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"Waiting for Rejection", 12th Jul 2018, 6:26 PM #1
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I occasionally submit to publishers of varying levels of officialness, and the wait always kills me. As submissions go, it usually ends in rejection (if the company sends out rejection at all rather than just letting you eventually assume it) and the wait is always worse than the rejection
My other submitters, how do you survive the wait? What keeps your mind off it?
12th Jul 2018, 6:38 PM #2

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I face this a lot too, but what I do is that I keep making good art and I keep writing. Many of the greatest writers faced tons of rejection before getting their first "yes". To keep your mind off it is to keep approving yourself. Let "I am good at what I do and people love what I do" be your mantra. After all, approval starts with yourself.
12th Jul 2018, 6:51 PM #3

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Oh, I know your pain. From novel submissions. I wish I had great advice for you, though. I really liked your subject line... and I think that's how I deal with it. In other words, just assume that no response is coming and that your part/concern is done. Then move on to other projects, or video games, know, your regular routine. Not saying it's at all easy to not think about it, but as we know doing so will make you nuts. But thinking of it as a done activity seems best to me.
15th Jul 2018, 7:02 AM #4

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I usually throw more footballs in the air.
The more 'chances' one has at success, the less important each one is.

A high number of shots at the goal is a key to scoring more points. lol

I like the assume no answer - it keeps you from waiting in place and standing still.
15th Jul 2018, 4:22 PM #5
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i prefer to just throw my work at people and then forget about it. if they respond, cool. at least they looked at it. if they don't respond, whatever, there's loads more people out there who will.

forgetting about it is nice, especially when it's a good response. then it's a fun surprise.
15th Jul 2018, 6:18 PM #6
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I tend to send my work to as many people as I can at once, then begin working on something else completely for a while, focusing my mind away from the replies. If I get a bunch of rejections (or no reply at all) in the next three or so months, I edit the work I sent, and send it to a bunch of other places. It's not a flawless system since I still feel anxious, but it's the best method I know of.
16th Jul 2018, 4:43 AM #7

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I dive into my work, is what I do. Busy myself with other things to get my mind off the wait, make productive use of that wait. I work on other comics and commissions, I keep writing, drawing, reading, scouting for URL's, site hosts, and shooting the shit with other comic creators.

Just keep in mind that each rejection you receive gets you 1 step closer to being hired. I've taught myself this, and my rejections feel less like a blow and more like "okay good that's out of the way". I hope that helps!
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