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"NOT deleting?", 16th May 2018, 9:17 PM #1

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Guys I got on here and hyped up my comic a lot after working my ass off for months to write it and at page 44 I was so freakin burnt out that I got an art block and sort of loss interest but I worked so hard to write it that I never really considered myself to have quit and five to six months later I was able to make five more pages with the energy to continue. I had five subs and only lost one over that six months. Maybe rebooting or restarting with a new idea is not always a better option than just taking a long well deserved break.f
17th May 2018, 1:37 AM #2

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I think you should stop and take a break. If you do want to start a new webcomic again when you come back, I suggest you take a look at the popular webcomics and study why they became popular.

Otherwise, you'll end up in the exact same situation with your new webcomic.
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