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[S] [C][N] How to do this thing 2999 15 Kyo By MatthewJA on 26th May 2015
[C][N] Writer looking for artist for supernatural series 144 7 Aura Redwood By Chippewa Ghost, Today
[C][N] Advisor/confidant wanted 122 1 loyaldog By loyaldog on 21st Apr 2017
[N] Experienced artists - how much would you charge to do a page of my comic? 132 3 C.S. Jones By HapyCow on 21st Apr 2017
[C][N] Gag-a-day Strip Seeks Artist 151 6 SharpyTheYellowKirby By SharpyTheYellowKirby on 19th Apr 2017
[N] Looking for a co writer who knows about ireland 198 8 ewolf20 By RJDG14 on 17th Apr 2017
[N] 30_Days__Remaining... Need artists! 73 1 Team Anchora By Team Anchora on 10th Apr 2017
[N] Author looking for Co-Authors and Artists! 363 12 Dardarus By Dardarus on 7th Apr 2017
[C][N] i need co wirters for an ucoming webcomic 100 2 ewolf20 By ewolf20 on 7th Apr 2017
[N] Studio Looking for Writer(s) for 3D Anime Series 254 9 finalbossstudio By Seeen on 7th Apr 2017
[N] Does anyone here illustrate for people? 103 1 Klivord By Klivord on 4th Apr 2017
[N] New writer, trying to make connections and possibly work on a project 340 8 Xeoxed By Sketchartist on 3rd Apr 2017
[N] Wanted: Writer 233 2 -braincells By Boidy-Boidy on 1st Apr 2017
[N] Looking for Advisor 89 1 SweetInsanity By SweetInsanity on 31st Mar 2017
[N] Seeking background characters. Paid. 118 1 Chippewa Ghost By Chippewa Ghost on 30th Mar 2017
[N] Writer seeking artist for webcomic 529 17 SiriusLeeLost By taikina on 28th Mar 2017
[N] How to hire a writer? 137 5 The Doodler By The Doodler on 14th Mar 2017
[N] Looking for multiple artists and writers 486 15 Gargoyle By Red Jack on 13th Mar 2017
[N] How to Sell Yourself and Get a Good Collab Going 173 3 Epiale By The Doodler on 10th Mar 2017
[N] Comic Inker - Artist - Colourist - Cover Artist looking for work 85 1 dustbunny-studios By dustbunny-studios on 9th Mar 2017
[N] Seeking Artist! 194 5 Boidy-Boidy By Babble_ON on 8th Mar 2017