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Today, 9:01 AM #1
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Erm...How could I receive editing rights for the script?
"Creating and updating the map of the Akona region, plus some other stuff.", Today, 7:23 AM #2
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This thread is here in order to disscus about creating more parts for this map right here, which is supposed to represent the world of this RP.
Also, it can be used as a place to ask questions about the RP, and receive answers.
Today, 7:15 AM #3
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(Yeah, sorry about that...I thought they would somehow manage to find their way towards his office, where he was...But, for the sake of convenience...)

After reading and making notes in response to all of those documents, the Guildmaster decided to take a lunch break at his favourite restaurant,Torchic-fil-a. So, after saying goodbye to his trustful and helpful assistant, the Arcanine went there, just a few minutes before Aster and Cole arrived.
Because of this, the first thing the Noivern sees when the two Pokemon enter the restaurant is Mark, sitting at one of the tables near the entrance, chomping down into piles of wild, chicken like, Pokemon meat, as if it is the last day of his life.

(Edit- I updated the first post of this thread with a link towards a thread for disscusing about, and contributing, to the map.)

Merged Doublepost:


The two science Pokemon finally arive back at the Guild, and walk to the entrance of Lupine`s engineering room. There, the Leafeon halts to an abrupt stop.
``...I`m not going inside until you dissarm those traps of yours...``
Yesterday, 6:28 PM #4
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(Escape Ropes are called Escape Orbs in PMD. Also, you can search for lists of items on the internet. Most sites that respect themselves will also bring really detailed descriptions about what each one does.)
Yesterday, 4:38 PM #5
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“…Well played…” Zack mutters, before also smashing his Escape Orb as well, getting the rest of the party close to Lupine’s location, before starting to count the Poke in the bag they gave him. Kenza apologises, then runs after the Delcatty.
“…I really hope this truce will actually help, and that they won’t backstab me…” The Leafeon thinks. So, no wonder all the other researchers present in the Guild would almost always avoid interacting with the creator themselves, and only interact with their creations…
Yesterday, 4:30 PM #6
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“Ah. I see how it is…” Zack responds, for some reason, with a grin. He then pulls out an Escape Orb from his bag.
“…This is your way out of here…But, why should I use it for your help? After all, you can so easily hold your grand, mx sassy kitty…”
(Morals: Don’t be a d*** to the Pokémon that literally hold the key to the fastest way to exit a MD. Especially if they are slightly mad.)
Yesterday, 4:12 PM #7
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“That f****** trinket barely has any value!” Zack hisses back, not believing what he is hearing. This piece of s*** of a Delcatty just swore him off, after he f****** just saved their life?! “I just saved your Xerneas d***** life!” The Shinx continues, remaining in the same spot, as Kenza soars past him, and catches up with Lupine.
“Hey hey hey…Don’t you think that’s a little bit…Unprofessional?” The Leafeon asks the Delcatty. “After all, he did just save your life…”
Yesterday, 3:56 PM #8
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The Alolan PokeNerd:“Well, I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a mad scientistISSSTTTT-“ Lupine starts to joke before they see the posse of ferals running towards them. The Delcatty slices through the metal blade of the one closest to them with the gauntlet, their other front paw clutching their precious copper cargo tightly. The Delcatty makes a risky move and deactivates the laser claws and pulls out what looks like a Chesto Berry. They throw it at the feet of the Pawniard, and with a few beeps, it explodes, releasing a thick cloud of sleep-enducing smoke.

“Th-thank you, Solar,” Casey says, blushing slightly as the Larvesta puts their makeshift bandages on.

