Maybe there's already a thread for this, I didn't see one.

Has anyone adapted their comic(s) into prose?

Or are ya thinking about doing this?

I've had this in mind since I started making comics (my oldest comic, Crowbar, kicked off in 2008). I've got a whole bunch of stories in the making, though I guess they won't be finished until the comics finish!

One of them actually escaped from captivity this week! (Uh... make that 2 3 now...)

image image image

Kinda hard to find a market for a Trek-like story that isn't actually Trek, so I added it into the ever-growing ocean of self-pubbed material on Amazon and Smashwords. Well why not, it's gotta go somewhere.

If you hadn't already considered it, maybe this might give you an idea...

Thoughts, opinions, plans?