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[S] [C][N] How to do this thing 4304 15 Kyo By MatthewJA, 26th May 2015
[N] So I'm going to work on a new web comic but I want a co-author 36 1 ajkurosaki124 By ajkurosaki124, Today
[N] Earth in a Pocket Guest Comics 252 11 Leafa By Leafa, Yesterday
[N] Short comic drawing offer 356 12 argylefox By lirvilas, Yesterday
[N] Looking for an artist to work on my webcomics. 168 6 ajkurosaki124 By The Letter M, 4 days ago
[N] Seeking someone to redesign my comic page 128 2 MistakeNPotatoes By Lord_Wunderfrog, 13 days ago
[N] Artist looking for comics. 306 3 The Letter M By The Letter M, 27th Jul 2018
[N] Project 60 1 kames_sakazuki By kames_sakazuki, 27th Jul 2018
[N] Available to draw for $60 per page 84 1 ep1 By ep1, 27th Jul 2018
[N] Need help to improve Smoly`s Studios 230 4 memo333 By BeautifulRoses, 21st Jul 2018
[C][N] Need Writer 181 7 Total Tourist By Total Tourist, 20th Jul 2018
[N] Paid 3 page comic book artist wanted 208 2 dougwarner59 By dougwarner59, 17th Jul 2018
[C][N] Looking for (and also looking to BE) an art (and/or) technical assistant 117 3 BlondeSword By BlondeSword, 17th Jul 2018
[C][N] Political satire ideas
1775 25 Fafhred By Kyo, 8th Jun 2018
[N] Looking for language experts (various language for cultural immersion) 355 10 babau By Fafhred, 7th Jun 2018
[N] Dark Superhero Comic seeking Artist for commission 632 8 Jules By DOUBLE R, 26th May 2018
[C][N] Help needed for main character design 324 8 Firebrand128 By Firebrand128, 19th May 2018
[N] Looking for webcomics to crossover with! 1216 20 SpiraPhantom By SpiraPhantom, 15th May 2018
[N] Author looking to network/team up! 455 6 Zarathustra By keltyzoid!, 15th May 2018
[N] *Artist* search 290 3 infantillium By heckos, 14th May 2018
[N] A co author wanted for a funny gag comic 146 1 youngauthor154 By youngauthor154, 11th May 2018