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"2017 ComicFury Secret Bunny Exchange", 16th Feb 2017, 7:01 PM #1

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I've decided to host this one this year, which I hope works out well. I'll use an altered version of what HeSerpenty used for the Valentine's Day Exchange for the rest of this message (because, some laziness):

The concept is JUST as it sounds: a FAN ART EXCHANGE! That's Easter themed :D. You will be randomly assigned a comic to READ and then draw a fan art for, and you will receive one too!

The rules are simple:
1. Must be Easter themed! (Could be looking for eggs, having hidden references to your own comic, and so on!)
2. Be NICE and respectful to one another and each other's comics!
3. Please don't sign up if you're too busy to do your part! I understand that things do come up tho, please just let me know as soon as possible and there will be no hard feelings ^_^
4. Do not post the pictures here! PM them to me please

Signups begin now and will end on Saturday March 11th (I know that's not a lot of time-- spread the word to your friends if you think they'd want to participate! I'll try to bump the thread if it's falling out of the first page). Sign up with your comic's title and flag if it has any!

I will send out assignments NO LATER than 3/16

IF YOU'D LIKE A CHARACTER TO BE IN THE COVER IMAGE, let's have a discussion about it. Feel free to make an image with transparent background for it, but if anyone volunteers to create the background, I would appreciate it (it's not my strong suit).

PIECES are DUE APRIL 14TH-- so backup artists have a couple days to pick up the slack!

Also let me know the flags you'd like to avoid! And to prevent me accidentally assigning the same comic to you as before also let me know what other comics you've done crossovers with!

Any volunteers for the cover, avatar, banner, or site?

I will try to give a personal shout out to you guys and a link to your comics at the beginning of the exchange!


SO! to recap:

** SIGNUPS END 3/11/17
** PIECES ARE DUE 4/14/17
**EXCHANGE STARTS 4/16/17 12 am sharp!
(California time :P)

**If you would like to BE a back up artist, let me know when you sign up!**
16th Feb 2017, 7:35 PM #2

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I'll do it! But I have a question: In the Valentine's Day exchange I drew one of my characters interacting with the character of the comic to which I was assigned. Is that what we're doing in this one, too? Thanks! I'll be able to send you a character for the cover image as well.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot: my flags are L! and S! I personally am fine with any flag.
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16th Feb 2017, 8:09 PM #3
formerly Meekrat
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Is there a minimum number of comics we need to participate? Also, I'm using ComicFury as a mirror so I have another site that's a bit further along. Is that okay?

If it is okay, I'm in (I will have 20+ comics by Easter) and my comic is the Green Dove and I'm fine with any flags.
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16th Feb 2017, 8:25 PM #4
Lazer Lady
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Joining with Consolers, it has L and V flags and I'm ok with any flags

I've drawn for:

Autumn Bay
Waste of Time
The Friendly Wilderness
Telly Savants
The Restless Dead
Loaf and Pals
16th Feb 2017, 8:32 PM #5

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Woo hoo! Another exchange, already? Consider me signed up! My comic has no flags, and I'm okay with V! and L! in other people's stuff, so let's do dis thang! I've already done guest strips for:

Consolers, KaraBear Comics, Re:Set, Curse Quest, Cryptida (upcoming) and Autumn Bay,

and my own comic is thus:

Cosmos by Jon Kay
16th Feb 2017, 9:10 PM #6

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heyy so i'd like to be a part of this thing with my totally original nuzlocke comic. i've wanted to do these exchanges for a while, but i've not had the time to do it until now. i'm fine with v and l, and some s
understandable, have a nice day
16th Feb 2017, 9:46 PM #7
Old school
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Kaza's Mate Gwenna is in! It's flagged N!, and I'm good with all flags.

Out of curiosity. Will you be doing this on the regular Exchange site, or will you be setting up something new?
16th Feb 2017, 9:47 PM #8
Birb is the Worb
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Sign me up with the back o' beyond! It has the V! flag, and I'm fine with any flags. I don't mind if I get a comic I've had before, I've done a lot of exchanges.
16th Feb 2017, 9:55 PM #9
JC Webcomics

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Ooo, I can't resist a good exchange! Sign me up with The Strangest Coven. It has the V! flag, and I'm fine with any flags.

