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11 days ago, 2:25 PM #21
the only safe place is the top shelf
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Tarik would be an even match to the scrawny criminal, there would be a 50/50 chance of either one winning the fight.

Peter on the other hand can get surprisingly violent when push comes to shove...

Mirabell would sic Amadeus the Chupacabra on him - gruesome mauling ensues!

Sören has a friggin' harpoon, so trying to rob him is not advisable! (And even without a weapon, he is quite strong.)

Wildebees even has several weapons at her disposal, (and a military background on top of that) - so robbing her would not at all be advisable either!

Captain Camilla is a pirate - try to rob her, and you'll be the one who gets looted!
11 days ago, 3:47 PM #22

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MissElaney:Aw hell you edited it to be an adult haha

Well then if it was a scrawny adult,

Aleks is still very hypervigilant and risk averse in general, he basically will never start fights, but he will call bluffs and when someone touches him he will end the fight very decisively and forcefully. So his reaction would be 90% the same (check surroundings), , but in place of "where are your parents", he would either hit him with "No fuck you" and keep moving (Just CHAD RIGHT PAST HIM MAN) or acquiese depending on if this dude had any confidence or it looked like it is really 2 on one or worse. Fights are unpredictable even with spindly people, and there is nothing in his wallet that he can't replace or get/make a counterfeit replacement.

Viktor by contrast doesn't really have the same level of street smarts, he's more academic and wise to cons and not fights, so he probably would stand on "No fuck off" and try to keep his wallet. He's 6' and physically fit though so he's not a pushover. Just... Comparatively naive.

Daniel would be like NO U, all "Give me YOUR money" and shove him so he could buy a second to snap out his knife and then scare him off. Under no circumstance would he hand over his money..

Not introduced yet but

Haha, they sound dangerous. It surprised me for a bit that their reaction would be quite diffrent if the villian is an adult, but then I realized, kids who rob someone twice thier size probably dont know what they are doing, dont they?
11 days ago, 3:50 PM #23

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Oh good, another one! Let's see

Sarah Deathdagger: freezes criminal in place with ice spell "Why are you robbing me, poor one? You should join our revolution against the powers-that-be, and then you'd never NEED to rob again!"

Rebecca Deathdagger: hands criminal a dagger "Here. You can do more than just rob with this. You're no good to the revolution unarmed."

Castor the Faithful: gives bag of coins to robber "You need this more than I do, it seems."

Ernesta Guerrera: hands criminal a chicken leg "Try getting some muscle mass before robbing me next time, weakling!"

Leona Trotter
: casts a crippling pain spell on the robber "Calm down, and THEN maybe I'll help you."

General Acero: knocks criminal out of the way with shield "Hmph! The revolution has no place for class traitors!" proceeds to get yelled at by Sarah Deathdagger for forgetting the purpose of said revolution.

Princess Morgenstern: violently stabs criminal with sword: "NEVER come near royalty again, worm!"

Grand Vizier Blutsauger: smiling wickedly "Oh, you poor neglected soul, you must HATE the world so much. Tell me more about your hatred, and I can help you..."

Father Pandulce: forces criminal away with holy spell "The Luminous Eye will forgive you, but I will not."

Arcknight Bedenken: effortlessly restrains criminal "Sigh...right this way, citizen. We'll get you a nice hot meal in jail."

Valric Bearfist: viciously mauls robber to death while in bear form "NOTHING is more vile than a thief!"

Anheltd Dorados: non-chalantly decapitates criminal "Degenerates get what is coming to them."

Roger Li: "Brother, please! There's no need to rob ME, not when vile femoids are out there, plotting to oppress US!"

Jack Grimbley "Ah, quit goofing around and come with me back to the tavern! I'LL get you a nice meal and ale!"

Marcus Gongpo "YOU DARE ASSAIL A NECROMANCER?!" pulls down hood "...because if you need some spare money, I'd be happy to help."

Shikala restrains criminal with vine spell "Calm yourself, poor one. We can help you."

