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"What webcomics do you like the most", 11th Oct 2018, 6:47 PM #1

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I love manga that has excellent action and powerful and entriging character designs. Ones im big on right now are baki the grappler, hajimi no ippo, and One Piece *in fact careful observers will notice the influence in my own art*

I noticed that the more popular comics here are comedies and slice of life comics, not that im complaining because action comics get more than thier fair share of love, but I have an abundance of ideas in store, and now im now curious....

What type of comics do you guys enjoy? Do you enjoy heartwrenching dramas? Comedy? Or do you just favor comics that are flexible and can do everything at once.

Also, what artstyles do you guys enjoy the most, cartoony and unique? Some type of realism?
11th Oct 2018, 7:38 PM #2

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To be very honest, I'm open to anything though I love cute slice of life comics and pretty much anything uplifting. That and I always love it when the comic has a deep plot.
12th Oct 2018, 5:44 AM #3

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I noticed that the more popular comics here are comedies and slice of life comics

That's really interesting that you feel this way! I get this vibe on Tapastic a lot but here on CF I felt like the more long form story type comics thrive a lot more than other sites.

I personally really enjoy fantasy---any style of fantasy, it doesn't have to be elves and dragons n stuff haha. I just like fiction, you know? Cuz real life sucks! Just kidding haha But to be honest I sub ANY type of comic I consider well done and so I have a little bit of everything in my subscription list!

As far as art style I typically don't get too interested in hyper realistic art styles or too "Looney tune" type styles. Even tho I like the Looney Tunes XDD. I'm just sayin! I generally go for stories that have a good balance of silly and serious and so too much silly isn't as interesting...and same with too much serious. Gotta have that balance!
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12th Oct 2018, 6:33 AM #4
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I don't really have a genre preference, tbh. My preferences are more on the characters.
Story wise, I just want a happy, hopeful ending! not completely sappy where they "all live happily ever after :)" but I cant get myself to sit through sad and hopeless stories :( I understand they're important stories to tell and some people like them, but not me! So if a story seems like it won't be happy... I stop reading it :/

I personally really like a lot of art styles, but generally things that are... kind of similar to my own. I feel like that seems kind of weird, but I draw this way cause I like how it looks!
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Forum > Webcomic & Art discussion > What webcomics do you like the most
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