I've previously done exchanges for Cryptida, CurseQuest and Heroes in Training.

To note, I'll be out of the country when the exchange goes up, but I'll be sure to get my piece in before I fly out at the end of March.

Also, if there's anything I can help you with regarding the hosting process, feel free to PM me (although there are people with far more experience I'm sure you could also approach!)
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"I'll DO IT!!", 16th Feb 2017, 10:13 PM #10

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I had fun with the X-mas one, but missed the Valentine's, so, I am more than happy to kick in with 2 of my comics:

image, which, at present houses my chibified bio comic!


image, my supervillain themed comic!

They are flagged with the L! and the V!L!N!, respectively, but, I don't mind if anyone goes beyond them.
16th Feb 2017, 10:55 PM #11
formerly ProRevo128
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Sign me up! My comic is Just Another Day, and it has no flags! I am fine with V! L! and a little bit S!

I've done exchanges for:

The Strangest Coven

EDIT: My comic now has the V! flag.
16th Feb 2017, 11:21 PM #12
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I volunteer as tribute with Those Days So Long Ago, and is has V!L!&S!, though the V! & S! doesn't comepletely show up until later, though hinted at.

I am fine with all flags.
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17th Feb 2017, 5:12 AM #13

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I'd like to join with Is It Our Bones?! It has V!, L!, and N! flags and I'm fine with any flags myself. I've only done one exchange before and that was with Serpents of Old.
17th Feb 2017, 5:22 AM #14

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Not joining this one (yet, but idk), but, you might wanna change the OP, since it says the exchange is themed around valentines day
17th Feb 2017, 5:31 AM #15

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I never done this before. So I like to give it a shot. This will be my first exchange.

My comic: Dealing with Life
Flags: None. And for the exchange, it has to be with others that doesn't include any of the flags. However, if you go with violence, make it PG.
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17th Feb 2017, 6:49 AM #16
Dry Soil
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I have yet to miss an exchange, I don't mean to miss this.

Signing up with Autumn Bay, of course. :)

Flags: V! and L!

I am fine with any flags (though there are a couple of caveats if you include nudity - under the spoiler).

In the past year and a half or so, I have done exchanges for:

School of Ragdoll
Twilight Trust
Jennfer's Show
Karabear Comics Presents Special
War Planet
The Secrets of the Afterlife
Hoodz and Capers
I Want a Drink
Waste of Time
Wonderland Hates You!
From Dust to Ruination

(If you NEED to put me down for one of them, that's fine, but I would prefer to do ones I haven't done...)

Thank you, Shasta, for running this!
17th Feb 2017, 1:35 PM #17
BluRaven C. Houvener

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I'll throw my hat into this! I've been digging doing art exchanges lately!
I use all the Flags for It's Just another day in case a sensitive person stumbles across it, however there has yet to be full frontal nudity, or graphic violence. Just swearing for the most part. I'm cool with any tags myself!
17th Feb 2017, 3:57 PM #18
Lt. Dom
Victim of Generosity
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would it be possible for me to sign up as a back up artist?
17th Feb 2017, 4:54 PM #19
Fabian W.
it feels so good
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I am in with Cryptida! (Link in the banner.)

My flags: V, L, and I am OK with receiving all flags.

I have so far done exchange comics for:
The Secrets of the Afterlife
Ethernal Knights
jenffer's show the new stories of miss j and jen
Karabear Comics Unlimited
Autumn Bay
18th Feb 2017, 3:45 PM #20

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CNM1654: This isn't necessarily a crossover exchange, but nothing says you can't do that.

Podgor: Only sign up with the amount of comics you feel you can reasonably do--you'd be doing as many pieces as you have comics submitted (for instance, I always go with two of my comics and therefore do two pieces of art). And as for mirrors, the mirror site is fine. Going back to me again, I have one comic that I always link to an offsite page for, so that's fine, too.

Jay042: I want to do it on the regular exchange site, if I can have access to it. If not, I may make a new one or use the old one (that was used for Secret Santa 2013), as I do have access to that one.

TheMario360: Whoops! Thanks, I fixed it.

Domship: Definitely!
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