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"How Would Your Characters React? (New Scenario Every Day!)", 1st Aug 2014, 6:37 PM #1

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Okay, so this is partially a game, partially character development for the original characters in your comic. You know when you are fleshing out your character that you have some basic questions to answer about them? Like maybe age, physical description, backstory?

...Well these are questions kind of like that, only worthless and fun. Random. These questions will be very much random. And they will update with a new question for your characters daily. (By me! :D)

Whether you want to draw your characters answering these questions or simply write it is up to you! The important part is to have fun and maybe learn something about your characters that you didn't think about before. And it will be fun for us, as readers, to hear some random bits of new information about your characters that we wouldn't have known otherwise. :)

Okay, here's the question for today: If your character could have ice cream right now, what flavor would he or she choose?

And I'll start things off with my own characters! (Mostly as an example.)

Jeriah would've chose something plain, like vanilla.
Annabelle chose chocolate because she loves all things chocolate!
Carson chose maple flavored ice cream. (He has a sweet tooth.)
Scarlett picked strawberry, not only for the color, but because it is so tasty!
Theodore declined eating ice cream all together. (What a grouch.)
Takoda insisted that he would like any flavor we chose for him, so I gave him orange ice cream. (It's an ongoing joke. XD) But he seemed really content with it and thanked me for it!

You can choose to answer this way or in the character's actual voice. Or maybe with a drawing? Why not over-achieve? :D
I can't WAIT to see everyone's responses to this!


First week (Aug 1st-7th)

Second week (Aug 8th-14th)

Third week (Aug 15th-21st)

Fourth week (Aug 22nd-28th)

Fifth week (Aug 29th-Sept 4th)

Sixth week (Sept 5th-11th)

Seventh week (Sept 12th-18th)

Eighth week (Sept 19th-25th)

Ninth week (Sept 26th-30th)

New Questions Submitted by Others! :D

By thewotartmonkey:
1st Aug 2014, 6:42 PM #2
formerly Eddie Jensen
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Eh, I dunno? Turnip ?
1st Aug 2014, 6:54 PM #3
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OK, funny story related to this. I recently confessed that Loup in his earliest inception was based on my husband. Well the other day we went to an ice cream shop. He got one flavor and took bites of five family members' varying flavors and then got himself another one. These were large ice creams. I felt ill after eating just mine.

So based on that I'd say Loup's answer is all the flavors. ALL OF THEM.
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1st Aug 2014, 7:01 PM #4
as seen on ComicFury
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Alicia: Okay, here's the question for today: If your character could have ice cream right now, what flavor would he or she choose?

from my current ('serious') comic:
Aniko: Mint-Chocolate chip
Malediction: Cherry icecream
Czcibor and Olesia: Cookies and Cream
Doomster: nothing because he's a lich :(
Victor(not yet introduced but he's a jeeeerk): trying to microwave Aniko's icecream so she doesn't eat it, fails and becomes splattered in sticky icecream and chocolate bits >:D heheh

from my current (joke) comic:
Gorrila-senpai: rocky road
Hibiki/Echo: vanilla because he's boring and mean :(

from a story of mine:
Ruena: Periwinkle Guilt-and-self-loathing (totally a flavor)
Jhett: lemon icecream, maybe with some sherbet and cookies
Morvin(and Wednesday): Black Velvet Moping (also totally a flavor)
Carlita: Salad. she'd prefer not to get any cavities.
Death: shredded carrots with sugar!

and then I can't really think of what my other characters would eat so I'm just gonna go with me: instead of eating icecream, I eat some lemons with sugar (or maybe shredded carrots with sugar? yummy!), then check out the fridge and get some caramel-and-vanilla icecream coated in chocolaaaate~

Actually, scratch that. I'm gonna go eat that icecream right now.

