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10th Jun 2016, 6:49 AM #21

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I usually start my character creation with a central theme, or rather the core of the character. However sometimes a character just pops into my head when I see something interesting, or when I'm just thinking of random things. Other times I just think of names and imagine what kind of person or creature would be called this.

Here's a rundown of what I do during Character Creation:

1. When I think of a character, I usually think of what do they embody, or represent, or what they are fighting for. Ex. Fire, Justice, Hope.
2. Then I chose a personality that either fits well with the first step or goes agaisnt it. Ex. A pyrokinetic superhero who has an energetic personality, or a careful and cautious individual with the ability to break the speed of sound.
3. Then I start to design how the character looks, their race, their body type, and what clothes they wear based on what role they fit into. Ex. Cryokinetic superhero? I'll give him spiky light blue hair and a figure skater type costume with ice armor on it. Different situations, personalities, origin stories, and where/when/how they get their costumes/armor/clothes also affect my costume choices.
4. Then I'll give them their color scheme. This mostly depends on what story their going to be in is about, and their own personalities. Ex. A bright color scheme for a story with a lighter tone, and a more saturated or darker color scheme for a story with a darker tone. Characters with lighter color schemes in a darker story, and vice versa are also things I consider.
5. And finally I give them their real name, and nickname/superhero name/codename. Ex. My Character Tom is all about fighting the good fight and doing what's right, so I gave him the name Battle Boy. One of my friends asked me to come up with names for a team of villains he made based on the six senses; the one based on touch could mimic elements when he comes into contact with them. I named him Compound Chameleon.

I'll post a few pictures of my concept art later.
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10th Jun 2016, 7:28 PM #22

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It's not the best method but a method, I guess...
Usually I just think about what kind of person I want in my head and just rough sketch them out. I don't... really do a skeletal? I just draw what's in my head and onto the paper, and bam. Sometimes, if it's a difficult pose, I will look at a reference. But usually for character design, nah. I'll just add and subtract as needed!

In the example below, since the main character, Ashley, has to transform into a girl to use his powers, I tried my mest to make him look like his twin sister, Ashleigh, but also have his own individual qualities as well, so he's not a carbon copy. He's a guy, so he's a little less elegant even in female form, and his body type is different. He's more athletic, so he's got a more athletic body, while his sister's much more curvaeous. She's a girly-girl who isn't very active, either. She does enough to keep a decent figure. I'll draw some simple clothes on them (but still something they'd actually wear/choose). Last, I'll try coloring them a little and make a palatte to use whenever I do colored drawings, so it's all consistent.


I also do little bio pages. I try to have a very basic idea of their character, but as the story progresses, I let them develop naturally on their own. And if I find out something about them (like, okay, I didn't realize you were alergic to almonds), I'll add it into their bio page so I'll remember later and can look back on it!

It's kind of all over the place, method wise, but that's as good as I got!
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