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"Joint Commission Thread", 3rd Jun 2014, 3:38 AM #1

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Welcome to our Joint Commission Thread!

This is a thread where I collect some fellow artists who are willing to do commissions for a fair price!

Everyone can join!
So please browse each poster's art, buy from us, join our group and just have fun!

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments feel free to ask! <3


Please click on an artist's name to head over to their post!

1. Doomy - (Active)
2. AngryRob - (Active)
3. CrystalCircle - (Active)
4. Rinkel - (Active)
5. Fubar - (Active)
6. Spitfire - (Active)
7. Mia (Active)
8. Memoria Caelstie (Active)
9. AeroZero (Active)
10. Centcomm (Active)
11. Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui (Active)
12. Aaronmocksing (Active Yet)
13. Braign (Active)
14. Aeden (Active)
15. Saari (Active)
16. Zannthesword (Active)
17. Pavchka (Active)
18. Beejazz (Active)
19. SketchMazoid (Active)
20. Fierydeath (Active)
21. Spelledeg (Active)
22. Cbrubaker (Active)
23. TheD-Wrek (Active)
24. Damatris (Active)
25. azureXtwilight (Active)
26. Empty - Please Join!
27. Empty - Please Join!


Got a commission thread/site already?

Feel free to post a link to it here on this thread or PM Doomy with a link, or email me:
You can even post your own prices here on this thread and I'll put 'em up in the list!

1. AixenPixel
2. TechnicolorNami
3. Empty
4. Empty
5. Empty


1. Don't be a dick: Please do not argue or start fights, If I see arguing I'm going to have to ask you to settle it on a PM. This is a drama-free thread!

2. Do not rush the artists: While I am sure each artist are responsible for their own actions, do not rush them or constantly nag unless it's weeks late.

3. Don't bail on an artist: If you don't pay an artist, you'll be put on a black-list. You can ask for a refund, but that's for the individual artist to decide. Also, if you're one of my artists who has had multiple complaints of not doing the artwork and just swindle all the money, you too will be black-listed and kicked out.

4. Do not make fun of an artist: We each have our own way of drawing and we're all still learning as well, so please avoid being rude and just move on.

5. Post your lovely works! If you want to share your finished commission or a WIP you can do so!

6. Closing/Hiatus/Opening Commissions; If you're taking a break from doing commissions, please PM me or say so on the thread and I will change your status to 'Active', 'Closed', 'Hiatus' etc.

7. Just Have Fun! Please browse and talk with us about art and commissions!

I hope you all have a positive experience here. :'3
3rd Jun 2014, 3:38 AM #2

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My DeviantArt has more samples as well

I also do Nudity, NSFW and most fetish art, so feel free to ask for samples of those through a PM.


1. Noir
2. Oflions
3. Empty, yo!

[Order Form]

Please copy this and PM it to me or post it on this thread.

Gimme art, Doomy!
[b]Character(s) Name:[/b]
[b]Total Amount:[/b]  

I accept payment via Paypal, my paypal is:
Make sure you send money as GIFT otherwise paypal will tax the money.

You can pay before or after I'm done with the commission!
I usually send out sketches beforehand to show you how much I've done so far.

I always finish less than two weeks. :'3
3rd Jun 2014, 3:42 AM #3
your least favorite rob
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I'm cool with drawing just about anything.

E-mail me with the details of what you need drawn. Include images of the the character(s) if possible. Or a detailed description of the character if it's a character design you be needing. For action figures a front/back/side character sheet would be helpful.

Payment for a commission will be made via Pay Pal before work starts. I'll send in progress images through out the process so you can ask for changes if necessary. Give me about 2 weeks to finish an art piece, Action figures will take longer depending on complexity of character.

3rd Jun 2014, 4:12 AM #4

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*edited for the new year!

I got button machines! :D I can make buttons in two sizes; 3" and 1.5". You can have me draw something for you or you can send me a high quality image you want put on a button.

