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"Meal plan/recipe apps", One week ago, 3:53 PM #1

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Do yall use meal plan apps?
Do yall use shopping list apps or other food related apps like delivery apps?
What features do you enjoy and what do you find lacking?

I am designing an app for meal planning/prepping basically and want to collect people's uhh fancies and complaints.

I use instacart for food delivery, intellilist to price shop and plan my orders (I budget for $35 a week for 2, mostly because)35 is the free delivery mark), and sometimes I use Eat This Much to look for recipes because it goes straight to the recipe without a bunch of ads and articles and shit, and it'll keep track of what you have vs what you need to buy. Supercook is also awesome because you can tell it what you have in your fridge and it'll tell you what you can make with that.

Stuff I don't enjoy is that most meal prep apps will either rely on standalone recipe databases or they will try to pair foods and when they do it's like HELLO HUMAN WOULD YOU LIKE A MACA POWDER SMOOTHIE WITH A BUCKET OF CASHEWS AND A SIDE OF PENCIL ERASERS

Instacart will assign multiple contractors to one order sometimes but then you have to rate the order as a whole so if your coworkers do anything wrong then it appears that you will get negatively effected by the broad brush rating system, additionally contract workers can't rate their shoppers so if they get mistreated they have to just deal with it and hope they don't get that customer again.
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Mmmm I should prolly skip advice in this post. My method for shopping is....

"Holy crap, FOOD"

And then wondering why 97 dollars was spent at Walmart
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Lol yeah shit adds up when you don't have a plan.

I really don't like shopping around here.

The smart and final was mostly alright before it got shut down to be replaced by offices (ffffff ugh) but most of the time the produce was hit or miss, and when it was an miss were talking about like brown rotwater pooling in the display from spoiled vegetables...sometimes the meat literally had fungus on it because of piss poor handling and refrigeration, I once had found a 2 Lb tube of ground beef that had swollen up like a balloon...all the liquor and snacks are under lock and key spray paint style because shoplifting rates for those items were through the roof. Despite that, I liked that store because it was a direct walk that wasn't through a bunch of construction and there weren't any violent tweakers.

Then there's Whole Foods.
I don't have any health concerns with them ever but good lord is it overpriced. $7 a pound for split chicken breast, as in chicken breast you have to skin and debone. It's $3 pretty much everywhere else for the same product by a different supplier. So if you go to whole foods it's to pay double price.

"But it's organic, you pay for the quality!"
Yeah, no. "Organic" can mean 10 different things by law, do not trust corporate suppliers to mean 'organic' in the same way you think it means when they have that much wiggle-room, you have no clue of the actual quality of what you're really buying, so no, you can't make the value judgement that you're paying for the quality unless by quality you mean "well hey you pay $7 a pound to be assured that it doesn't have botulism". I can go to Chinatown and pay $2 a pound to be assured it doesn't have botulism.

Also you have to trek through a bunch of construction where this aggressive tweaker lives, and while he's only chased me ONCE for walking past him, it's a lotto ticket I just do not want to buy, and when I see him I just get ready for some wild shit to potentially happen.

Then there's Lucky.
Last time I went to that Lucky it smelled like human feces in the meat section so that's that.

Chinatown however is where it's at! There's a Chinatwn here, there's several Chinatowns in SF, and the Richmond's Chinatown is da fukken best. I would do indecent things to live in The Richmond again (not Richmond), I have never seen prettier produce as I have at Mei Wah.
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For what it's worth, it's my understanding that Trader Joe's is a lot more affordable than Whole Foods.

I went into a Whole Foods once and saw a $300+ block of cheese and went WELP. OKAY. SURE THING.

I wish I had more advice than "try Trader Joes!" but I'm broke and unhealthy and I get crap from 7-11 a lot,,,
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Recipe prep times would be big for me! Along with like... skill levels, I pick what to cook by how long I think I can be on my feet for, so having time as it's own category (prep time, not cook time) is a must. `Time an ingredient will keep would also be rad.

