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"Voiceclaims for Your Comic Characters", 9th Oct 2018, 3:45 AM #1
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
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Hey guys! This is something I've been thinking about for while; do you guys have voiceclaims for your characters?

By "voiceclaim," I'm talking about, like, an existing character/actor/youtuber/podcaster/etc. whose voice is the kind of voice you'd imagine your own character to have, or the closest it can get. I guess you can also call it a "headcanon voice/actor/cast."

For example, I've been thinking about the voiceclaims for my own characters, and then ones I'm pretty confident about are:

-Merlow: Griffin McElroy (with an Irish accent)
-Nocturne: Cecil Baldwin
-Sven: Jack Black

Have you guys thought about this for your own comic's characters? Or am I just a complete dork for thinking about it.
9th Oct 2018, 4:16 AM #2

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The only one I've really put any real thought into is Cahe being voiced by Travis McElroy.

If I had to put a finger on the voice I hear when I do Mizuki's dialogue it would be... Tara Clancy, I guess? At least that general sort of accent and tone of voice.

Someone once suggested Gynu and Suzigu looked kind of like Arin Hanson and Suzy Berhow. And that's funny enough where I guess they work for those voices.
And I guess that means Danny Sexbang is Electric Zebra? Though personally, I'd peg him as more of a Jemaine Clement.

Oh and get Danny Devito in for Mr. Enetoro please.
9th Oct 2018, 4:20 AM #3
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In the past, I've said maybe Greg Cipes as George, and Josh Keaton as Phil, but after thinking about it...I think they'd work better reversed. For Liz, I said Tara Strong, because I think she could pull off her excitable phases as well as her moody ones. And y'know, you've gotta have Tara Strong in there somewhere.
9th Oct 2018, 4:51 AM #4
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I've actually never thought about what my characters would sound like. The only one I assosiate with any voice would be the golem with Niki Yang, the voice of BMO from Adventure Time, mostly because that character's design was one of the inspirations for them. Also it's a cute voice and I like it.
9th Oct 2018, 5:32 AM #5
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Caddy sounds like a mix between Bakugo from MHA and ...this guy from The Wallflower.

9th Oct 2018, 5:47 AM #6
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snuffysam:Oh and get Danny Devito in for Mr. Enetoro please.

Oh lawdy lawdy. Gonna have to read his dialogue in that voice, from now on XD


I can imagine their voices clearly, but it's really hard to find good examples!
I thought I had some when I was younger, but going back and listening to them, they don't sound right (why is anime voice acting so awkward and over-the-top about everything?)

Tatsuma's was kinda like Colleen Clinkenbeard's voice when she plays young boys, like Luffy or Gohan (English dubs)

For Yokiro, it was VERY LOOSELY like Jason Spisak's. Make that a teensy bit deeper/ older sounding. And the similarity is only there when he's talking softly or screaming. Otherwise, the voice is way off and he sounds too arrogant, spunky, or confidant. :\
(EDIT: Maybe that crossed with Johnny Yong Bosch's...Now I wanna rewatch Trigun)

I got nobody for Sikue's. All I can show you is that she has a very airy inflection in her voice like Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movies; not that voice or accent. Just the inflection and tone.
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9th Oct 2018, 11:23 AM #7
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Hah, oh my gosh, that is exactly the kind of voice I've been imagining Tatsuma with. Like, exactly.


Nate sounds like one of the singers from Days n' Daze crossed with Prussia's Japanese voice (Hetalia.) But with a strong west country accent. Basically highish pitched, but gravelly.

Seb would sound sorta like a much Britisher version of L from Death Note, more or less.

This is pretty much exactly The Captain's voice, the accent is even right.

Another character sounds like this.

But there are still a bunch I can't find voices for. I can't find anything as annoying sounding as Blue Finlay :c

Still thinking on my interpetations of S&S character voices.
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9th Oct 2018, 12:13 PM #8

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Well, I always pictured Jack Black as Mr. Hyde and Andrew Lincoln voicing Dr. Jekyll. And Poole would be Scott Wilson all the way.
9th Oct 2018, 1:55 PM #9
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I've never really found voiceclaims for my characters, it's hard enough finding faceclaims when I can see what the character looks like right there!

