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"Out of my depth", 9 days ago, 10:10 AM #1

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by a long way.....

trying to write science stuff for kids and things here. Doing it in comic format seemed like a good idea at the time and now we're too far down the road for me to scream "this is a hell of a lot of drawing!"

I am actually an electron microscopist and the comics are to accompany a project where we get ( UK ) schools sending in water samples that we trap the viruses from, take pictures and upload to Zooniverse for phase 2.

Current goals - learn to draw faces! - Professor Scribble can't only be known from the back of her head, clean the water cooler, draw more squid.

Right now though the main goal is get more coffee

love and hugs

9 days ago, 10:25 AM #2
The Letter M
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Nice comic. Good idea.
9 days ago, 1:45 PM #3

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I think you have a great idea. Comics are very underrated when it comes to being used for educational purposes. They are visual with just the right amount of writing. I think making an educational comic is a beautiful idea.
9 days ago, 2:55 PM #4
Matt Comics
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welcome to CF! sounds like you're discovering a new kind of science... the world of comics! best of luck with this project.
8 days ago, 1:17 AM #5

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That sounds like a pretty neat idea! :)
8 days ago, 2:45 AM #6

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Welcome :D! Coffee is definitely a must, enjoy your stay :)
8 days ago, 4:20 AM #7

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The world definitely needs more scifi stuff for kids. I salute you
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