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"2017 Crossover Exchange IN LOVE 3!!!", 7th Jan 2017, 10:26 AM #1

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HAY GUYZZ! It's that time of year again!

That's right... it's almost Valentine's Day! There is only one thing I look forward to for V-day and it's the Valentine's Day crossover exchange right here on ComicFury <333

The concept is JUST as it sounds: a CROSSOVER EXCHANGE! That's Valentine's Day themed :D. You will be randomly assigned a comic to READ and then draw a crossover fan art for, and you will receive one too!

The rules are simple:
1. This is a Crossover so there must be at least one of your characters and at least one from the comic you are randomly assigned
2. Must be V-day themed! (Could be a date, double date, blind date disaster, hate V-day party, arts and crafts-- the list goes on!)
3. Be NICE and respectful to one another and each other's comics!
4. Please don't sign up if you're too busy to do your part! I understand that things do come up tho, please just let me know as soon as possible and there will be no hard feelings ^_^
5. Do not post the pictures here! PM them to me please

Signups begin now and will end on Wednesday January 11th (I know that's not a lot of time-- spread the word to your friends if you think they'd want to participate! I'll be sure to bump the thread every day). Sign up with your comic's title and flag if it has any!

I will send out assignments NO LATER than 1/14 (but knowing me probably sooner :P)

IF YOU'D LIKE A CHARACTER TO BE IN THE COVER IMAGE please submit a full body character with a transparent background to me by 1/31 (I plan to have the cover image up on the first day of February)

PIECES are DUE FEBRUARY 12th-- so backup artists have a couple days to pick up the slack!

Also let me know the flags you'd like to avoid! And to prevent me accidentally assigning the same comic to you as before also let me know what other comics you've done crossovers with!

Any volunteers for the avatar, banner, or site?

I will give a personal shout out to you guys and a link to your comics at the beginning of the exchange!


SO! to recap:

** SIGNUPS END 1/11/17
** PIECES ARE DUE 2/12/17
**EXCHANGE STARTS 2/14/17 12 am sharp!
(California time :P)

**If you would like to BE a back up artist, and you should know I always take care of my back up artists <3, let me know when you sign up!**
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7th Jan 2017, 10:30 AM #2

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Yay! Thanks again for putting this together, Serpy! (and at such late hours!)

I'll sign up with PA, which is flagged for violence and language, but it is very mildly so.

*EDIT* Sorry, I have been paired with Mint Chocolate Chip and Plastic Bullets Mayhem before, and all the other ones you're familiar with.
7th Jan 2017, 10:34 AM #3

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I am joining with Re:Set! Flagged V! and L! I am fine with both flags as well.

I think I did Arkian, The Restless Dead and Shino-bo San recently.
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7th Jan 2017, 10:40 AM #4
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In with Serpamia Flare :D no flags here~

I'm good with anything ^3^*
7th Jan 2017, 10:48 AM #5
JC Webcomics

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Yes! I'll be signing up with The Strangest Coven. It has the V flag, and I'm fine with any flags.

I've previously done exchanges for Cryptida and CurseQuest.

Thanks HeSerpenty for organising this!
The Strangest Coven will resume updates on 15 January 2018. Updates alternate Mondays
7th Jan 2017, 10:58 AM #6

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I'm gonna make time for this, I don't care what you try to throw at me, life!!!

Signing up with From Dust To Ruination, with V! for Very Sweet and Innocent XD I'm cool with anything.

Can't confirm the backup part as of today but we'll see come final week :D
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7th Jan 2017, 11:04 AM #7

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Seriously. I will! My comic is flagged with...everything except Violence, BUT there is no nudity in it yet and there won't be before Val's Day, so don't worry about that. The Language and Sexual Content flags are very slim (except the title, but only if you speak French). I added them more as a precaution than a "must-have". I'm fine with any flags. I haven't done any crossovers yet.

