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"When and how did you think of your comic?", 8th May 2018, 4:34 AM #1
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As the title says.

This thread was necroed and since it seemed to generate some interest, I figured I'd make a replacement for anyone who saw the thread, and doesn't like a tease
8th May 2018, 4:53 AM #2
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it was a lot of hubabalo and confused screaming, I mean I enjoyed that particular brand of confused screaming because it got me somewhere, though I had to try like 3 times already, each time I did, my comic got a little bit more sensical.
8th May 2018, 5:08 AM #3
yesterday, you said junoro
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So I dreamed about a blue guy covered in coral and in a fish tank who was talking to a scientist lady. Then he climbed out of the tank and a blue lady with blue hair grabbed him by the neck and choked him out.

Basically I decided there must have been a good reason this blue guy was getting throttled, so I made Cadeyrn 'Caddy Sixes' Szixillos, a horrible disaster of a protagonist with pretty great abs, and the story kind of buit itself up from there!
8th May 2018, 5:09 AM #4

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The above (Smittle's post) sounds kind of similar to most of my (usually unsuccessful) creations. Though the current major project, FFIX Gaiden, came about through an obsessive love for a certain game and a certain character for said certain game. The idea of making a comic came much later, but the story kinda just... happened.
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8th May 2018, 5:12 AM #5
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It's around 7:48 am. I think of a joke, likely stolen from Garfield. I draw stick figures to act it out. My friends tell me to name the stick figures, and I do. I continue to steal jokes from Garfield for the next eight years, and from this form ideas for an R-rated thriller romance. A couple more years pass and it becomes a happier comic about ghosts.
8th May 2018, 5:13 AM #6

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It all happened when I was looking back on Warframe 101 sometime in early 2016 after I had finished it and thought "hey, I could do this with all the games I love", and by "do this" I mean take experiences I had playing video games with friends and parody them. That's how I thought of the current version of my comic at least. Anyway, I never thought it would end up having the super deep lore and really dark undertones that it does now... Man, my comic is dumb
8th May 2018, 5:52 AM #7
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in 9th grade i discovered Homestar Runner and wanted to make goofy characters like the ones in those cartoons, so i drew a guy on my german notes with a sad face and three fangs. a few days later, i drew him some friends. i was so determined to animate these characters and their wacky shenanigans.

9 years later they're all a bunch of sad adults and their shenanigans are considerably less wacky. nowadays their shenanigans are cruel and tragic. ~evil shenanigans~

8th May 2018, 7:25 AM #8
noticed 🐈
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The Art of Monsters came about from me thinking about writing a "reverse Pygmalion story", and then having to work out what that meant.

Breaking the Lore came about after I read a folk story about fairy ointment in a book which I liked, but which didn't make a lot of sense from a character motivation point of view (like a lot of fairy stories!) I thought it would be fun to write my own version. I remember thinking about it a lot walking to and from my office everyday as a postgrad.

The Trapper Lad I'm honestly not sure about the origins of, I grew up in a former mining community and I think the ideas had been floating around in my head for years. I was unemployed when I was writing it and a bit down in the dumps, so I was returning to a familiar setting. I remember that originally it was much more of a fantasy story, with a real creature that lived in the mines.

By the time Earth in a Pocket came about I was gainfully employed and visiting a loooot of museums. Earth in a Pocket is using ideas that I've been playing around with for years. Particularly these funny jellyfish creatures which have been a staple of my doodling for as long as I can remember! At one point I was really set on it being about Important Historical Objects. I took a sketchpad to the British Museum for ideas, and about half way through the day I suddenly thought, "all these things are beautiful but special, if you really want to represent humanity with objects it should be the random stuff people carry around in their pockets."

The other comic I'm working on right now but which might be a long time coming is (currently...) called the Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit, and it came about after my Dad casually said "It's strange there are no Christmas Carol sequels considering how often it gets adapted," and I went CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
8th May 2018, 9:25 AM #9

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Once upon a time, the only thing I ever drew was fanart of stuff I liked. Especially Dragon Ball. Lots of Dragon Ball. In fact, I still do that. Don't tell anyone.

Well, at one point I thought: I should make original characters and stories of my own. So my 16-year-old self did what any angsty lonely teenager would - create the most cringeworthy "deep bond" between two characters.

It's embarrassing to look back on now; my two protagonists are supposed to be genuine friends with nothing romantic or sexual or anything going on between them, but the way I wrote and drew them, it seemed as if they were constantly flirting with or obsessing over each other.

Great job, me. You made your own characters act out-of-character. @_@

But all's well that ends well; over 10 years of revision and maturing later, I like to think I've written their current iterations in a much more realistic, wholesome way.
The comic itself is not in color. New page every Tuesday!
8th May 2018, 9:32 AM #10
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khkddn:It's around 7:48 am. I think of a joke, likely stolen from Garfield. I draw stick figures to act it out. My friends tell me to name the stick figures, and I do. I continue to steal jokes from Garfield for the next eight years, and from this form ideas for an R-rated thriller romance. A couple more years pass and it becomes a happier comic about ghosts.

Bwuh?... o_O I hope you know this means there must be at least 2 lasagnas eaten, per chapter, now.
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8th May 2018, 10:39 AM #11

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I remember this quite well.
When I was 16 years old, I had just finished reading Bittersweet Candy Bowl, and I was so impressed by it, I wanted to learn how to draw just so I could make my comic.

Early concepts was based heavily on the comic, so it took time for me to make it different. I also made a friend along the way who helped me with the writing and fleshing out the characters. I owe it a lot to her, and she's also a partner in the comic!

5 years learning how to draw and one reboot later, here it is!


