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"If there was one crossover you wanted to do with your comic, what would it be?", 9 days ago, 10:50 PM #1

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Crossovers can be hit or miss, but considering most heroes are from the same universe, why not have them meet?

If I could do one, I would want Jekyll and Hyde to crossover with Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries. Heck I would think they ought to meet frequently because they come from the same timeline and share a theme which is crime fighting and mysteries. Plus, Murdoch is not the type to be against bending the law and such to work alongside a vigilante like Hyde. Plus, it would make for many antics that would entertaining to watch.

So... who would you love to have your heroes/characters crossover with?
9 days ago, 11:06 PM #2
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
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Disney's Gargoyles. It would be ironic, like when The Simpsons-ripoff Family Guy crossed over with The Simpsons. My comic's not *quite* such a carbon-copy of it's main inspiration, but there are enough similarities that it would be fun to play with them.

The Buffyverse would be an interesting well to visit... as long as I could ignore the monstrously shitty comics "continuity". *eyeroll*

For a straight-up regular comic... Planetary. I'd love to see Kathryn fight Mr. Snow.

Webcomic... some Let it Ride side story where Tona meets James Barrington would be unholy and amazing. It hasn't come up in my comic so far, but James has killed so many people... and in the same sort of loud, brash way Eric MacDonald does. They could fight over her. Or something. It doesn't quite write itself, but it's a story hook away from being EPIC.
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9 days ago, 11:09 PM #3
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One where Adam Sandler is the villain

I just want it to happen
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9 days ago, 11:15 PM #4

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Have to double that, I'm also feeling Adam Sandler in either of my comics he'd mesh in really well, as a sort of wise and experienced mentor. As he's usually depicted of course.

E: but serious answer probably something with Spiderman or Batman, especially the villains would make things interesting.
9 days ago, 11:18 PM #5
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
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If some wacky shenanigans happened to get a crossover with The Adventure Zone, just so Griffin could voice Merlow, even briefly, then my life would be complete.
8 days ago, 12:55 AM #6

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Mortal Kombat, actually. I've always been interested in that series, and while I tend to have characters who don't kill, if they did cross over, I would tell the MK crew that the game definitely would still need an M rating. None of that ridiculous Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe T-rated stuff. MK deserves the ability to show heavy violence.

But I definitely overall love the idea of crossovers and would love to be involved in any sort (okay, not any crossover--I mean, Almighty Protectors Meet Peppa Pig isn't going to work for anybody, after all). A great thing with the Protectors is that their premise is very friendly to crossovers, even more than Karabear Comics Unlimited before it. Not to mention, the Almighty Protectors are my favorites and ones I most enjoy writing stories about.
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8 days ago, 2:23 AM #7

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I'd love to hype it up like my superheroes were going to crossover with the big guys like the Avengers or the Justice League, only to have them meet up with Ultraforce
8 days ago, 2:31 AM #8
Venture Capitalist
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If any and all possibilities are on the table, it would be wicked cool for my man Eric to have a drug-fueled hallucination featuring Spider Jerusalem and the characters from Transmetropolitan.
8 days ago, 2:58 AM #9

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Oh geez. Probably what would work the best would be X-Men or maaaaybe TMNT. But if I wanted to really goof off I would pick Miraculous Ladybug. XD Imagine S+B taking on Hawkmoth. They’d think he’s the lamest until of course he akumatizes them both.

Emara might be an interesting crossover. I’d love to do an episode set in the Middle East.
8 days ago, 3:00 AM #10
The Letter M
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Jess the inferno and Starfire, probably.
8 days ago, 5:39 AM #11

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Something with occulty characters as a focus would be great, ala Justice League Dark or even just Constantine. I wouldn't want my characters to be show stoppers or anything, maybe just heroines who help out the cause at the time.

That said, I'd probably be fine with other people's webcomics if the concept fit. Maybe the now defunct Quillian webcomic or Once Stung.
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8 days ago, 6:17 AM #12

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Maybe cross it over with reality...and put me in as one of the characters ! I don't even care which .
Anything would beat being old/ me as is B-) ...even if I had to 'come back' later, like in Purple Rose of Cairo or something .

8 days ago, 7:23 AM #13

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I've had plans for crossover episodes with other webcomics now and again. These, not popular media, were the crossovers I really wanted to make. Alas, every time I tried, the other party would lose interest quickly and the whole thing would peter out. Thinking about it makes me sad.
8 days ago, 7:33 AM #14
Oh Yeah!
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I'd love Pikachu to appear in SPACE PIRATES OF THE BLACK QUARTER, as part of a big reveal that cute electrical yellow aliens are behind everything. Then he meets Kitty and falls in love and changes sides.

8 days ago, 2:38 PM #15

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I think it would be quite fun to do a Liberty Lass/Captain America crossover.
8 days ago, 3:15 PM #16
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Ah, finally came up with a good one:
Kanny Bougainville having an adventure with Dan Brown's Robert Langdon!
8 days ago, 3:22 PM #17
BluRaven C. Houvener

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I have a top 5 list in fact...

1)Scooby Doo
2)Archie Comics(any incarnation)
3)Batman/Justice League
4)Jack of Spades
5)The Redeemers

(the last two are indie titles so if you're not familiar definitely check em out!)
8 days ago, 3:42 PM #18

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Depending on the media.
For a crossover with television serials, I would like the original Perry Mason (black & white version), Department S (Jason King and Ariane - excellent!), the Avengers (only the epsiodes with Diana Rigg or Honor Blackman), the german Hafenpolizei, the Persuaders, Peter Gunn, Addams Family, Butler Parker, Prisoner, The Rogues, Al Mundy, Impossible Mission (original serial, of course) and sure some more, including the (in)famous republic serials.
For comics, I'd like to see how she would get along with Vampirella, maybe adding Pantha, fun would be Mandrake, Dealer McDope, Lucifera, Sweet Gwendoline, Jane at War and Freak Brothers, too.
For movies, some of the occult movies of Kenneth Anger, and more Hammer and film noir movies then I can mention here. More notable movies for a crossover would be Quadrophenia, Clockwork Orange, Phantom Of Paradise, Heavy Traffic and most Lino Ventura movies.
One week ago, 1:15 AM #19
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Despite my affinity for mainstream superhero comics, I think it'd be rad to see Weird in a Can crossover with Sam & Max. The sense of humor is fairly close to mine, being situational comedies with a focus on dealing with sci-fi or mystical conflicts.

Also perhaps Whomp!, for it's a surreal comedic webcomic about a geek. The problem is that a crossover would have to be a full story, and Whomp! is a gag-a-day thing.
5 days ago, 9:09 PM #20

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Monstroniverse would work perfectly with Goblin slayer. Less D&D referencepts, more hentai monsters and an improvement to magic system - done!
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