Jamal Ravenstep phases out of material existence to appear behind criminal "I can help you defeat the poverty that plagues you. DON'T make this difficult."

Isiah Shadefury no-sells criminal's attacks "Hey, stop tickling me! If you want to join our revolution, all you gotta do is ask."
11 days ago, 3:52 PM #24

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Caley Tibbittz Collopy:If Kathryn was in a bad mood, she'd punch him so hard he was knocked unconscious, heal him so she wouldn't have caused any brain swelling or other damage, and then she'd just walk away and leave him unconscious on the sidewalk.

On a better day she'd buy him a meal, and then during the meal she'd try to steer him in a better direction, possibly by offering him a job at her skyscraper. It's a big building, there's always work and lodging available.

This was hilarious, so it would end as a worst case scenerio or a best case scenerio for the robber entirely depending on Kathryns mood.
11 days ago, 4:03 PM #25

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11 days ago, 4:07 PM #26

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if I could give prizes to comicfury responeses, this would get the highest of honors.
11 days ago, 4:16 PM #27
will die on Dec 14th 2021, 3:25 PM
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Crap I can’t top this!!

Night would most likely laugh her ass off and walk away even if the dude persisted. Not worth her time.
Makenshi would try to be friends and put him on a better path.
Akio would do the same as his sister but add a cruel insult cause he’s a jackass.
Iz would probably hit him upside the head and give a stern lecture about a criminal lifestyle. If he didn’t listen and still tried to rob her she’d set him on fire. It’s her solution for everything.
Vergil would just try to rob him back.


Alastor WOULD try to fight him. And he’d lose.
Yep. He’d lose.
11 days ago, 4:24 PM #28

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I think most of my OCs would just strike him quickly to teach him a lesson, like punching him in the face.

The exceptions would be:

Bo (being a tiny fox, he’d have to leap up and bite him)
May (she’s a fire-user who doesn’t want to hurt people so she’d try and talk him out of it, maybe give him some money if he promises to be nice)
Xavierella (kills him and uses his body for a demon, like she does with everyone)

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11 days ago, 4:51 PM #29
got away with it
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Carol: How could you POSSIBLY rob someone so beautiful? *She then poses and tries to seduce him out of the robbery*
Susan: *pathetically weak kick* You better get out of here unless you want more of those!
Monica: I never thought I'd have to use THIS! *Pulls out a flamethrower and points it at him. She doesn't know how to use it so she won't, she'll just point it at you and hope you run away*
Dana runs away crying and screaming for Natalie.
Natalie calls the police like an actual responsible person
11 days ago, 5:28 PM #30

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Somewhat like this:
11 days ago, 6:03 PM #31

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In Polaris, Axel and Ash both have the mentality of petty criminals so it boils down to a matter of whether they or the robbers are smarter. Neither Ash nor Axel are aces at what they do and there will always be someone somewhere better than they are at the game they play. This applies to the cerebral con game which is supposed to be their specialty. As far as robbing in the more violent sense (as in armed robbery), neither Axel nor Ash are physical action oriented characters and they certainly don't carry weapons as a rule. So they're likely to try to defend themselves successfully using whatever unarmed combat skills they know. And that's if they're having a good day. As in the real world, most petty criminals aren't martial arts experts either so they are likely to be on equal standing. Typical real world street fights aren't about kicking the other dudes ass with choreographed stylistic moves. They will be essentially a race to knock the other person down and have enough time to run away as fast as possible.
11 days ago, 6:14 PM #32
Lee Lines

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Fantomah would shrink him to fit in his own gun, then fire him point blank into the nearest gas tank!
11 days ago, 7:09 PM #33
voted to be eaten first
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Jonah (Peregrine out of uniform): As to not attract too much attention, he'd first call the robber's bluff, and then if he persists, he'd just knock him over with a quick foot sweep.
Peregrine (in uniform): He'd disarm the robber and tie him up for the authorities.
Maxine: She always carries some pepper spray around her for situations like these.
Rebecca: She'd have to co-operate, but she'd give him a decoy wallet.
Wolfhardt: A little police brutality would be in order.

