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11th Sep 2012, 7:22 PM #21
Jade Joules
Shoots to kill
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Just as a preface, I have not read any of your comic, sir.
Firstly, Ryu(?) looks very happy while yelling, which I find both funny and interesting. He makes me wonder if he likes to yell. Secondly, I love your line work. It draws my eye and keeps my attention focused. I also like the wobbly ladder. It is purty. I also like the look of these giants you have.

Heidi, Page 2

Now, this is the first real page of my comic, so I feel bad for posting here, but I am shameless. In it, there is a bunny, a shadow, and some eyes. I used .05 pencils, .025 Micron pens, a sharpie, and some crappy black watercolor to make it. I can't tell you much about the story because right now, there really is none.
11th Sep 2012, 7:36 PM #22

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Wahhh how pretty.

Really love the watercolors in this page especially with how you shade with 'em.
And those crosshatches on the shadow figure are awesome as well.

This is why traditional art will always be superior than digital when you try to go for these kinds of feelings/emotions imo. <3

Anyways latest page for Demented: Ch2. Page 28

Valentine had his little chat with Shenlong and they are now explaining the situation to Noel (who will later team up with Valentine). So they're basically summarizing his situation for now and what needs to be done. I debated if I wanted this scene done or not and just skip it, but people didn't seem to mind it at all. And actually liked the refreshing information especially since I've gotten a lot of new readers these past few weeks. xD;;;

12th Sep 2012, 5:17 AM #23

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I must say I quite enjoy the colors you use in this page (and much of the comic). It's quite nice, and the characters' color schemes immediately differentiate between them and that's always a good thing. The only critique I would have is that there's a large difference between the amount of shading on the characters and the amount in the environment, which leads to a very 2 dimensional looking background. Not a major issue, though, as it looks just fine as it is.

My lates page just came out:

In the last page, our character just got hit in the head by a hammer held by a zombie, and it caused him to wreck his car. He's now waking up from being knocked out, and he's in trouble.

The last panel utilizes a kind of shading style I haven't tried before, so I was curious what you thought about it.
12th Sep 2012, 5:25 AM #24
Team Gecko
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The highlights on those last two panels are very cool and the bit of color that it adds is a bit more appealing to me than just the grey scale. Plus, using highlights and a bit of color can really clarify things like time of day and weather and such though that alone. (Not that grey scale is bad itself, but I do like colors). Interesting comic.

Latest page THE PAGE Jac, the main character who is on an adventure to try to save his friends, is being attacked by apparently living/moving/talking rock creatures.
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13th Sep 2012, 4:42 AM #25

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I like the fantastical adventure idea, and everything is very charming and creative. The page does a great job of setting up drama. There's room for improvement in areas though. The talking mountains in the first two panels are at a similar angle and look a little similar, I first thought that it might be the same one. Also in panel four, it could be easier to tell what's happening. He screams and in the next panel rocks are on him. Maybe if that panel showed the rocks moving towards him, either from the same view, or it was a view looking at him as the rocks attacked?

In Pulse, it's the start of a new chapter. Early in the comic, the lead here (brunette) changed physically after an experiment to improve her superpowers. I thought I needed to clear the air about certain issues related to that before the main part of the chapter moves ahead (her partner is sent to check up on someone and ends up in a fight). This sort of a daily checkup from her doctor. She's a little childish here, but about something that probably doesn't matter much.
Human batteries use their own electrical powers to fuel armored flying super-suits. PG-13ish.

13th Sep 2012, 4:50 AM #26
formerly... someone else
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*Nose bleed*

Ok, that was awesome, I really dig the art, simple and straight to the point (I like the thick line art), but your latest page lacks some interesting camera angles, but that's probably just this one page :P

So my latest page is about how the protagonist (finally) found ricky (the bass) :D
he's getting a pretty big surprise ;P

13th Sep 2012, 5:11 AM #27
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KRALEEEE: You do a really good job at drawing people of different ages. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people who's characters, old or young, look exactly the same age. Also totally nice colouring and textures and aahhhhh everythings :D

Page 69, Siblings fight somemore, will Cleo ever stop being a pain?
The user formerly known as "DaMoreFishy"
13th Sep 2012, 12:32 PM #28
Da da da
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I really love the artwork. The way you use black backgrounds and all those shades are outstanding. I also want to say that I'm a little jealous because your handwriting is readable and looks good so you don't have to do digital lettering.

Yesterdays Zwerg/Elf is all about different interpretations of the word 'Nemesis'.

