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[S] [C][N] How to do this thing 3053 15 Kyo By MatthewJA, 26th May 2015
[N] Looking for Concept Artist 215 9 BMR By BMR, 2 days ago
[N] Comic book artist 68 1 guillo0 By guillo0, One week ago
[N] Worldbent ; Looking for Talented artists willing to contribute! 295 9 Team Anchora By Team Anchora, 13 days ago
[C][N] Would like feedback on portrayal of transgender character 365 12 TanteiSakana By TanteiSakana, 25th Jun 2017
[N] Sci-Fi Enthusiasts, help. 114 1 The-Steampunk-Cyborg By The-Steampunk-Cyborg, 17th Jun 2017
[N] NO-Earth Comics is open for Collaborators 774 14 Eagle99 By Eagle99, 30th May 2017
[N] Writing looking for an artist who also is a co-author 159 3 rollofsushi By Lee M, 27th May 2017
[C][N] Looking for a writer to bat around ideas for a mystery/thriller 137 3 Kameko By Red Jack, 10th May 2017
[N] political comic in the wurks 226 5 jhony noir By jhony noir, 6th May 2017
[C][N] I'm Just Someone Who Can Bring You To Me 202 3 4fireking By Kyo, 3rd May 2017
[C][N] It's Work We Cannot Refuse 158 2 4fireking By Nyomi, 3rd May 2017
[N] Dark drama/horror looking for line art 112 2 MagnoliaSteal By Lee Lines, 2nd May 2017
[C][N] It's A Challenge But Two Heads Are Better Than One 102 1 4fireking By 4fireking, 30th Apr 2017
[C][N] Writer looking for artist for supernatural series 249 7 Aura Redwood By Chippewa Ghost, 27th Apr 2017
[C][N] Advisor/confidant wanted 165 1 loyaldog By loyaldog, 21st Apr 2017
[N] Experienced artists - how much would you charge to do a page of my comic? 185 3 C.S. Jones By HapyCow, 21st Apr 2017
[C][N] Gag-a-day Strip Seeks Artist 230 6 SharpyTheYellowKirby By SharpyTheYellowKirby, 19th Apr 2017
[N] Looking for a co writer who knows about ireland 238 8 ewolf20 By RJDG14, 17th Apr 2017
[N] 30_Days__Remaining... Need artists! 117 1 Team Anchora By Team Anchora, 10th Apr 2017
[N] Author looking for Co-Authors and Artists! 404 12 Dardarus By Dardarus, 7th Apr 2017