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"Script/Art/Summary Critique", 9 days ago, 5:26 AM #1
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I've been working on a side project to prevent burn out, and it's finally to the stage where I'm actually starting to draw. The more I can do while the project's still a script and easy to change, the better.

But before I get too deep in, I need help. I would love it if people would be up for
-Looking at the current art style and offering critique (I'm being more painty than usual and I'm scared)
-Edits on my script
-A look at my summary

The project is fantasy/horror/drama/slice of life. I have 2 chapters and some concept art, though if you're up for looking at one chapter, or even just the summary, anything helps. Since I'm not posting it yet, I'd prefer to PM a link to the doc where I have them.

Comment wise, feel free to leave thoughts on the thread here, in PM, or comment on the doc.

(Also thank you to MissElaney for first pass over. I ended up moving that part to later in the script because it felt to syrupy and I think it set the wrong tone to start, but it's not cut, just hiding)
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I think this would be a cool idea as a thread for any comic writers/artists on here. And to answer your thread proper, I'd definitely be interested in taking a look at your stuff tomorrow afternoon. PM me the details and I will get back to you soon. Would probably be easier if you kept everything in a Google Drive or something like that. So you could link it here and people can look at all of your stuff at once in one place.
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Heya, swamp.

I'd love to take a look at what you have. It's only fair, since you gave me a critique (and no, I don't have revenge on the brain, no worries).

PM me that link and I'll certainly give you some feedback. :)
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