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"is being both a peace maker and a seeker or starter of fights seem ironic?", 13th Mar 2018, 11:25 PM #1

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I just realized something .So I used a character generator to help me with character ideas and i got a character that's a peacemaker but a person who seeks/starts fights. is that ironic?

though, perhaps this happens either by accident, result of frustrations, or he may be narcissistic. leaning towards the former in some ways.
14th Mar 2018, 12:03 AM #2

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Sure, I can see a character like that. In fact, I can come up with one example off the top of my head:

Goku ends conflicts. He doesn't kill people if he can help it, and pretty much all of his main rivals ended up becoming his friends.

Yet he also punches anything that moves. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku resurrected an ancient demon because he couldn't say no to a fight. In Dragon Ball Super, Goku begs people to fight him constantly, including asking a god to set up a tournament just so he could fight more people.

Thus, he is both a peacemaker and a seeker/starter of fights.
14th Mar 2018, 12:27 AM #3
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There are many ways to make a character who has both of those traits.

- A person who is the peacemaker within a friend group, but doesn't trust strangers
- Someone who secretly start fights so that they can end them and get credit for deescalating the situation
- A peaceful person who accidentally pisses everyone off
- A violent person who accidentally helps everyone out
- They're a mediator in some official sense, but their personality gets in the way of doing their job correctly
14th Mar 2018, 10:15 AM #4

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khkddn:- A peaceful person who accidentally pisses everyone off

Story of my life.
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14th Mar 2018, 10:29 AM #5

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Not at all, and here's why:

Characters who are peacemakers need conflict to achieve purpose. We've all probably met people like this, actually, because they tend to be passive aggressive. The sort of person who is so subtle about starting a conflict that they may even be convinced of themselves that they aren't doing it intentionally, but will then seek to be the supposed voice of reason and end the conflict.

People who start fights just to be the one to end them. And of course you have the more aggressive sort--the men that tend to live in poorer, trashier parts of town and have a chip on their shoulder will do the same thing. My parents grew up in an area like this, where the men would start fights just to attain some victory in their lives. It wouldn't always work out in their favor, of course, but the idea is the same. Being able to both instigate and eradicate conflict is a part of a God complex.
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Alternately, you could have a geniune and sucessful peacemaker whose success hacks off someone else -- you end the war and now the arms dealers want your head.
14th Mar 2018, 8:43 PM #7

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The people in PETA could qualify as this. They are trying to do good (protect animals from cruelty), but are more than willing to fight.

(Please don't let this thread turn into an anti/pro PETA thread, you get the idea.)
14th Mar 2018, 9:01 PM #8
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ooh yeah, now that i think about it i have at least one character like this (it's a danganronpa oc lmao)
he's kind of impulsive and likes to fight people (in just a few sessions of RP he's already punched one classmate and pinned another to the floor)
but he's actually a really sensible person when he's not totally pissed, and tends to be the one to neutralize the bigger problems in the story

basically he might start fights that don't mean much, but he cares a lot about people and their safety (beyond a few bruises' worth) and is great at solving problems when it matters
14th Mar 2018, 10:18 PM #9

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I believe so it is paradoxical and therefore kinda confusing but it is entirely possible. A class I'm in kinda references something close to this. So teach says there's passive, agressive, assertive, passive aggression. And that's it well that doesn't make sense to me. If I can be passively aggressive then that also means I can be aggressively passive. Just as easily as a I can one can be assertive you can say whether they are assertive passively or assertive aggressively. For aggression again aggressively passive or aggressively assertive.

The mindsets may be rare but not uncommon

He could be the guy that organizes fights. He doesn't want people dead but realizes people like to fight so sets up matches that are equal.

He could be a highly trained solider who hasn't seen combat in decades because he was apart of founding peace but the itch remains.

You could flip it have a guy who just likes to fight like crazy end up hurting or killing a close friend and is traumatized. So he spends the rest of his life trying to quell the anger in others hearts while endlessly battling his own.

Ironic maybe but the story gets substance by how you weave it
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