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"Your Comic, 4Kids Style", 26th Jan 2019, 8:53 PM #1

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Let’s say that you make your comic an animated show, and for whatever reason, 4Kids is in charge of re-dubbing and redistributing it.

What kind of insane censoring would ensue?

In my case, it would be:
-Demons are changed to monsters
-Instead of killing, Xavierella just turns people into monsters
-When Zack slays a demon, instead of a ghost, they would paint over the spirit to sloppily indicate the person is alive and back to normal.
-Lucian’s death is chalked up as a disappearance to another world, and the story would start after his “disappearance”.

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26th Jan 2019, 9:01 PM #2

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Guns replaced with futuristic blue laser blasters. Alcohols replaced with carrot juice. Dialog heavily changed to cut out strong language. Blood edited out, violent panels edited out.

Honestly, it would take hours to count it all...
26th Jan 2019, 9:05 PM #3
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Kaza and Gwenna would have painted on swimsuits.
26th Jan 2019, 9:16 PM #4
Eve Z.
and the Sorcerer's Stone
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Astro Boy - the nth remake.
26th Jan 2019, 9:16 PM #5

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right before a character says something inappropriate, 4kids quickly cuts to an arbys commercial with mike pollock.
26th Jan 2019, 9:20 PM #6

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-Holmes becomes an asshole (because "that's what Sherlock Holmes is Like" /sarcasm)
-No gay characters, just close roommates
-Deaths are all disappearances instead
-no swearing
-Watson lost his leg in a car accident (war? what war?)
-no ptsd
26th Jan 2019, 9:35 PM #7
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- title changed to hecksirvente
- no blood or scars
- nobody was murdered, all these ghost are people who died of a mysterious illness there aren't any ghosts at all, they're just monsters
- the clown never gets beheaded, and there's no buff tamagotchi robot. those scenes just get removed
- roswell's wearing jorts
26th Jan 2019, 9:50 PM #8

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Guns would change to laser guns

PTSD and depression/suicidal issues are cut out

A certain charcater’s death is heavily censored so that the kids can’t tell if the character died or is simply missing somehow like in sonic x; any terrorism is cut

Derek’s messy past is less implied

The emotion levels are lowered and made less intense (this is my most hated trope in kids tv)

Any cuts or wounds are edited so that there is no blood
26th Jan 2019, 10:05 PM #9

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- death threats and mentions would be taken out
- the show would not get passed book 1
- the fight scenes are watered down
- the already classy cursing would get toned down to the point of ridiculous
- everyone acts goofier and sillier
- there's nonsensical filler dialogue in moments of silence
- the music is completely changed to whatever is "cool" now taking away all its authenticity
- Lucy's past would get changed completely from having a deeply tragic past to something like just having had a mean ex-boyfriend
- Jekyll would have tank tops painted on him in all his shirtless scenes
- all alcohol is replaced with juice or water
- characters would most likely get silly new names because they're "easier" to remember (I hate this trope!)
- all deep emotional moments are toned down to the point where practically not there
- the scene where Hyde throws a tantrum gets cut
- all scenes with the "camera" starting at her legs and then going up would be changed to only start at her face
- Hyde would flirt less
- scenes in which characters get knocked out are cut
- Lucy's back would be redrawn to be covered up because backless is too "racy"
- characters would be given voices that are silly
- and lastly, any mention of relationships that don't follow the straight or monogamous formula get cut

If it's not already obvious, I despise 4Kids! because they don't do kids a favour at all by making everything so tame, it's ridiculous. I find it insults the intelligence of children and just encourages them to be kept in the dark about serious topics. I agree some things are not fit for kids as are some scenes, but if a show is like that, it's not meant for kids. Other than that, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
26th Jan 2019, 10:21 PM #10

