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15th Dec 2015, 2:57 AM #41
formerly AlphaEmerald
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Listen up, maggots!
We are at war now.
This means we prepare to fight.
Take notes, weasels. It's time you learned the Art of War.

Also: I can totally supply this war.
Gemm Co. is a war-based company after all.
As in, we specialize in wars, warfare, fights, battles, kerfuffles, and all that stuff.
We mustn't be careless.
15th Dec 2015, 2:59 AM #42
Couldn't handle the stink after all
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AlphaEmerald:Listen up, maggots!
We are at war now.
This means we prepare to fight.
Take notes, weasels. It's time you learned the Art of War.

Also: I can totally supply this war.
Gemm Co. is a war-based company after all.
As in, we specialize in wars, warfare, fights, battles, kerfuffles, and all that stuff.

That reminds me, where did I put my Sunzi?
Only Pros Édra is consistently updating.
15th Dec 2015, 3:04 AM #43

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Good thing I don't go to Wikipedia these days... Haven't been there for years on end.Xp

Tho Kyo... How we win the War against them?(0-0|||)
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15th Dec 2015, 3:11 AM #44

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Considering my impressive lurking skills, I might be useful as a spy against those dirty productive wikipedians.
15th Dec 2015, 3:17 AM #45
iiIIEEEHHEEEIIMM eeeeaaauuu hhYYYAaaaa
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I can confirm that Wikipedia is a dangerous place. I went there today, and it made me very angry at glycation products. I don't even have any close friend or relative who has diabetes, but I hate it by principle, and Wikipedia is there feeding my hate, I'm sure terrorists were made this way!
15th Dec 2015, 3:21 AM #46
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Take notes, weasels. It's time you learned the Art of War.

perfect, as artists we should totally have the upper hand. what're those nerds gonna do? fact check us to death? pff, we're already creating our own universes, draw them out
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15th Dec 2015, 11:33 AM #47
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Yes, whats it! I am officially declarating war against mobiles and mobile advertisementing!...
15th Dec 2015, 6:53 PM #48

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Alright, if we're going to do a war, we'd better do it good and proper. Our initial target for Operation Angry Alligator should be the English-language Wikipedia, followed by English-language supplementary wikis (Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons, etc.), then foreign-language Wikis in decreasing order of military prowess.

Starting from D minus 1, all strategic missile forces must be on maximum alert, in the event of nuclear counter-response.

Initial action will begin at H minus 9, with the launch of the first wave strategic bombers, with tanker and fighter escort. Wave 1 will be loaded with air-launched cruise missiles.

Wave two will launch at H minus 7, loaded with incendiary bombs, high-explosive bombs, and air-deployed land mines for carpet-bombing of major targets.

Wave three will launch at H minus 3 from carriers positioned in international waters, and will consist of strike fighters, ground attack bombers, and all the airborne infantry we can muster.

At H minus 2, we reach go/no go point, as wave one will be reaching enemy airspace. "Go" will be signaled by command "unleash the artistic rage". If the "go" command is not received, all forces shall assume mission abort and return to base.

If the "go" command is sent, the bombers will fire at major inland targets (the article-of-the-day, ongoing events, and on-this-day articles) as well as anti-aircraft positions. Simultaneously we will begin direct-fire naval bombardment of major coastal targets, chiefly the main page. Submarine forces should be at launching depth awaiting orders to strike at targets of opportunity. Wave one bombers should return to base; wave one refueling tankers and escort fighters should loiter over international waters to support wave two.

At H-hour, air waves two and three will enter enemy territory. Wave 2 will proceed to major infrastructure - the community portal, help desk, and local embassy - and begin en-masse bombing. Wave 3 will strike at threats to the main marine invasion, and at enemy supply lines (Featured Picture, etc.). This will direct their attention away from our true concentration of forces.

A H plus thirty minutes, we begin the initial marine assault, consisting of infantry and light armor. Naval bombardment will walk inland at a rate of 10 meters/minute, except where this would put fire on positions seized by the paras. Heavy armor and additional forces will deploy wherever we make breakthrough first - this is expected by H plus six.

Casualties will be high but tolerable for the achievement of this goal. In the event no breakthrough is made by D plus 1, marine forces should withdraw as able.
Watch this space
17th Dec 2015, 12:15 AM #49
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I am a spy.

Wikipedia > Comic Fury
17th Dec 2015, 12:27 AM #50

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I am confused (and a bit tired)

Are you a spy for CF or for Wiki?
If you're for Wiki then... Well I just hope they have better agents
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17th Dec 2015, 9:01 AM #51
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Bolderousness:I am a spy.

Wikipedia > Comic Fury
Suddenly, all the demeaning comments make sense.
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22nd Dec 2015, 10:32 AM #52
birthday congratulator
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C'mon people now,
smile on your brother~
"UHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh. . .", 6th Jan 2016, 3:51 PM #53

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Shouldn't we wage war on smackjeeves instead?
6th Jan 2016, 11:42 PM #54
family life
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