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"Artist Newsletters?", 4 days ago, 2:08 PM #1
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I thought that the whole idea of email newsletters was practically extinct, but I've found out lately that artist newsletters are having a bit of an increase in popularity.

Because I have a lot of disparate projects on the go on various platforms I've been thinking of building an infrequent newsletter email to update people about what I'm up to. I've already had a handful of people preemptively sign up so I know this isn't a totally crazy idea and there is some interest, but I'm still trying to work out what to include in the newsletter. And get my head around this being a Thing people want. I'm thinking of making it quarterly, so every three months or so?

Basically I think I'm just wondering what folks on CF think of the idea of email newsletters and what you'd personally want to see from an artist you like?
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I do not have any helpful advice, but am also interested in this topic. I have also been thinking of making a newsletter, and am just not sure about A. frequency and B. content.
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I like the idea of newsletters, especially if something cool is coming up. I'm old school though, and miss my hard copy letters XD

But, for instance, I get some music e-mail letters, and I was able to check out on concerts scheduled near me. It was super helpful when the Smashing Pumpkins came to St. Louis (OMG! James was back in the band!!!!! YEEEEESSSS!!!!)

Anyway, I also signed up for a newsletter for one of my favorite webcomics, and when the dude had his Kickstarter for the hard copy manga, I was notified and was able to contribute. Somehow I guess the old list was almost forgotten, and I barely squeaked in supporting the Kickstarter, BUT if I hadn't gotten a newsletter, I totally would have missed it completely, and that would have bummed me out cause I've been reading this guy's work for years, and wanted to support him.

So...if you are looking to sell, from my experience, newsletters are good. His are very infrequent, so I don't feel overwhelmed with content, but I get the info I need to support the creator, and I appreciate that cause I'm an airhead XD

Hope that helps :D
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I am always open to more open opportunities for us indies help each other out.
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