This graphic novel series is intended for adult audiences only.

Here's the ComicFury page.

I'm gradually uploading on other websites to sustain some buzz. Otherwise, all the available pages would be available on the main website. As of today, 20 pages have been released.

Here's the main website. Please be aware that the site contains explicit adult content.

At the moment I'm thinking the release structure would be roughly 10 pages a month on the website at least, but gradual on other sites. I might decide to change this later. If you as a reader have questions about the lore, characters, story and so on, I most likely won't answer them in the interest of leaving exposition to the comic pages themselves or some of the concept art.

The pages I'm working on right now are part of a "prototype" chapter, not the main story line. At first I was only putting out concept art for visual development of the comic series. The audience then put their own stories to the images, which I'm very happy with. I'm not quite ready to work on the canon pages yet, so I compromised by starting production on the prototype chapter to put some kind of story to the characters. I'm probably going to take another 10 months to finish up this first prototype chapter before I get to starting the actual story.

You can follow me on other sites:

Deviant Art

My websites (mainly my main website and my ComicFury site) look pretty shoddy right now because I have 0 patience for learning anything that resembles programming. So I might need help fixing them up eventually.

Thank you for checking out my work.