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"Hello there", 8 days ago, 8:13 PM #1

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Hello everybody! It has come to my attention that I’ve been using this site for quite a while without giving a proper introduction of myself—and saying hello to the community.

My name is S. Milan. I am the writer of Flowers from the Deep, a webcomic I started scripting in between shifts and classes at my local community college. Flowers from the Deep is a comic about grief, loss and ancient gods. As of right now we have just finished updating the comic’s prologue so you can check it out if you want.

On the note of personal interests I am a huuuge cat lover and I love to read books during my free time. I have recently immersed myself in the world of children’s literature, creationism and all kinds of myths and legends. If you have any suggestions I will gladly add it to my reading list. I just but recently started reading the 1001 Nights so I’ll be busy for the next month or so (especially since I like to enjoy a good book). Aside from some other books sitting on my shelf, I’d like to read Philip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials, before the HBO show comes out on TV. I also heard that Netflix has the right to C.S Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, and that makes me super exited. And then there is Brian Jacques’ Redwall, a series which I, unfortunately, didn’t finish when I was a kid. Plus, I’m still missing out on Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher Series and, oh so many more. But I guess I would like to start by reading through the foundations of ancient literature and work my way up.

Anyhow, sorry about the ramble. I see that there are a TON of webcomics in this site. I’m a bit busy between my two jobs and managing my own comic, but feel free to send me a message with recommendations and I’ll be sure to check things out.

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Hello. Welcome to the asylum Comic Fury!
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Hey there! Welcome to the forum. I already know about your comic, it’s really quite grand and I look forward to reading more of it. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Hey, welcome to the forums!

I too am a big fan of C. S. Lewis and was also an avid reader of Brian Jacques when I was a kid! I recommend this constantly, but if you haven't heard of it you should check out Planet Narnia by Michael Ward. He proposes that the 7 books of the Narniad correspond to the seven planets of Medieval cosmology and that each book is infused with symbolism relating to the planet and the Roman god it represents. Being into mythology it should be right up your alley! I felt that PN and Lewis's final book "The Discarded Image" were a really good stepping stone into understanding the Medieval mind. I wish I knew of equally good primers for ancient literature, because it's a bit daunting to me. D:
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Hey, Bee! Another C.S.Lewis fan I see. I loved those books a lot. Nice to have you here and it is always nice for the Comic Fury family to grow.
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Enough chit chat from the lot of you--show the new guy their bunk and get back to work!
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alright alright, jeeze

here's your bunk
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Hi there! I'm new myself. Hope the project goes well! ^^
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