Update: oh my gosh this is delicious
❁❀ eтerηαl rιvαlѕ ωιтн Iɴĸy!!! ❀❁
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1st Aug 2014, 7:04 PM #5

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Hmmm... Excellent question.
Ludwig would choose Vanilla but it'd probably melt before he got to eat it... He's always working.
Miranda would choose Chocolate as she's secretly a choco-holic.
Striker would choose Neapolitan ice cream as he's so adventurous he doesn't care WHAT flavor he gets, as long as he gets some ice cream.
and lastly... Mr. Pudge. Mr. Pudge would choose ALL ice creams. He'd honestly try to steal Ludwig's if he saw it unattended.

1st Aug 2014, 7:14 PM #6
the rouge humingbird

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this sounds fun.

Livan: Vanilla with caramel and almonds.
Muse: Chocolate chip cookie dough
Emily: Mint chocolate chip.
Jaxson cant eat ice cream, but if he was a human, probably triple fudge brownie.
wires: cookies and cream.
Kiyra: probably rainbow sorbet.
1st Aug 2014, 7:21 PM #7

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Max would choose pumpkin flavor, but never get to eat it cause Excel would eat it first.
Jakeranda doesn't eat.
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1st Aug 2014, 7:23 PM #8

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Alicia:Okay, here's the question for today: If your character could have ice cream right now, what flavor would he or she choose?

Kael would obviously go for Soul Candied Ice Cream. :'D


1st Aug 2014, 7:27 PM #9
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Jeff prefers vanilla.
Bart doesn't like ice cream because it burns his skin. (Demon)
Calvin only needs sprinkles and he'll eat any ice cream.
Toren prefers a mix of vanilla and chocolate.
Neo would just pretend to eat any ice cream to make him look less like a robot.

The villain I haven't introduced yet, Z, would ask for mint and then throw it at the person who gave it to him. Then he would laugh.
Can't wait for the next one.
1st Aug 2014, 7:27 PM #10

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Ok this sounds really fun XD
Too bad some of these guys haven't been introduced yet...

Dr. Keller: peanut butter cup.... or anything with peanut butter
Thomas: chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies & cream

Ash: CHOCOLATE (he's obsessed)
Leni: pistachio or pumpkin
Max: strawberry, or something cheesecake flavored
Maeva: cappuccino chocolate chunk
Southwicke: no.
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1st Aug 2014, 7:31 PM #11

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You guys! These are awesome!

Turnip... ice cream? o.o; I can't even imagine...

Roux, that is pretty hilarious. My husband is kind of the same way. I don't know where he puts this stuff. I am once again reminded of that eating contest comic! <3

Poor Doomster. No ice cream for liches? Aw...

Ha ha, I could see Miranda being a chocolate-loving kind of girl. Annabelle and her could definitely hang out and eat all of the chocolate things. lol

Also, poor Jaxson! He needs to be human for a day so he can get his ice cream wish.

I've never had pumpkin flavored ice cream before, but I imagine it would be good enough to steal. XD

Doomy, great picture! YES A PICTURE! And with SOUL CANDIED ICE CREAM no less! Fantastic! :D

EDIT: (Two people posted theirs while I was writing this, lol)
Oh no! Burns his SKIN?! ICE CREAM?! That... that might be the biggest tragedy I've seen... T^T

LOL Southwicke, "NO" is not an ice cream flavor! XD

Keep it up, everyone! This is just great! XD
1st Aug 2014, 7:35 PM #12

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Hmm...Thinking about this has made me realize that my characters don't exactly have mouths .___.

But if they did-

Vien: Mint-chocolate-chip with whipped cream and sprinkles
Glace: Vanilla-Chocolate swirl
Furize: Strawberry
Kategi: Raspberry with sprinkles
Nexus: Neapolitan with chocolate sauce
Fire: Vanilla(assuming it didn't melt right away)
1st Aug 2014, 7:37 PM #13
aliens though
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Okay, here's the question for today: If your character could have ice cream right now, what flavor would he or she choose?