I volunteer my comic Merde and Mayhem! Link is in the banner. I will give you a transparent character, just give me a bit o' time. ;)
Updates daily; Sundays in color; profile picture courtesy of the amazing Vincethestick.
7th Jan 2017, 11:04 AM #8
Birb is the Worb
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Yay! Oh man I'm so exited for the next exchange!

I'd like to sign up with The Back o' Beyond. 0w0 it has the V! flag.

I've done a lot of exchanges, so I'm gonna say I'm up for any comic and any flags. Oh, and put me down as a backup.
7th Jan 2017, 11:26 AM #9
yeah i got a usertitle. don't really care though
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Signing up with stumble!
Its got no flags, don't want any assigned either.
I did a crossover with Victory recently.
DudeDude:Ah, now there's some classic Second Necrophiliac antics, right there.
7th Jan 2017, 11:32 AM #10
Literal Lazer Lady
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Aw yeah, exchanges! I'm in :3

Signing up with Consolers as always, it has V and L flags and I'm ok with any flags

I've drawn for:
Autumn Bay
Waste of Time
The Friendly Wilderness
Telly Savants
The Restless Dead
Loaf and Pals
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7th Jan 2017, 11:36 AM #11
formerly Saari
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Twin Lights is up for a challenge :)
As for now it's very audience friendly, and I guess I'm okay with everything?
7th Jan 2017, 11:40 AM #12
Mel Cormac
formerly thewotartmonkey
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Yay, I'd like to sign up with Waste Of Time, it has flags L! and S!

I'm fine with any flags.

I've previously done exchanges for Catihorn, Karabear Comics Presents Special, Electric Princess Miho, War Planet, The Restless Dead, and Datachasers.
7th Jan 2017, 11:48 AM #13
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Oh!! This sounds so fun!!
I'm signing up with Rowin Redd. It has no flags.
I've done exchanges with the back'o'beyond and power strings with this comic. I'm okay with any flags other than S!
7th Jan 2017, 11:52 AM #14
The Letter M

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I'll sign up with Inferno. It has some swearing. I'm fine with all flags.

7th Jan 2017, 12:23 PM #15

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I sent Ariane Eldar into this. (She's straight, so she should have a male date.) TOBT contains some mild NSFW moments.

Flags: I have no problem with nuditity or if she's involved in sexual actions, as long as it fits her character. (No details here, but I can answer questions about that in PM.

7th Jan 2017, 12:44 PM #16
Chippewa Ghost
Spooky scary
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I'd like in on this... gives me an excuse to build that Cast page I've been slacking on.

My comic will be Valkyries (first banner below) with V, L , and S. I am good with any flags.
7th Jan 2017, 1:52 PM #17
Old school
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Kaza's Mate Gwenna is in of course. It's flagged N! and I'll take all flags.

Plus I'll be available for backups.

The List? Oh...

Thomas & Zachary
Holding Pattern
Serpents of Old
Karabear Comics Presents
7th Jan 2017, 2:08 PM #18
The Letter M

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Whoever gets to do twin lights will have a hell of a time.

7th Jan 2017, 2:37 PM #19
Fabian W.
it feels so good
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I sign up with Cryptida (link in the banner)!

My flags: V, L, and I am OK with receiving all flags.

I have so far done exchange comics for:
The Secrets of the Afterlife
Ethernal Knights
jenffer's show the new stories of miss j and jen
Karabear Comics Unlimited
Autumn Bay
7th Jan 2017, 2:44 PM #20
cruel map sap
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Location: Champlain College, Burlington, VT
Stilldown:P.S. Is there any mail adress where I can send my files? PM only allows links to url,. but no attachements.

The easiest way's to upload your image to Imgur.

I'd like to sign up, but I don't know if my comic's acceptable (link in the sig, you'll see why).

EDIT: If so, there aren't any flags (but I've been debating adding the vulgarity flag) and I'm fine with any flags.
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