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"Your Favorite OC", 13 days ago, 7:24 PM #1

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Which of your own OCs is your personal favorite?

Mine has got to be Grand Vizier Blutsauger, one of the primary antagonists from Deathdaggers. He is a vampire, and he is also what is known as a "hate priest", wherein he draws upon people's hatred and anger to fuel his own dark power. When I came up with him, I wanted Blutsauger to be a mix of Jafar from Aladin, Him from the Powerpuff Girls, and Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds. Unlike most of the other villains in Deathdaggers, Blutsauger is 100% pure evil, and revels in all of it.

13 days ago, 7:39 PM #2
mouth blood
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joseph the grubby pink mess
he is
- one of my oldest OCs
- fun to write because he says a lot of nonsensical stuff and does a lot of risky things
- usually dressed in fun outfits
- a con artist with a fake personality
- morally questionable, mostly doing good for selfish reasons
- blonde 90s curtains
13 days ago, 7:59 PM #3

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It has to be the two mains. They remind me a lot of my sister and I in that we have our spats, but we work together very well. I also have a place in my heart for Louis the cockatoo. He’s everything I ever wanted in a pet.
13 days ago, 8:02 PM #4
😽😺Death is upon us😻😸
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Zander's my absolute fave of all time forever but I'm obsessed with Mariel right now

(the eye is on the wrong side in this drawing oops)
They're fun to draw. And there's the teeth, it's little known fact about me but sometimes I like to draw teeth. Mariel is a rude motherfucker, but they have a softer side when it comes to other ghosts. I'm looking forward to their character development.
13 days ago, 8:06 PM #5

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Peek is my favorite, which is probably pretty obvious for anyone who has read my comic hahaa... I really miss when he was in Frames, but he'll be back some day after I finally get through this chapter.

13 days ago, 8:28 PM #6

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Mine is Rahj. You haven't meet him yet in my comic [Re:Eclipse], he will show up in 2cond episode, still I'm publishing 1st here. I love him, he is so sweet. Got a lot of feelings, pretend to be though but he is so fluffy, duffy, cutie xD
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"One question", 13 days ago, 10:33 PM #7

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Kourtney:Which of your own OCs is your personal favorite?

Does the OC have to be a character from a comic, here?
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13 days ago, 11:49 PM #8
Drum bum
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she's fun as hell to write. she's a hyperactive moron with a good heart and can probably kick your ass with a shoelace. chaotic good's are my favorite characters.

she's also just fun to draw, which helps. expressive and sassy as hell. :^)
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12 days ago, 12:59 AM #9

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Flame Thrower, aka Mariana (sometimes I've spelled it "Marianna") Dragonmaster from Almighty Protectors. I came up with the character in 4th grade and, while she doesn't even resemble her origins anymore after years of development as I grew up, I still have most affection for her.
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12 days ago, 1:15 AM #10

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Definitely the two titular characters above everyone else, but even that is hard for me cause I freakin’ love so manny others who have yet to appear.
But if I absolutely HAD to pick one...the young woman in the photo.

Merged Doublepost:

princess_lom:Mine is Rahj. You haven't meet him yet in my comic [Re:Eclipse], he will show up in 2cond episode, still I'm publishing 1st here. I love him, he is so sweet. Got a lot of feelings, pretend to be though but he is so fluffy, duffy, cutie xD
Good leader and father.

I can’t wait to meet this guy he looks AMAZING
12 days ago, 5:41 AM #11

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I'm still very fond of Ahab from my AG work. I made her kind of 'Elric style' so she could reappear in new incarnations/stories just because I had so much fun with her.
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12 days ago, 6:07 AM #12
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It's... pretty obvious.


-Smells bad
-Doesn't like to bathe
-Chain smoker
-Will kill for apples
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12 days ago, 3:02 PM #13
the only safe place is the top shelf
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My all time* favorite is my French steampunk girl Babbette Méliès!


* Meaning not a charcter that is just temporarily my favorite due to being either brand new or in focus of the current plot.
One week ago, 3:33 AM #14
Keeps with the times
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I find I am rather fond of Lady Catherine (aka Nula) (link NSFW) I like the peculiar idea of a jungle girl who doesn't fit the typical young and nubile image.
6 days ago, 12:47 AM #15
likes your new haircut
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It's so hard to pick one because they're all like my babies I guess? I put so much effort into them that I can't truly pick a favourite. I guess I have a soft spot for Didrik (Ignotus) due to being a nervous cinnamon roll, but then I also love Rusty because of how comically awful he is. Ah heck I love them all.
6 days ago, 12:51 AM #16
goes fast
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That's a really hard question, they are all my favourite, I guess either Clara or Sebastian or Harper, I'm just bad at choosing XD
6 days ago, 1:33 AM #17

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Originally it was main character, Charlotte, but in more recent times it's been her younger sister, Allison.


She's probably the one character in the comic that evolved the most. Starting as a spoiled rich brat and gradually over time become a much more fleshed out character.

6 days ago, 3:25 AM #18
unfeathered yet airborne
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I can't choose between the wacky li'l oddballs, so, I won't.
Quinn, Monroe and Bjorn - The Misfits of Mischief are my favorites among my
WAY too many OCs.

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6 days ago, 3:54 AM #19
What a sucker
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My favorite character is a character whose role in LECTRO I felt I had to severely reduce, or else he'd the fan-hated, overly-edgy, knife-wielding Spawn-esque(? I never read, watched, or played a Spawn piece of media) antihero standing beside two goofy kids. The Character, JackO'Lantern, was the result of thinking that two of my Halloween costumes would make for great superhero designs. His conception dates back WAY before Toby's, gradually becoming darker and edgier until I decided he wouldn't fit as a hero in the LECTRO story.

I still have plans for him. He's not cut from the story entirely, and another comic idea I have would put Jack in his natural habitat, where he can shed as much blood and drop at least one F-bomb per chapter without having to deal with petty crooks.
6 days ago, 7:06 AM #20

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I can't choose between them, they're my main characters after all!
They're both kind in their own ways. Candy is sugar sweet and Berry is like sweet bread.... if that makes sense.
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