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-Any meditations about the Law of Shadows would be removed and the characters simply have chosen one superpowers instead.
-Bali wears a sensible pair of khaki shorts and a button down shirt, like she was one of the Irwin family. Even during transformations.
-The webbing scenes are now more played for laughs, with stuck characters doing that giant screaming anime face trope.
-All blood is removed and wounded characters just have generic scratch marks on them.
-Any hint of implied same sex flirting is removed. I.E. The scene where Karolina starts drowning is replaced by the presence of an inexplicable scuba mask instead of Bali sharing her air.
-Bali sings inane little songs about the power of frienship.
-Bali drinks only from random pieces of fruit for her powers, never people.
-The Sandbar monster on the island attack is entirely replaced with Bali smashing the thing into orbit with a 2x4 as soon as it appears.
-The Longtooth Tribe doesn't threaten to devour prisoners anymore, instead they just boast and have a need to conquer the world.
-Chernobog debates his life choices in working with such a goober company and ends his misery with a cup of hemlock tea.
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26th Jan 2019, 11:22 PM #11
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My Dialogue would get massacred real quick. Wow.

Within the first episode, there was:

A discount sex talk, swearing, mentions of underage drinking, violent (albeit empty) threats, swearing, implications that one of the freshmen is a slut, mentions that main character-chan is dead (he's not but) and did I mention swearing?

Michael would just not fly as a character. He swears a lot and makes (empty) threats. Just turn him into a new character, like a watered-down Goku or something. Also, his family? They died of sickness, or something. Not electrocution/torture. That wouldn't fly.

Also, there's just straight up a party in the first episode. And my main girl is wearing a croptop and shorts. That needs to get fixed. Can't have the kids getting ideas! Honestly half the background characters just need to get fixed.

E: oh yeah i have gays too

yeah that wouldn't fly.
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27th Jan 2019, 12:17 AM #12
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4kids wouldn't be able to salvage cotca, sorry.

But they could probably salvage my mini dumb comic, Domestic HellLand and say it's not a weird relationship and that Jacq is instead my uncle.
-Jacq is no longer a mean and demeaning sex freak, instead he is a financial advisor and parental figure for children all across America
-smoking is removed and replaced with a lolipop
-all mention of Jacq being a Jewish demon man is wiped
-All mentions of Israel and the middle east are removed
-All mentions of wanting to devour babies and human flesh are removed and turned into an allegory for fast food being bad to eat and used to teach children to eat vegetables
-we sing god bless America despite Jacq living in France
-the moat egregious change of all: Jacq loves the EU, paying taxes and is a star citizen instead of an illegal drug addicted man who kidnaps small women and forces them into his mini harem
-also they make all the boobs much smaller :(
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27th Jan 2019, 12:37 AM #13
Birb is the Worb
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-Sebastian is renamed 'Sabrina,' is dubbed with a female voice and referred to as a woman, despite obviously being a man.
-Blood is removed from fight scenes, and no one is outright confirmed to die, even though it can probably be inferred they did. The merchant crew just aren't mentioned after the big fight.
-The mutilation scene/s and violent bullying are either cut or heavily censored, creating plot holes.
-Any colourful language is replaced by 'gosh darn it to heck'
-Everyone either speaks with an American accent, or horrible versions of their real accents done by some people from Texas.
-All references to alcohol and sex would be removed.
-The pirates are all much more comedic, and don't really do anything bad aside from be a bit mean.

Oh, and liches didn't die. They just happen to be people who were born as skeletons.
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27th Jan 2019, 12:40 AM #14
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• All expletives are replaced with either "Hippopotamus!" or "Yipee-ki-yay, Mr. Falcon!"
• Irish pride is no longer allowed, Kathryn is now a French princess instead
• All sex scenes are replaced with pretty sunrises, nothing too pink and labial though, it's all orange
• Instead of running around pantsless after her shower, Julia is now a flat-chested living tree
• Erica's ribald t-shirt is replaced with a sweater with an apron over it, and a parka over that -- is she still large-breasted? Who can tell, yay!
• All flipped birds and bowfingers are replaced with hands folded in prayer to the one true God: an old bearded condescending white man, hail the Patriarchy, yay!
• All blood, gore, and nudity is obscured by intermittent and arguably illogical fog; the setting is now San FranLondon
• Cigarettes and smoldering tampons are now all asthma inhalers
• MacKnight Tower's Satanic-themed pentacle crown is now just a sad-face emoji
• All the guns and swords are replaced with walkie-talkies hippopotamus you, Steven Spielberg!
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27th Jan 2019, 12:47 AM #15
AK Illustrate

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-The monsters in my comic known as dust wraiths would be watered down somehow. No reference to them being "souls of the damned". Maybe they are monsters that come out of people instead of people turning into them?
- Any blood I have planned? Nay!
- On that note, the violence would be very watered down
- And finally, the saddest one in my opinion, "They're not gay, they're just really good friends" (and later they/them characters having their pronouns changed, probably...)