The Pawniards fall onto the ground, asleep. But, the sudden beeps and explosion attracted the unwanted attention of the rest of the room, who are now approaching the poor, and maybe mad, Delcatty.
“For Xerneas’ sake, you owe me one!” Zack suddenly shouts out, before grabbing a Foe Seal Orb from his bag, and smashing it into the room’s floor. By doing so, everyone in it, including Lupine, becomes lethargic and unable to move. The only reason why Zack and Kenza aren’t affected is because they remained in the corridor while the orb was smashed. Then, the Shinx makes his way to the maybe mad scientist, and gently slaps them, removing the effect of the orb from their body.
“Now, quickly get whatever else you want, then let’s get the h*** out of here.” The Shinx then growls at them. “Also, you owe me 3000 poke now. Those orbs ain’t cheap.”
Yesterday, 10:01 AM #9
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The Alolan PokeNerd:“F***-“ Lupine screeches. “F*** f*** f***-“ However, instead of running away, the Delcatty makes their way to the closest chunk of copper and slices it off with their gauntlet.

“What’s a forest bane?” Casey asks. “It sounds scary…”

At the sight, both of their team mates shriek.
``Sassy kitty, are you nuts?!`` Zack screams out. ``Its not worth it!``
As the Shinx makes his statement, five Pawniards start to run towards the Delcatty.
Yesterday, 9:38 AM #10
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noblejanobii:((They’re waiting on me. I’ll reply soon. Just been busy with thanksgiving and all.))

Merged Doublepost:

Violet nodded her head a bit. “Yes, that does make a lot of sense. Though with how much time has passed since we’ve seen each other, who knows how good my memory will be of her skill level. She could be a lot stronger or weaker than the last time I saw her.” The Gossifleur shrugged. “Won’t know until I find her though.”


Vanda nodded at Oblivion’s instructions and quickly sniffed the air. It didn’t take long for her to catch the scent of the greenhouse. Seeing Nemain nod in her direction, the Shaymin took that as indication that she was dismissed, and quickly began to make her way back out towards the greenhouse. She scampered through the crowded hallways until she arrived at her destination and spotted Cadence. Vanda trotted up to the human and said, “Hello! I recognize you from earlier. You’re Cadence, right?”


“Hm…” Nemain paused in thought for a moment before saying, “I believe having Xerneas assist our medics is most wise. Especially if no one else wants to volunteer for such a position.” The Naganadel looked at Koa. “You say you’re good with machines, so I’ll be assigning you to the greenhouse for now to help repair the gaping hole the Solgaleo left when he crashed through it.”

Nemain shifted lyr attention to Yvette and Negai. “What is the strength of your telepathic abilities? As psychic types, we could potentially use you as relay communicators. You would be stationed either here or with a field group and would use your telepathic abilities to relay messages between the headquarters and whatever field group is assigned to you.”

He then began to speak to the ground generally. “The rest of you seem to be mostly skilled in combat, so I’ll be putting that to the test with a few simple missions.” Nemain looked at Aries. “You and your teammates will go to the ruins of the Melemele Mall and scout the area for any potential supplies. Food, waterc medicine, etc. It shouldn’t be too high risk of a mission but there is a Guzzlord nest within the city limits, so stay alert.”

“Shadow, Blue, Slasher, Andrei, Phoenix, and Gale, I want you to go to Ten Carat Hill and see if you can find any information or clues about Azoth. That hill is one of the last places he was spotted by our rebellion group, and so even though we have scoured it, it never hurts to have another set of eyes look it over. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of fighting opportunities, as the place is likely overrun by wilds by now. Just be careful not to attract the attention of a Guzzlord while you’re there.”

Nemain then turned his attention to Noe. “I wish for you to remain behind with me. You seem quite knowledgeable about Azoth, so I feel it would be wise for us to exchange information. So I want you to come with me and Papilio to my office.”

“Everyone understand their orders?”

``Yep. I`ll go to my position the moment someone shows me where it is...`` Xoica responds, with a nod of her head.
``I`ll be more than obliged to go there...`` The Sylveon simply responds. After all, how bad could it be?
Yesterday, 1:23 AM #11
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The Alolan PokeNerd:Lupine rolls their eyes. “Oh sure- why would I be scared of the cursed spawn of my two least favorite things in life- ferals and unexplainable magic.”

Casey scrunches up his face in confusion, but his eyes are also fearful. “DO I have the curse? How can you tell?”

