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"Ubertrouble...", 4 days ago, 7:42 PM #1

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I'm in a predicament at the moment: My tablet's been off for 2 days (unable to charge...)
And... this house's losing power, so even if my tablet was working, I might not be able to post...

So... I'll need outside help to continue my comic, or at very least fix it! While I'm unable to upload more strips as I want... I can at least ask for help, right?

I was recently informed that chapters 2 through 15(?) are too big to load up on many screens, so I planned on re-uploading after finishing the 2nd arc. But, I have no way to do it at the moment I'm typing this... So I'm begging for someone who CAN see the pages, to shrink the strips?

Is there anyone I can trust to download and shrink the pages to Maximum ComicFury suggestion size(s), and re-upload them? (ONLY THE PAGES THAT DON'T APPEAR CLEARLY ON SCREEN!!!!) Or should I do this myself?...

(I'm very wary about asking this, if it's better to handle it myself: please give me a idea on how to do this myself? Keep in my mind: Money's TIGHT!)
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mouth blood
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you can also do this with html (tho resizing with html is poorer quality than using a program to resize) by adding

(or whatever size you want the pages to be instead of 900px) to your CSS on the HTML editor.

it's a quicker fix but not the best quality one and also your site is still loading big images when it doesn't need to. but yeah it's a way around the problem. I use max-width:100% to make sure my pages don't break any screens.
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3 days ago, 12:07 AM #3

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Here's a fast, free way to resize the images on your PC without having to pay money (given that you have Windows on your system):
You can then reupload the images on your own.

Would that be an option for you?
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