Since I love music and own a lot of CDs, vinyl records and cassettes for my age I've decided to treat myself to some high quality stereo equipment that should keep me occupied through to 2030 or so (when I'll be about 30). Due to my budget I'm trying to keep under £1000 and I've read and also feel from my listening experience that the best mass produced home audio playback equipment was typically produced between the mid-70s and mid-90s. As a result I've bought some items made between the late 70s and early 90s that have either been refurbished (which means they should work well for another 10-20 years) or are in very good working condition. I've chosen to go with decent Technics stuff since I've heard a number of their higher end devices from this era and they've all sounded extremely good, better than 90% or so of new audio equipment being used today and allowing me to hear the full audio quality, and their devices are also widely regarded as being very solid and long lasting by most people. Here are the items I bought:

*Internally refurbished Technics SL-1800 MK1 turntable from 1977 (it's known to sound slightly better than the 1200 MK1 and very similar to the 1200 MK2 which was used by most DJs in the 80s/90s and some audiophiles in the late 70s/early 80s before the release of the CD). Sadly the old brittle lid got damaged in transit although it doesn't affect sound quality on this model and the eBay seller kindly said he'd offer me a compatible lid for a low price when/if he comes across one

*Technics SL-PG460A CD deck from 1994 with remote in full working condition (while many 1980s CD players still work fine and sound much the same to early-mid 90s models, they're often incompatible with some CDs released since the late 90s but I've used several CD players of this age and all of them have played every release I've tested from the last 20 years without any issue)

*Technics RS-BX4040 cassette deck from c.1992 in full working condition(this is actually an extremely similar model to my broken mechanism 1989 Technics cassette deck but with a better digital display and a couple of additional control functions)

*Technics ST-X880L FM/AM deck from the late 1980s in full working condition (I know it's not DAB but it cost only £15, and British DAB is very compressed since it was an early adopter in the mid 90s)

The turntable cost about £350 but has been refurbished, and demand is very high for old Technics turntables because of their high quality. A refurbished SL-1200 MK2 typically costs £600+ and the SL-1800 MK1 sounds extremely similar, and a brand new turntable of the same quality would cost me over £1000 so that would be out of my price range. A Rega P2 or similar high-end belt drive typically sells for slightly less and can in theory sound even better but unlike the Technics is of a lower build quality, prone to interference in somewhere like my tech-filled bedroom and is more prone to wow and flutter. All in all the "bundle" that I've ordered from different sellers comes to just under £500 and should (at least the turntable, which accounts for about 3/4 what I paid) last me a decade or more.

My amp is still a low-stage failing Rotel from 1988 and I'm planning to get a new one (or possibly old refurbished) before Christmas, but I'm extremely pleased with this new equipment I've bought and I decided that it would be better than spending £5000 on a modern day equivalent stereo setup. I have no current plans to replace my 2004 speakers though since they give very good sound quality for their smallish size.

It's a little weird that I've always been more satisfied by the audio quality of old stuff than new stuff - audio technology is the one main electronic thing that hasn't really improved in the past 30-40 years.
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