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"How would your OCs react to a petty criminal trying to rob them?", 9 days ago, 5:25 AM #1

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Not even with a gun, like a pathetic, scrawny criminal using a plastic knife.

In fact, he isnt even adult, like a small kid.

Not even a kid, like this guy


Merged Doublepost:

Ill go first.

Tsokaka: HAHA, dude what are you doing, go home.

Baxton: You think you have nothing to lose? You will be remorseful of what you have lost if you dont drop your knife and walk away.
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Aleks would just...kind of watch,check his surroundings to see if it isn't some distraction tactic where Actual Trouble may be lurking, then ask where the hell his parents are. He'd give the kid some money if he ascertained there was no threat. His brother Viktor on the other hand would go straight into "where the hell are your parents". Hes doomed to get jumped, man.
9 days ago, 5:31 AM #3

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Very methodical. Thats for the best, to be prepaired for any possibility.
9 days ago, 5:35 AM #4
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Lionel would break his arms and maybe his legs.
Henry would arrest him, he's a cop.
Call would pull out a knife and his knife would probably be twice the length of the poor guy's knife.
Faust would pull out a gun and stare him down then give him a lecture.
Jacques would laugh and then flick him in the nuts and go about his day.
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9 days ago, 5:49 AM #5

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Aw hell you edited it to be an adult haha

Well then if it was a scrawny adult,

Aleks is still very hypervigilant and risk averse in general, he basically will never start fights, but he will call bluffs and when someone touches him he will end the fight very decisively and forcefully. So his reaction would be 90% the same (check surroundings), , but in place of "where are your parents", he would either hit him with "No fuck you" and keep moving (Just CHAD RIGHT PAST HIM MAN) or acquiese depending on if this dude had any confidence or it looked like it is really 2 on one or worse. Fights are unpredictable even with spindly people, and there is nothing in his wallet that he can't replace or get/make a counterfeit replacement.

Viktor by contrast doesn't really have the same level of street smarts, he's more academic and wise to cons and not fights, so he probably would stand on "No fuck off" and try to keep his wallet. He's 6' and physically fit though so he's not a pushover. Just... Comparatively naive.

Daniel would be like NO U, all "Give me YOUR money" and shove him so he could buy a second to snap out his knife and then scare him off. Under no circumstance would he hand over his money..

Not introduced yet but
9 days ago, 5:52 AM #6

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Throw dice at them and knock them out. That's how Alvery dishes out justice, baby!
9 days ago, 6:35 AM #7
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"Hey buddy, you want a job?"
9 days ago, 6:41 AM #8

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My characters were police officers. I think you'll know what happens next.
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9 days ago, 6:57 AM #9
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Merlow would attempt to befriend the robber.

Diana would feign terror, but has survival tricks up her sleeve that would make short work of him (which will be revealed this chapter ehehe).

Nocturne would intensely stare the robber down from below his glasses with his creepy eyes until he backed off.

Sven would knock him the hell out and wax poetic on how crime never pays.

Feliks would distract him with magic and then high-tail it outta there.
9 days ago, 7:25 AM #10
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If Kathryn was in a bad mood, she'd punch him so hard he was knocked unconscious, heal him so she wouldn't have caused any brain swelling or other damage, and then she'd just walk away and leave him unconscious on the sidewalk.

On a better day she'd buy him a meal, and then during the meal she'd try to steer him in a better direction, possibly by offering him a job at her skyscraper. It's a big building, there's always work and lodging available.
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9 days ago, 7:57 AM #11
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Ahab would point out she obviously owns almost nothing and then monologue aloud with herself about this kid's dubious life choices until he's embarrassed or ashamed enough to leave.

Nell would chuckle, assuming it was a ridiculous prank.

Mallory would inform him that sometimes people mysteriously wake up inside of dumpsters and then retch a cloud of spiders on him for good measure.

Bali would use her gift of the Song to discourage his low key hostility. She'd probably ask what in the world he's trying to accomplish.

Karolina might roll her eyes after a bit of confusion and keep walking. "Shovel beats plastic knife... just go away, kid."
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9 days ago, 8:06 AM #13
What a guy!
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Jack: Frenzied Murder

Hugh: Holds onto the thief and calls for his friends to ask what to do about it
9 days ago, 8:09 AM #14

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Candy is a taaad bit aggressive so her first reaction would be to get him in a hold. She'd just talk him out of it while threatening to break his arm.
"Oh you're just a kid. You know you shouldn't point knives at people, what if you got hurt?" *while unaware she's slowly putting more pressure on his arm*

Berry would ask if he wants to take a seat like he's been rehearsing. Then wake up and ask why he's holding a butter knife.
"Hand over the cash!"
"Oh uh, sorry, this isn't a bank.. um;;;"
Just unaware he is being robbed.

Aunt Key would swat him away with a magazine like a fly.

Winnie would literally kick him out and Walter would call Winnie to kick him out lol
9 days ago, 10:08 AM #15

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Daniel would just scoff and walk away. If the criminal kept trying he'd probably push him away.

Marco and Amelia would drop kick him.

Kat would just run away as fast as she can haha.


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9 days ago, 11:43 AM #16
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Sean would probably laugh it off and say "do I look like I have money?"

Crystal would hold her purse closer and keep walking nervously with an eye on the robber.

Nigel would just tell him to get lost. He ain't time for petty conflict.

Michelle would probably get scared and start screaming for help, lol.

Jade would just pick him up and throw him in the nearest trash can.

Onyx would shrug and push him out of the way..

Erik would say "Hey kid, you look hungry. Here's 10 bucks to feed your family tonight. Stealing is wrong, just so you know..."

Alinski would punch him in the face, then call his thugs who would then beat him to a pulp.
9 days ago, 12:18 PM #17
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Well, one of my OCs, Harper, is a feared crime boss in her city, so she'd probably just clobber them over the head with a Japanese Peace Lilly
It's safe to say that petty criminal would need a visit to the hospital.
Her brother Sebastian, on the other hand, would try to run away.
9 days ago, 12:23 PM #18
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Beyond characters:

Most of the characters are pirates and mean, so they'd probably either kill him, or mess him up pretty bad. The Captain would either kill him or decide he likes those guts and force him to join the crew.

The Quartermaster would either intimidate him into getting lost, or also force him to join.

Sawbones would talk him down, then try to mother him lol

Seb would probably glare at him and keep walking.

Nate would be a bit bewildered, then either shove him backwards or laugh and tell him to get lost.

Silk and Sword characters:

Jehan would definitely adopt him.

Genevieve would use her wits to get away.

Eshya would run because they are five.

Mesne would intidmidate him until he ran way, she's fought way more scary people than that.

Alain would be very confused but keep walking. He's 8 feet tall, this guy wouldn't be a threat.

Knives: You call that a knive? *pulls out his own, very numerous knives to scare him off.*
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9 days ago, 12:33 PM #19
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Never try to rob the guy who has power over your presence on the ship and your extracurricular activities.

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9 days ago, 2:04 PM #20

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I think in Jekyll's case, he would just hand his money over, but warn him that Hyde would come for him later. If the criminal was bold enough to go after Hyde, he would soon realise he put his foot in it because anyone who tries to take something from Hyde, get mopped all over the floor by him.
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