13th Sep 2012, 1:40 PM #29

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Zwerg/Elf is a nice, humorous cartoon, the style of the artwork reminds me of Hagar the Horrible. It ha a nice appeal with tons of ways you could take the story, very legible lettering. Overall I would give it an a+-great stuff.
Space Farmer is a continuing graphic novel comic of a humorous science fiction genre. The latest episode can be seen here.
13th Sep 2012, 3:44 PM #30
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Space farmer is a unexpected Gem ! the art is vibrant and fun! the charcters are pretty kick butt as well. the story is easy to follow and is defeintly a step in a diffrent direction for Sci-fi :D ( you should check this out ... seriously. )

Todays page in Datachasers last page of the "virtual scene" with TD and Ada. will she live or die .. no one knows, especially TD.
page 776 " Even death has a heart "
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13th Sep 2012, 4:00 PM #31
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui

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for data chasers: (forgot about that eh)

it reminds me of final fantasy or something..
i also like how you textured your characters...
and most of all, the facial expressions matches the mood and the dialog of the comic.

Prepare to Attack

The CHinese jets now acquire visual with the Philippine Navy Ships which is shooting down the fence made by the Chinese to bar the disputed Island-shoal...


13th Sep 2012, 5:05 PM #32

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You've got a really neat art style going on here! You should start adjusting the levels with either Gimp or Photoshop, to make your inks darker and as they do in person, and try centering the text more. It'll make a world of difference for your comic pages! That aside, great work. And keep it up! I'd love to see more of this.


TODAY in Ryu's Krew...

The Soldiers finally meet Leader, the head of this...Resistance. Morkgaldur, the first of the Colossi, has taken over Mylenon, and needs their help to get rid of him, and save Mylenon!
13th Sep 2012, 5:42 PM #33

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Ryu's Krew: Your style is really bold and angular and distinctive, me gusta! One tip though, I think you should vary the shades of grey more, make them a bit more dramatic to help distinguish the action.

Volume 14- 39 of Mayonaka Densha: Sherlock, Hatsune and Tom have arrived at the Baudin household (In search of a killer on the run) where they encounter French maid Amira. Hatsune also finds out that Jack has been up to some things in her and Tom's absence. If you know what I mean.
13th Sep 2012, 7:02 PM #34

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Love that art style! Like a noir anime kind of feel! Definitely a story driven comic, so I had trouble understanding it fully but it looks great and the writing is well done!

Mad Dog - Spot Forgot
This page is part of a short story arc I'm doing showing how the two main characters, Mad Dog and Spot, met for the first time. In this page they just sneak onto an alien space ship they found just to look around.
The name's Looey Q, I draws what I likes and I likes what I drew!
13th Sep 2012, 8:31 PM #35
formerly Rinkel
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Your art style reminds me of early Disney cartoons (in a good way). Great use of shading (black and white is so constricting as a color scheme for a comic) an it's really easy to tell character apart from background. I liked it very much.

The Mirror of Souls Ch1-19, 1-20, 1-21: Akari gets a good glimpse of a bog body and runs screaming like a banshee through the forest, ending up dirty and with torn clothing and standing on the edge of a cliff in the forest. There is a slight warning for a possibly disturbing image on page 1-19 (the body) so tread carefully. I did my best to make it look gruesome and decayed.
"My webmanga (webcomic)'s newest page.", 13th Sep 2012, 9:57 PM #36

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I release this webcomic is instalments by chapter basically. So far I only have one chapter up. here's the last page: chapter 1 page 20
this manga was very specifically made to somewhat resemble the format used in many shonen jump manga. (20 pages, lots of character developement and suspense).

This page took about as long as any other page being that it took alot of shading. And was made with the intention of creating suspense as well as giving a visual hint as to what the main antagonist looks like.
13th Sep 2012, 10:50 PM #37

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That looks like it must have taken a long time to get the shading done for some of the images. Large dark patches with pencil can be kind of time consuming. At any rate, really high quality anime style drawings.

Here's a link to the title page for my new comic series. I'll probably be making another update tomorrow to introduce some of the characters and the basic plot line.

14th Sep 2012, 7:13 AM #38

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So in the latest page we meet Violet, playing a board game not unlike Monopoly, but with the potential to turn into a hockey game!

Jolly gets the hint, he really is home again. But how hungry is this dragon looming over him?

Keep on Stripping! (Updating! you pack of dirty dirties!)
14th Sep 2012, 1:11 PM #39
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Draginbeard is a heck of a amusing strip - im gonna say two words NAKED DWARF! giggles! good art and good story!

Todays page Page 777 "rebirth"
TD wakes finally to find out things are not "quite" what she expected.. also NSFW( language and nudity )
Avatar By toherrys
14th Sep 2012, 9:02 PM #40
Mangaka 2170

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Gotta say, I like the detail in the models; those little skin blemishes and the like make it seem all the more real. Profanity's a little overused, though.

In this update of Frontier: 2170, the battle is now officially joined...
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