescence, would be:
Don Rosa's Scrooge McDuck comics, especially 'Life and times of Scrooge McDuck', which read when I was about 8yo and I cannot express enough how much it opened my mind at the time. Not only it gave me an idea that nothing is just black or white, and that pretty much any given goal is enriched by the journey leading to it's achievement, but also it sparked my love for detailed backgrounds and hidden jokes.

Michal Sledzinski's 'Osiedle Swoboda' - this Polish comic helped me realize that not all the comic book stories have to be about epic events, superheroes and fantasy. That they can tell (more or less) ordinary stories in unusual ways. This comic is so soaked with the feel of my hometown, which defiantly boosts my sentiment. Also, the artist uses quite impressionist art style while paying attention to crucial details, which really got me hooked... how can comic can look so sketchy and neet at the same time? :D

Ben Templesmith's & Steve Niles' comics, 'Criminal Macabre' and '30 days of night' - here we have another artist who takes sketchy looks to another level. Definitely one of the most impressionist comic artists I know. I just love the solutions Ben is using to create a unique, uncanny atmosphere. Also Steve Niles' storytelling helped me realize that the story doesn't have to be pompous and complicated, but rather having the 'think-outside-of-the-box-factor'.

Warren Ellis' and Darick Robertson's 'Transmetropolitan'... okay, this one is just.. omg. Robertson's art is ssssoo detailed that it tells a story of it's own. And the Ellis' writing confirmed for me that comics can be a medium to tackle some real world issues... and speculate about the future problems of humanity.

Garth Ennis' 'Preacher' made me understand, that there's no limitations to what can be told in a comic and how many conventions mix within the story. That character development can be a very complex process and that there's always more story to tell. Also, Darick Robertson's art reminded me, that although I really like sketchy comics, keeping it clean helps, hahaha.

And that's it, these comics and people behind them inspired my sense of aesthetics in comic books the most. What are your hidden mentors?
29th Apr 2018, 10:10 PM #20
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I'm thinking how to escape from big city to live in the jungle while remaining committed to this website...
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