...As the team approaches the next room, the sounds of drums gets louder, and louder...Until they arrive in the next room, where the sound ascension stops, the volume staying at the same level.
But, instead, other feelings start to raise in the souls of the adventurers, when they spot 40 wild Pokemon in the room, surrounded by treasure and walls covered in copper.
``S***, it`s a monster house!`` A now panicked Zack screams. ``We have to get the h*** out of here!``
Yesterday, 12:25 AM #12
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``What? Kitty with a deadly laser is scared by an intermediate graded MD?`` Zack asks, while following them, as Kenza follows both Pokemon in silence.
Yesterday, 12:13 AM #13
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`Sorry, Lupine, but...I didn`t find even an ounce. I`m pretty positive that we have to move to another room...`` The Leafeon responds.
2 days ago, 11:08 PM #14
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The Alolan PokeNerd:“B-but I can’t leave it here…I worked hard on writing it….” Casey protested. The Sobble looked up as he saw Solar approach. “Oh- Hi Solar,” Casey replied, a bit cheered up at the Larvesta’s appearance, but not by much. “I accidentally got bumped into and fell. I scraped by hands on the concrete.”

Lupine’s eyes bulged as they saw the amulet. The Delcatty clenched and unclenched their fists, thinking this over and restraining themself at the same time. “Errr….yessss,” they finally manage to say. It’s such a small piece- it doesn’t matter- they told themself. I’ll be able to find a bigger piece that won’t be as hard to mold…

``Alright!`` Zack cheerfully states, before puuting it around his neck. As he does so, Kenza finally starts searching for copper on either the walls, floor or ceilling, as well as between the small trinkets that seem to be popping all over the place, and that the Shinx is frantically collecting, asking Lupine if they want them, or not whenever he picks up one.
2 days ago, 10:40 PM #15
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The Alolan PokeNerd:“I mean, if you could find some copper, that would be awesome,” Lupine shrugged.

“Y-yeah-maybe-I don’t know….” Casey sniffed, wiping his eyes and grabbing his notebook, flinching slightly as the plastic touched his sensitive torn skin.

Not even five seconds after Lupine says that, the Shinx comes back to the group, proudly holding some star shaped amulet, made from copper.
``May I keep this, mx kitty?``
2 days ago, 9:57 PM #16
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In response, the Shinx starts to search around the room, as Kenza approaches Lupine.
``Anything I could help with?`` The Leafeon asks the Delcatty.
2 days ago, 9:39 PM #17
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The Alolan PokeNerd:“Sssoooo…,” Lupine said, going over to some iron on the walls and makes some cuttings. “Find anything that catches your eyes yet? For, ya know, your secondary payment?”

- - -

Eventually, it’s lunchtime for the schools. Casey heads out to the outside eating area, looking for Solar. The Sobble had his story and wanted to share it with the Larvesta.

``...Nah, not yet, at least.``
2 days ago, 9:27 PM #18
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``Anytime, sassy kitty!``
2 days ago, 9:20 PM #19
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The Alolan PokeNerd:The Delcatty’s jaw dropped as their eyes settled on the silver despot…and then curled into a snarl as they saw the Aron eating it. “GET AWAY- THAT’S MINE YOU LITTLE B****S-“ they hiss, charging at one of the ferals, the laser claws on their gauntlet activated. Lupine ferociously slashed the side of the Aron, leaving a trio of scorching, red-hot lines along their shell.

Before they have any chance to react, the Arons are shocked by a Spark sent their way by Zack, leaving them paralysed, and at the mercy of Lupine.
2 days ago, 9:09 PM #20
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The Alolan PokeNerd:Lupine nodded, finishing putting the box that they put the metal chunks in away before heading over to one of the two tunnels branching out from the starting room.

The team follows. On the other side of the tunnel, a rather small room is positioned. Glistering like The Holly Grail in Lupine`s eyes, a chunk of silver is positioned in the middle...But some Aron decided to munch on it. They seem to be too ocupied with eating lunch to notice the adventurers.
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