Here's the flavors

Hebiko: Bleeberry flavored
Matt: Chocolate flavored
Gemini: Mint flavored
Celes: Coffie flavored
Tempura Panda: Human flavored
K-5: universe flavored
Muucurion: Planet flavored
Heinrich: Fear flavored

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1st Aug 2014, 7:37 PM #14
pig turned rat
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Theo: Lime sorbet
Jacko: Mocha Java ultra coffeechocolicious supreme cavity delight!!! (With chocolate sauce and sprinkles and cream)
Latimer: Cat flavoured (mmmm delicious catssss)
Mika: chocolate
1st Aug 2014, 7:40 PM #15
cat face
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Let me see...

Lilith would probably pick something like apple or taro.
Canan would be vanilla all the way.
Asher would choose something with a strong flavor like dark chocolate.
Petra would pick the fruitiest sorbet available.
Charon would pick... something that had the flavor of another dessert (like cheesecake or something)
Etzy's lactose intolerant and therefore doesn't eat ice cream so she's get a shaved ice with every berry flavor.
Lex would mix a bunch of flavors into some nasty concoction no one else would eat.
1st Aug 2014, 7:46 PM #16

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Alicia:Takoda insisted that he would like any flavor we chose for him, so I gave him orange ice cream.

.....I'm gonna let this slide, since Takoda lives in a fictional universe where fictional ice cream *might* exist....

Here are a couple reactions from the PA girls:

1st Aug 2014, 7:46 PM #17
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Okay, here's the question for today: If your character could have ice cream right now, what flavor would he or she choose?

Nintendo: Banana with licorice or strawberry sprinkles
Sony: Lime-lemon sorbet
Microsoft: Mountain Dew ice cream with Dorito sprinkles. Is that even a thing
Sega: Cinnamon
HAL: Cookies and cream, with ALL THE SPRINKLES
Game Freak: Chocolate maybe
Atari: Before Crash: Mint chocolate, After Crash: Vanilla
Square-Enix: belts and zippers ice creamSea salt ice cream
Capcom: Green tea
Namco: Anything weird

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1st Aug 2014, 7:55 PM #18
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Alicia:Okay, here's the question for today: If your character could have ice cream right now, what flavor would he or she choose?


Dolly: would probably like Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Teedee : She would snub her nose at it as that's a "human thing" and then maybe try some in secret..( Vanilla probably )

Lynn : Chocolate simple and easy.

Acantha : Mint chocolate chip with real alcohol. and sprinkles..

Ada : Orange sherbert

Ceci :.. Would go on a tasting rampage and wind up crying when she ate too much.

Kali : Doesn't eat Human food. and has no opinion.

Calliope : Strawberry ice cream with fresh Strawberry's on it ..

Galina : Anything with Chocolate .. period.

Dr Silver: Cookie dough mixed with Chocolate and drenched in chocolate syrup...

Aeneas : * Runs around yelling COOKIES !! COOOOKIES!! and start singing some old jingle. * Hes rather insane.

There - that's a partial list :D
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1st Aug 2014, 8:02 PM #19

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Yes, Nonsensicales. The question is, after all, if your character COULD have ice cream right now! Which means that they can temporarily have mouths to enjoy some ice cream. :)

...Human-flavored ice cream? Which part(s) of the human? 0_0 Uh, wait, no... Don't answer that. XD

Cat-flavored too, huh? Oh boy... O__O;

Ha ha, Lex. What would Lex call this "ice cream creation?" XD

YES, PROXY! You guys are earning bonus points for these pictures! Poor Setsuko. I actually happen to like green tea ice cream too! (HA HA, I hope D-Wrek sees all of this orange ice cream nonsense.)

Zanreo, lol. I lost it right away when you put Nintendo with banana. XD But Mt. Dew ice cream? Yes, I could see Microsoft being behind something like that. Hee hee...

EDIT: You guys are posting these so quickly, I can't even keep up! <3
Poor Ceci. It happens to the best of us. lol
1st Aug 2014, 8:03 PM #20
Comicfury Crony
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Dara would probably just take as much as she could and ignore the actual flavor. She's lost in the desert and anything cold and wet would be welcome. In better times she might have gone with bubblegum just to have the color match her hair.

Teo, after having the concept of ice cream explained to him, would probably choose chocolate and then be disappointed that it's not like cacao.

Marcus would pass on the ice cream on account of him not being real.
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