My comic is very clean, but you know... 4Kids...
27th Jan 2019, 1:40 AM #16
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In Peregrine:
(General changes)
-Every shirtless character keeps their shirts on.
-No nipples, not even on guys.
-Any piercings other than earrings would be removed. For example, Iron Maiden's corset piercing.
-The Leviathan cross tattoo on Iron Maiden's right shoulder would be removed.
-Tattoos would be edited out, anyway.
-References to death will be removed.
-All signs will be in gibberish, even if they're in English.
-Czarina Zaroff would shoot laser guns instead of actual guns.
-Half the cast would have a stereotypical Southern accent. Everyone else has a generic American accent.
-No saying the Lord's name in vain!
-No blood, even though the artist originally made it black to comply with the lack of violence tag while making it look aesthetically pleasing.
-No swearing allowed, no matter how minor (like crap, ass, damn, friggin'...)
(Story-related; Spoilered for obvious reasons.)

(Regarding future plans for the series, also spoilered for obvious reasons.)

Uib's Legacy: Odyssey of the Daybreak:
(General changes)
-Mostly the same general changes as Peregrine.
-The Irish slang would be changed into American slang.
-No blood or gore. Not even bruises, cuts, and scars will make it.
-No nudity
-No sexual references (I won't be making the sex hardcore in the unabridged series, so sorry if you were expecting to see some penetration.)
-All the good guys would be human, even if they weren't before.
-A godawful rap intro
-Weapons become rubber.
-Alcoholic drinks would be changed to "juice."
-Their diet would consist of American foods instead of Irish and Scottish foods.
-Plaid patterns will be removed to make it seem less Celtic and more American.
-Since the pantheon worshipped doesn't revolve around the Abrahamic God, then it will be removed.
-The Irish names would be completely Anglicized (Fionnuala -> Finola, Niall -> Neil, Niamh -> Nieve, Flann -> Flynn)

(Future plans)
27th Jan 2019, 1:58 AM #17
started a new life without the kids
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I don't know
They make Mike and Gabriel very affectionate cousins
The town of Monthenault doesn't try to burn David alive they just bully him a lot
Silia never shows her jaw?? Or they replace it with just a scar or something

Chaos Trio:
They replace the whole thing with static noise and a message saying "be right back"

e: I just realised it's called "4kids" because it's "for kids"
This took me 19 years
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27th Jan 2019, 4:32 AM #18
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They've already done it.

I'm sponsored by Twizzlers now too. I'm stoked.

They'd literally have to write a new story and alter/cut 80% of the footage. I can't imagine a worse business move.
27th Jan 2019, 5:36 PM #19
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- The location of Gernsbeck University would be changed from Germany to America.
- Tarik Göktürk gets renamed to Tarik Gonzales, and he is Hispanic now instead of being of Turkish descent.
- All the umlauts in Sören Lüng's name get removed, and his origin gets changed from East Frisia too... I dunno. Scotland? New England??
- The entirety of Chapter 17 gets written out, because of the WWII theme.
- The two Halloween chapters (8 and 14) are probably too scary too.
27th Jan 2019, 5:53 PM #20
yesterday, you said junoro
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It's kind of hilarious, but instead of having the few swear words just be obscured off-panel, they'd make the characters fully say a stand-in. So instead of "F-" it would be "FLIPPERFLACKIN" and Phoebe would have to usher Ada outside, saying she doesn't want her picking up any weird alien language.

I... can't decide if they would paste a shirt on Caddy, or if blue male torsos are acceptable on 4kids.

Also, the talk of Blood Tides would be heavily edited into just being about emotions, like getting really mad will make them extra powerful. No blood, guys. They're just shark people who feel mad a bunch.
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