I want calorie info to be on toggle and to make meals as simple and custom as I want. If I have three days where I can only eat applesauce, I don't need my app giving me shit. I know phone. I live here. Just give me a spreadsheet on if I can afford inari.
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My mom tried meal kits for a bit. Now I followed suit since I'm trying a diet. I'm going to try wholesalers to save some dough. Trader Joe's is too far away from me & I've read Whole Foods is pricey. There's not much for me to say since I've never gone hipster on what I eat before. remove skinnyfat
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The best diet hands down IF you value not having to think about anything and making really simple changes is tim ferris's slow carb diet:

Here are the 3 rules:
1. 6 days out of 7, strictly do not consume sugar, that is: no fruit, no dairy, no alcohol, and no obvious sweets. Although alcohol and dairy generally do not taste sweet on consumption, the lactose and alcohol sugars break down into significant enough amount of sugars to interfere with weightloss on this diet. Stevia is acceptable.

2. 6 days out of 7, Strictly do not consume any complex carbs, that is: no pasta, no bread, no flatbreads/tortillas, no potatoes, no root vegetables, no corn or corn-based products. Your source of carbs will be slow-digestible carbs like beans and lentils instead. You can have a tiny bit, like you can have corn salsa with your meal, but no french fries, don't eat sandwich bread, etc.

3. On the 7th day GO FUCKING BUGFUCK and eat whatever you want. You want that bucket of ice cream? 37 apples? Deep fried butter? Are you weirdly worried that you are at some nutritional disadvantage due to not eating fruit this week and just have to have a banana for peace of mind? Do it. Eat 87 bananas.

This means you will be eating vegetables, meats, and legumes/seeds (beans, lentils, hemp seed). These types of foods if you stick to them TL/DR mean that you don't have to carb-count. The 7th day thing is a morale booster/motivator (something to look forward to, something to help this be a sustainable lifestyle long-term) and a means to spike your metabolism so your weight loss plateaus later than sooner.

There's more to slow carb but that's it in short. It is the diet you have to think about the least because you just rule out some food groups. You don't calorie count, you don't ration out what you can eat, you just pick the day you can go eat deep fried snickers bars and binge on jello shots, you be "good" by not eating complex carbs or sugar 6 days out of 7.

Yeees, I want dedicated mealprep stuff. Recipes divided into phases: Here are the prep steps, here are the cooking steps.
I like EatThisMuch's keeping track of what's in your pantry to build grocery lists so I want to replicate that (but make it better, it is redundant and not sensitive to tiny product differences, so if one recipe just says "eggs" and another one HAPPENS to say "organic eggs" or "grade a eggs" or whatever, it'll put every single variant on your list, as a small example, at first it's whatever but if you try to plan in advance as a budgeter would do it gets to be a hassle).

So I have the idea of your phone/account tracking what's in your pantry vs your fridge vs your freezer since lasting-times are different depending on temperature, and recipes being tagged by whether you need a stove, oven, microwave etc. so that people lacking equipment/space just don't get those recipes recommended to them. If only because you'd be surprised what you CAN make despite your lacking.

I also want to have a default price list that you the user can customize to the store(s) you go to but that way if you say your budget is so-many dollars, it's not going to be precise because prices do vary across where you live, but it'll be generally able to tell you things within your price range.

If I get a job that pays me enough I will hire people to do data entry to make this a reality D:

Jesus Christ $300+ for cheese?
I have so many whole foods stories because I do go there, haha. Usually about the customers being ludicrously finicky. They actually do have cheaper stuff than the "value option" stores, it just depends on what it is. Bulk spices, bulk grains, and canned goods that aren't tomatoes. Their tomatoes are expensive. But when it comes to meat, forget it, its twicepriced, and their produce is marked up. Not as bad as Village Market or Berkeley Bowl, but it's steep.

But nah, this grocery store discussion is a side-trip. I'm looking for input on what you would like to see in a food app. Things it definitely will cover are recipes with dedicated attention to meal prep so that you can have DAT TIGHT MISE, and spoilage times. Things it could cover are grocery lists based on what is in your schedule (o u make spagetti, u need doobles) and price-tracking which will hopefully influence the suggestions it gives you if you set a budget, and let you compare which stores you should go to. This week I need these things so I should go to Joe's instead of Target, etc.
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