About the buttons and the machines
The machines are professional presses that stamp each button individually. The machines are made out of machined stainless steel and press buttons together so tight that they are guaranteed to never come apart. The buttons are steel with a protective plastic Mylar covering the face to prevent water damage. They are circular and come in two sizes. They are fun to collect and pin to bags or shirts.


Large buttons-HUGE 3" (3 inches) in diameter and are perfect for showing of artwork or full body characters! Big and grabs attention! *because these are big, more detailed images can be used!

*Large custom button (I draw the image)=$6.00 + shipping
*Large buttons (using your image)=$3.50 + shipping

Small buttons-1.5" (inches) in diameter and are small enough to collect in large bunches! They are cute lil guys! *please note that small buttons are only good for simple images or head-shots as they are small and don't show a lot of detail

*Small custom buttons = $3.00 + shipping
*Small buttons (using your image)=$2.50 + shipping

What I will draw (want something I don't have on this list? Ask me about it and maybe I can do it :) )
OCs (non human please! I can do anthro, furry, etc...)
Images (the benefit of having a large button is that you can fit more on it!)
Images with sayings or names (this does NOT include logos! I sell advertisement buttons in bulk)

What I will NOT draw (this list will never change)
NSFW (sexual, over the top gore, etc...)
Humans (I may add this to my 'will draw' list if I get better at drawing them)
Anything that directs insult to anyone. This includes parody art (you may think it's funny, but I don't want my art to make anyone feel bad)

*see examples and past commisions at the bottom of this post

My slots: (5 open-PM me to get one)

And an FYI: Your commission will NOT have my watermarks on it! I put them on when I post it to the various websites I'm on to prevent theft. :)


Completed commissions!

For Sanoon on DA:
Because dragons Deviant Art* Tumblr* Etsy store
3rd Jun 2014, 4:17 AM #5
formerly Rinkel
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Alright, here we go~!

Regular Commission Info


If you want something that isn't listed above please PM me and we can work something out.

Order Form:
Type of artwork:
Number of characters:
Additional info (ie. specific date you need it done by, etc.):

I also draw chibis and in other styles than my normal one (cartoony, semi-realistic) and am willing to do background images, so please mention that in your order if you'd like that and we'll work out special pricing.

1. taken
2. available
3. available
4. available
5. available

You must pay before I begin work due to an awful experience where someone commissioned me but did not pay me.

You may send the money either as a gift or donation to
3rd Jun 2014, 7:50 AM #6
full of gay magic
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Starting slots: 2 (More will be opened once previous commissions are finished)

[1]__________ (______)

[2]__________ (______)

Contact me via CF PM.


- USD ($)
- via Paypal
-Send money as "Gift"
-Payment after or before the commission


- I have the right to refuse any commission I wish.

- If you want, I'll gladly show WiP-shots and such. Contact via CF PM, I will try to answer within 2 days max.

- No haggling.

- Please before you commission me, make sure that:
- You are certain you wish to commission me; cancellations are awkward and inconvenient for both parties
- You know what you want; if you want something specific, have a specific description and reference material.
- Decide what you want in advance; big, sudden changes when I'm halfway done with a piece will cost extra.
(Big as in like "Let's change this character into someone completely different", etc. Common sense applies.)

That should just about cover all the important bits. Thank you in advance.
3rd Jun 2014, 6:04 PM #7

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Okay I've added everyone!
Everyone's art look so great! <3

23rd Jul 2014, 5:43 AM #8

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1. Open
2. Open

ETD at the moment: Within 14 days.
24th Aug 2014, 11:47 PM #9

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Heeeeeeeey new banner!


This is only temp, I'll make more soon. Maybe something more MANLY.
But you guys are free to make one as well, but if you want you can add this to your sig too if you wanna help out.

Or the link to this thread:
[url=]Joint Commission Thread[/url]

And yes we are still alive, if you want to join please say so!