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8th May 2018, 10:41 AM #12
not the one who meowed (?)
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Thanks to my middle-school friends having me draw their OC's all the time, I designed a new one of my own (who wasn't an animal, for once). She was the personification of a "black daisy". An antagonist who wasn't truly evil, but still feisty and obnoxious. She picked fights with other characters I liked. A shy straight-laced kid like me got a real kick from drawing her. Soon, she received the Yang to her Yin, Sikue, the "white rose".

Very little planning went into the story they started; it was all about giving them a world to wander in and an adventure to be discovered. Tatsuma was in-denial that she wasn't actually evil. This is also when I made Yokiro. From there, the story kept getting built up, like stacking a tower of lego blocks, and eventually I finally started doing a little more planning regarding the actual plot, but boy it's a silly mess, haha. It was completed in highschool and I love/hate it. More ideas for changes and content kept nagging at me, so here I am, remaking it.

This thread prompted me to dig through my old sketchbook and I found their very first drawings! Ancient artifacts!

Also found a drawing with an actual date. Not only were they made in 2005, but my younger self had the patience to draw EVERY SINGLE BLADE OF GRASS and this is upsetting for some reason
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8th May 2018, 1:07 PM #13
got away with it
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Here's the story of how INYF was created.

- I have a group of friends I roleplay with
- I have five different OCs I use in these roleplays
- Over the next little while our roleplay circle falls apart.
- I have nothing to do with my OCs I'm actually kind of proud of now
- I create a comic so I have something to do with my OCs
8th May 2018, 4:14 PM #14

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I think I first thought of my main webcomic hero Sherpa when I was in Middleschool, and it was winter time, and I was all bundled up, so I was thinking of some winter superhero that was all bundled up.

As the years passed, I kept tweaking with what I could do or what I wanted the comic to be about.
8th May 2018, 4:38 PM #15

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It all started with a Drawpile session with a friend and one of their friends. We were talking about the Telltale Walking Dead games, particularly the first one, in which

So then my friend got the idea to combine that with Wander Over Yonder, and drew a story where Wander got his arm eaten by zombies and had to be put down because, well, zombies, and then he was in heaven waiting for Sylvia, and eventually she joined him and they were happy forever and I CRIED LIKE A BABY because dangit, Wander and Sylvia love each other SO MUCH and they deserve to be always together, and Wander's such a sweet precious adorable little fluffball, and...

Anyway, I started thinking "hmm... what if Wander lost an arm and DIDN'T die?" and also about how out of all the characters I've seen that lost limbs, I didn't get to see much of them learning how to adapt to that (closest I can think of is Fullmetal Alchemist, and even then the majority of the story takes place after Ed's already gotten used to his condition).

Also this whole thing came about right around when we found out about WOY's unjust cancellation, in like March 2016. So, although it can never replace the third season that was supposed to happen, another purpose of the comic is an effort to fill at least some of the void.
9th May 2018, 6:42 PM #16

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While listening to music from Deemo and Cytus, one line from the song Myosotis stood out to me:

"Bye-bye, my doleful aria."

The term "doleful aria" sounded like a really good title, and given I have a very bad habit of coming up with vague concepts on the spot from just a title like that, I decided to roll with it and see what I could come up with. Now I'm working on the script, and there is indeed a character by the name of Aria in the story.
10th May 2018, 7:06 PM #17

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When I was about 12 I had some ideas for an action/adventure platform game. It took me a while to realize what games inspired the gameplay ideas: Pokemon's types and battles, Wario Land 4's color themed environments and bosses, and Megaman Zero's fast-paced boss fights. I'm not sure how, but gradually the idea turned into something that I thought would be cool as an anime or other tv-series. I started doodling some very simple concept art, mostly characters. Eventually I decided I wanted to make it as a comic, but it was already years later before I even had very basic comic skills. Not too long ago I finally started because I felt like I had to start at some point and that it wouldn't matter if I didn't have amazing skills from the start. I also still want to make the actual game someday.
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10th May 2018, 7:58 PM #18

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I just ripped off Yu Yu Hakusho at first lol (i will die for that show)

but then I was playing the horror land board on Mario Party 2 and I realized just how much I love spooky cartoons, so I took out every YYH-y thing except for four main characters and their dynamic (kinda).

this was also when i was in 10th grade and we were learning about ancient rome and stuff, and a lot of it really stuck with me. So I was like. ok. lets add some batshit royalty and a military coup and a resistance movement.

because an overly saturated spooky cartoon about royalty with shonen undertones is like my dream story HAHA

the Royal Intrigue™ and drama has amped up since I started watching Game of Thrones (why, oh why was I 7 years late to the GoT party??)
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10th May 2018, 8:35 PM #19
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I didn't think about it at all. I just got one day vision of this woman with cybertic arm and word "The Metallic" come into my mind. I drew it and began to wonder what's her story.

Four years later I created first chapter...
10th May 2018, 8:42 PM #20

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Location: Minnesota, USA was way back around 2008 or 2009 or so... I used to always carry a sketchbook around with me to places and a lot of times I drew these random characters that represented certain things I liked. One was for toys, one for video games, another movies, etc, etc... Basically I'd do quick drawings of them making jokes about some current event stuff in these various things. Like ripping on Michael Bay's Transformers movies, or Hasbro's bad decisions with character selection in a toyline, Konami screwing up because Konami is Konami and all that...

I briefly attempted then to make a full comic focusing on these characters in a more webcomic style format that I very briefly posted on deviantART because I did not know where else to really post the pages.


After a few comics, I lost motivation to continue and didn't attempt again until around 2014 when I revisited the comic, but then tweaked a number of things from the title to the cast to the concepts and so on... It was still pretty rough in the beginning as I never really had done full on comic page work in a long time.

But here we are in 2018, and still somehow going. O_o


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