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"Anyone ever had their comic printed?", 20th Apr 2017, 10:53 PM #1
Dave Schmidt

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Just wondered if anyone's every had their comics printed and what it cost. Once I have enough story told in Recovery that it makes sense, I'd like to have printed editions. If you've done this, what did it cost and where did you go? Has anyone ever gone to someone like Image for this kind of thing? Are there reasons you've NOT do it? Thanks.

20th Apr 2017, 11:41 PM #2

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All my stuff is self-publish so far, I use a printer call Gemini International who are printers in Dublin. I usually get a couple hundred of my comics which cost 200-300 euros. That usually mean to print a book, that costing me 2-3 euros, I sell those at a tenner a book (just my graphic novel, my anthology and issue comics cost less obviously) and I easily make a profit. I sell at conventions, in comic shops and online.
Way back in 2015 I pitched Fate to Image, heheheheh, I was so young, never got a response.
21st Apr 2017, 1:23 AM #3
formerly Luna Silverfawn
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I've Just Self Published Fun Times, My Comic on here. I Self Published using a Site Called and since it's Print On Demand it's completely free. Their Printing Process is Environmentally Friendly and the type of Paper they use helps Saves Trees. They Print High Quality Books.

When you buy your own Books to take to Cons, Sell Online, etc you get a Author Discount. I'd like to buy enough Copies of my Book at some Point to take to Cons and Sell in my Online Arts and Craft Shop. Check them out! :)
21st Apr 2017, 3:28 AM #4
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Yes, I have. It was for a college project, though. The class was Interdisciplinary Computer Art, and you could do anything for assignments. The assignment in question was to come up with a story using old photos from the back of the classroom.

The story in my comic takes place after a nuke hit. A dog begins his search for his owner. He comes across Coyote, who has started to believe that all humans are evil, and asks the dog to prove otherwise. After a while of wandering, the dog enters a bar and comes across a young woman who was blinded by the flash. After she realizes her blindness, she goes into a panic, before the dog places his head on her lap, which calms her down. The dog decides to help lead her as a seeing-eye dog. The story is to be continued...

I only printed a single copy from the print shop at the local Staples, so I reckon each page would be about a dollar or so.
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21st Apr 2017, 10:16 AM #5

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LunaSkye:I've Just Self Published Fun Times, My Comic on here. I Self Published using a Site Called and since it's Print On Demand it's completely free.

Well, the completely free option means that your book will only be for sale in's online store. If you want a wider online distribution (Amazon, etc.) you have to buy a copy yourself and approve it. You do get an author discount though.

A 100-page B&W book only costs the author around $5 a copy, although a color version of the same book has an author discount of over $25 a copy.

While I haven't used them for putting out comics, sells downloadable pdfs, but they apparently have a publish option, as well, so I assume someone could buy print comics thru them.
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21st Apr 2017, 2:26 PM #6
Never Scared
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I printed two issues of an old comic I did using Ka-Blam. Issues are sold though Indie Planet. It's print on demand and cheap. Good quality too.
Never sold any but then I wasn't really a good salesman.
21st Apr 2017, 6:50 PM #7
Lee M

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It would be awesome, though the nudity and sex would give some of them a limited market. Unfortunately a lot of Ed's pages now only exist as web-sized jpegs. For Tumblr I've upscaled them a bit with waifu2x, but they're probably not suitable for printing.
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21st Apr 2017, 7:23 PM #8
JM Matthews

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I print and (self) publish word books and comic books in floppy one shot and trade paperback form all the time, by the dozen just about. I don't do it to sell books, I just believe if you're going to draw pages of your own comics, you may as well go all out and print them up into published works as well.

It's not too much. The more dense and fat the book is, the more it costs.

I also use Lulu. They're pretty reliable. I've had some print errors, but it was often because I didn't edit my manuscript closely enough, but then again I've got hundreds, if not thousands of pages to go through, so a few are bound to get misprinted. Overall though, Lulu does a good job. Lulu doesn't charge you upfront. The only time they cost money is when you have to buy copies of your own book. That's normally how they make most of their money.

Be Forewarned though, if your goal is to make money, you're better off going with Kindle ebooks. Print books cost more on Amazon and Lulu, and retailers overpricing traditional print books can be discouraging to consumers. People are much less intimidated by ebooks.
21st Apr 2017, 7:42 PM #9

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I have my first book printed on (Link here)) I sell it "at cost", meaning I don't want/get a profit. But you can adjust the price to whatever you want. The book is 115 pages and all black and white, which makes it very cheap. I will say though, if you haven't picked a size yet, do so now! I always wanted to see my stuff in print, so I designed all my pages ahead of time to fit their US Digest size. It makes it very easy!

If you want to see a pic of their print quality, you can do so here.

Let me know if you have specific questions!
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