I am actively taking comms now, but please feel free to browse the other artists or make a post of your own commissions as well! <3
25th Aug 2014, 12:00 AM #10

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Ooh, I want in. I'll make a fancy post once I get home from work

25th Aug 2014, 12:04 AM #11

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Oooh~ I'll jump right in. I'll post my commission info later.
25th Aug 2014, 12:13 AM #12
formerly known as Prince
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Hello! I'm Mimi Kitapi*, and I draw characters! And very colourful things! :D
Full online portfolio, and more informtation about me and my services, can be found on my site.
*Aren't aliases fun?

I specialise in the human figure, but bear in mind I have been drawing anthros way longer than humans themselves. I will not draw animals. Keep my style in mind: I draw simplistic things, so nothing highly mechanical or detailed. No NSFW requests and/or misuse of IPs (this means I won't draw you fanart or your fan-characters, sorry!). Visual references required; the more specific you are, the better!

I do full illustrations only, which are priced at ~$30. May rise or fall depending on how many characters and how complicated they are. You also need to specify what kind of background you want (none, airbrushed, painterly). My home currency is £, but PayPal will convert it for me. With that: PayPal payments only.
I will automatically send you the initial sketch, but you may request to see it in other stages. I can also stream to you via at a time we can both agree on.

Now, for some examples! :D
I think three slots are plentiful.

Either contact me on PM here or directly email me. I won't give that out in forum, but it can be found on my site. Any further correspondence will go into email.

I am new to taking commissions so if there is anything I have missed out anywhere, please let me know!
/edited this post hope that's okay!

webcomic launching 31/03/2017 !

twitts | tumbls
"be one with the purple" -Seeen
25th Aug 2014, 12:56 AM #13
Memoria Caelestie
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alright sure. Never done commission before, so I want to try.
I don't draw porn or shirtless men, just to warn you.
Here is my deviantart for more example of my works:Deviantart account
I will only take three commission at one time.
I use paypal as a method of payment and the price may varied depending on how simple or hard a piece is.
PM me or you can send me an email at:
25th Aug 2014, 2:19 AM #14

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@Namependingcreations: Haha cool can't wait to see!

@Lilium: Yay Saku~! Yep, just edit your guys' posts and I'll link back to you guys. <3

@Mia: Haha oh well if you want, I can add your link here too. But yeah! Please post your stuff here and don't be afraid to get your works out there ~

@Memoria_Caelestie: Welcome aboard! Reeeeeeally cool art you have! I'll add you right away~!

25th Aug 2014, 2:45 AM #15
gently invisible rockstar
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I'm interested in this....
But i will be needing an explanation to the whole commissions it just drawing and selling art work then splitting what you make or what....
25th Aug 2014, 2:59 AM #16

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VulturesUnderTheMoon:I'm interested in this....
But i will be needing an explanation to the whole commissions it just drawing and selling art work then splitting what you make or what....

Yes you draw and people contact you and you can make money out of it!

And no you don't have to split the money, it's all yours to keep!

It's a joint commission because I just want to gather everyone up on CF who is doing commissions so that way it is easier for buyers to look through the listings I've collected in this thread.


25th Aug 2014, 3:07 AM #17

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I am currently open for commissions.
The prices are for one character, with variance for additional characters, backgrounds, etc.
25th Aug 2014, 5:14 AM #18
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui

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I'm in..
I draw semi-detailed Aircraft (civilian and military)...

I'll post the samples and their prices later..

25th Aug 2014, 6:26 AM #19
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I can do character pics within a limited window Ive done quite a few pics for various ones here.. ( restriction - Human-ish only ) Clothing and setting can be discussed.

Generally prices start at around 20.00 ( Based on previous time spent working on these things. ) Will post samples later on.

Im Generally open to discuss types of pics . SFW / NSFW doesn't matter.. NSFW carrys the limit of no underage. ( zero-tolerance )

Avatar By toherrys
25th Aug 2014, 6:29 AM #20
Memoria Caelestie
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Doomy:@Memoria_Caelestie: Welcome aboard! Reeeeeeally cool art you have! I'll add you right away~!

Thanks! I feel very welcomed.
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