I know what accents my characters have, but absolutely no idea how to start looking into finding someone even with that accent let alone everything else. I'm really impressed with you all knowing even one of your characters voice claims let alone multiple!!!
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9th Oct 2018, 2:31 PM #10
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I usually don't have definite voice claims for most of my characters, but just the other day I introduced a side character that I do have one for! The "trustworthy" owner of the antique shop sounds just like German voice actor Michael Pan! (Voice samples can be found in the link under "2 Hörproben")

Also, when I wrote the first appearance of Timmy III, I was thinking about Agent Smith's awesome monologues from the Matrix movies, so obviously he should sound like Hugo Weaving. Though I admit that I had more the voice of the German dub in mind, wherein the voice actor is Hans Jürgen Wolf. (Here is a video with both the dub and Weaving's original voice back to back.)
9th Oct 2018, 4:32 PM #11

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Ace voiced by Bruce Campbell would be awsome. Abby voiced by Karen Gillan.


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9th Oct 2018, 4:58 PM #12

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If I had my choice-
Annie would be voiced by Lacey Chabert
Tabitha by Jennifer Hale
And Lucy by Mae Whitman

(I could list more, but that's probably enough)
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10th Oct 2018, 11:33 PM #13

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I have ideas for what I picture a number of my cast would sound like, but at least three of them (Charlotte, Allison, Sheryl) have Southern U.S. accents, and so I'd have to know if some of the VAs I had in mind could do convincing (or at least okay) attempts at the accents.

11th Oct 2018, 1:19 AM #14

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So envious of the imagination of you people. When I read, I hear everything in my terrible, boring regular nerd voice.
11th Oct 2018, 1:28 AM #15
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Lightfoot:If I had my choice-
Annie would be voiced by Lacey Chabert

...and then Mila Kunis, once Chabert inevitably got too busy to keep doing it.
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11th Oct 2018, 1:39 AM #16
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I haven't thought of it for the Spider Pizza cast, but I do have a few names for Today's Client. The ones I'm most certain about are Yuri Lowenthal as Sik, Misty Lee as Robin, and Kaiji Tang as Lyle and Moose.

Yes, they're all from Fire Emblem. Don't judge me.
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11th Oct 2018, 4:52 AM #17
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i write all of James' dialogue in the voice of Greg Ellis for some reason, but it's starting to become interchangeable with Harry Haddon-Paton.
11th Oct 2018, 5:50 AM #18
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Rhodes is 100% Rob Paulsen when he played Raph on the original TMNT cartoon. There’s nobody else. It HAS to be him.
As for the rest of the cast so far? I dunno. I’ve imagined specific voices for my characters for YEARS, but I don’t have a voice actor picked out for em.

Dempsey’s voice is high-pitched, raspy, and loud. It’s a bit nasal-sounding. He has a strong cowboy-ish accent that is local to where he grew up. Ronnie Howard on “Happy Days” with a Southern accent is pretty much the closest match out there.

Gideon is...weird. He’s another character who speaks in an accent, but it’s not pinned to any specific region. It’s like Greek mixed with Egyptian and German. He has a deep voice since he’s around 7 feet tall, but it’s prone to wildly fluctuating in pitch if he gets upset or excited. He has a high-pitched giggly laugh. I can’t find one single person out there whose voice matches the one I’ve imagined for him.

There’s another character who hasn’t been introduced yet, but he is 1000000% Kurtwood Smith playing Clarence Boddicker in the original “Robocop.”
11th Oct 2018, 8:13 AM #19

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I realized one day that Floyd sounds like Jack McBrayer.
Recently my sweetie and I realized that Charlie sounds like Trent from Daria
Those are the only two I know for sure.
My sweetie does the voice of Talbot, which is sort of an extended wavering voice crack.
Darkfang has a low, gravelly sound.
Burgermeister Basil is British, though I've no specifics in terms of person/actor or region.
The others haven't 'come' to me yet.

On the whole I don't really like picking/using celebrities. Let's give the ump-thousand other actors a chance, darn it! Sometimes that can be a celebrity, however (such as Floyd). Only 'rule' for me: whoever perfectly matches, regardless. But no "forcing" a celebrity match just for the sake of having a celebrity in it.
11th Oct 2018, 1:04 PM #20

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i'm one of the few who doesn't have a "true" comic of my own but lemme take my crack at it.

for battle beetles:

- tzu (a beetle girl who's a massive weeb)- could be voiced by venus terzo or maybe tara strong? maybe Luci Christian. again voice claims aren't my thing.

- Hayata (katana wielding kabutomushi) - guy who voiced hanzo from overwatch or Eric Bauza.

- rob lee (a once human who turned into a beetle)- Andrew Francis, hands down.

- herc - Fred Tatasciore...cliche but that was what i was envisioning.
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