Uib's Legacy: Odyssey of the Daybreak:
Fionnuala: She'd kick the tar out of the robber... and steal his money to teach him a lesson about respect.
Niall: First, he'd say something that would take the robber off-guard, and leave since there's no threat. However, if Fionnuala saw this, she'd take care of the robber for him.
Scoloti: Scoloti would distract the robber and pick his pocket out of kleptomania and leave. If Fionnuala saw Scoloti being robbed, she'd attack the robber before he'd have the chance.
Niamh: She'd just flee.
Flann: Most of the time, he's in werewolf form, so he'd laugh at him and detain him.
Rusnug & Xedogis (not introduced yet): Huge mistake to try to rob an orc. Let's leave it at that.
Karonwit: First of all, he'd be offended since he's wearing war-paint to try to dispel anyone from attacking him. Second, he'd hit him with the old pocket sand and leave.
Anastasia (not introduced yet): She'd just completely ignore the robber until he gave up. If there was an actual threat, however, she'd do some magic to temporarily blind the robber and escape.
"LOL!", 11 days ago, 9:47 PM #34

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mightguy15:Not even with a gun, like a pathetic, scrawny criminal using a plastic knife.

In fact, he isnt even adult, like a small kid.

Not even a kid, like this guy


This'll be funny!!

Lite: Oi, wot the hell you doin'? *nudge or slaps away*

Azura: Unfortunately for you, my friends aren't here to save you... *severely injures criminal*

Shin: What? A thug, huh? *does a sleeper-hit* People think they can do anything these days...

Empath: Ah, I knew you were coming... *gives them $2-$5* There you go, my friend!
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8 days ago, 12:05 PM #35
not the one who meowed (?)
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(LOL, this prompt)
Short answer:

Free buttons for clicking | Be honest
4 days ago, 1:24 AM #36
likes your new haircut
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Oh man. So my main protags are all professional thieves, so this will be uh, interesting. So, individual situations for each of the main protags!

Scrawny dude: "This i-is a holdup! Gimme your wallet!"

Felix: *Holding scrawny dude's wallet, laughing with tears in his eyes* "So, how many broken bones are you after tonight?"

Claire: *Scolds him like she's the dude's mother*

Ulryk: "Can I borrow that plastic knife? I need'ta cut this ham sandwich."

Didrik: *Shuffling past* "S-so, um, I'm guessing you're new to being a, uh, thief? Y-you might want some better quality e-equipment. Not trying to be rude o-or anything...please don't hit me" *runs*

Talia: *Stabs him repeatedly with his own knife*

Pedro: *Picks him up by the head, puts him down on the other side of him* "You're trying to adventure a little above your level there, friend. Start smaller. Literally."

Etienne: *Walks past him, ignoring him whilst reading*

Diego: *Turns into his dinosaur form, licking his lips whilst staring right into the dude's eyes* "Boo"

Johan: "Sorry kid, we aren't taking applications from minors. Or idiots while we're at it. Maybe try the local primary school, you could learn a thing or two from those guys. But then again, they're a vicious bunch. Not sure you'll be cut out for that, heh."
4 days ago, 9:47 AM #37

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Really, trying to rob trained gunslingers and a sneaky professional?
4 days ago, 10:26 AM #38

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This is a very brave skinny person
Today, 5:29 AM #39
Mr. Awesome

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*Looks around* " serious?" And if the dude kept persisting, he'd just clock 'em in the jaw

*Dully stares at them* "Don't try it"

"You're joking, right?"

Dr. Madd:
*Proceeds to don his armor and blasts the guy through a building because he smelt funny*
Today, 5:43 AM #40

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Bluemist/Evan Go home. (Walks away).
Sunstrike/Kat Wha—PFFFT BWAHAHAHAHAAA (laughs so hard she cries, the thief runs away crying for a completely different reason)
Kairo Really bro? (Scoffs)
Derek Are you kidding me? Even I was better at petty theft at your age

I could do more but I really gotta go to bed Zzzzzzz
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