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"Where did your comic story originated?", 6th Jun 2019, 1:55 AM #1
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui

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Hello guys, I believe that everything has a beginning, right?
Well, aside from your comic's description on their respective profiles, is there an origin from which your comic or the idea of that comic came from?

Now late me share you mine:

The Last Force was originally a short movie project back when I was in college.
The plot of the story was the brainchild of my college buddy.
We have started filming some parts, unfortunately, our professor decided to call it off and preferred a documentary film about Cigarette Smoking instead.
Eventually, everything about The Last Force was shelved and some went to the trash, until I found the script in my old bag and decided to turn it into a webcomic with the consent of my buddy off course.

How about you guys?


6th Jun 2019, 2:00 AM #2
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I was 12 years old and drew a lot, started making up characters, and about 4 years later went "Oh! I could put these all in the SAME story instead of needing 6 different ones!!!" And then I changed that story about 80 times...
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6th Jun 2019, 2:03 AM #3
in the BIG CITY
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I played Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Warhammer, and quite a few other fantasy properties and was like, "Where's the black guys?" And people would often tell me, "There's no Africa in (Insert Fantasy World Here), it makes sense there is no black guys!" Oh yeah? Well there's no Europe either but look what the fuck we got a ton of! Shit, the Dwarves are even Scottish! Is there a Scotland in (Insert Fantasy World Here)? So I was like fuck you guys, I'm making my own fantasy property and not only is there gonna be black guys, but the Dwarves are gonna be an all black race with giant afros and braids and speak in nothing but ebonics!

.. There's more, a lot more, but that's the abridged version.
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6th Jun 2019, 2:16 AM #4
What a sucker
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As I keep stating, the origin of Toby Lectro was a character I dreamed fighting the Powerpuff Girls in a junkyard - changes were made, including Toby losing the power to form abandoned trucks into a mech, his suave punk personality, and worst of all, his goggles. Eventually I merged the LECTRO world with another superhero I came up with, based on a Halloween costume... only for that character to get too dark for LECTRO, meaning he had to split off into a different comic.

This split happened after I wrote Chapter 2, which is still ongoing (at a snail's pace), so a lot of developments past that are recent, including several of the supers of the setting.
6th Jun 2019, 2:17 AM #5
Venture Capitalist
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because ship happens


and then you either die a little inside... or you make it real
6th Jun 2019, 2:19 AM #6
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
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Merlow was my first D&D character and I fell for him so hard, I couldn't stop drawing and talking about him, until I said "WELL LET'S PUT HIM IN A WEBCOMIC THEN YAAAAAY" and then Court of Roses started getting built and launched like three months later oops.
6th Jun 2019, 2:35 AM #7
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Threshold started as a doodle for a character that was intended for another comic project. He looked a bit more damaged but the concept was still the same - anti-hero type who gains power through physical pain. I designed him with a gimp-looking costume cause I thought it made sense thematically and it was funny.

Not too long after making the doodle I started thinking about whether to keep him in the old comic project or to just branch him off into a series of his own. The latter obviously won, so I started doodling more stuff like setting, villain, alter ego with friends, etc. Eventually threshold was less seasoned and broody and more of a mostly comedy driven origin story. I added Lucien to start off the story - who was also a character designed for the other project - and just winged it from there. I kinda regret it cause if I had planned more beforehand I probably would not of gotten sick of making it so soon.

I had intended to just keep the title as simply 'Threshold' but after Googling it was apparent that there are quite a few comics (both webcomic and published) with that title. I decided to add the subtitle 'The Story of Vance Hibbert' after that, with Vance just being a slight alteration of my name and Hibbert being the surname of the actor who played the gimp in Pulp Fiction.
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6th Jun 2019, 2:53 AM #8

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The whole thing was inspired by a cartoonish Jekyll and Hyde slot machine which made me think "what if Disney did Jekyll and Hyde?" and after that, I tried doing a manuscript. I fell so far in love with it that I polished it and made it into what it is now.
6th Jun 2019, 3:02 AM #9

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All of my characters started off as a joke over skype with my friends in highschool. I used to doodle random stuff constantly, but for some reason we all got attached to these guys and this comic is the result.
6th Jun 2019, 3:20 AM #10

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The original AG was a pet project done whenever I had the time, as I was producing another now very much defunct webcomic called Schizophrenia Bloom as my main work. Originally, AG wasn't going to be terribly serious and more on the NSFW side than anything, but it resonated with me while SB didn't. I stopped SB after about 100+ pages (I think) and focused on AG full time back then with triple updates each week.
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6th Jun 2019, 3:31 AM #11

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I used to have a comic on here called The Lemon Squad. It was meant to be based on all the fun times I had with friends over the internet on games n such, which is of course where I got the idea for it. Eventually it evolved to be more about the story of our friendships together as a whole but retold with metaphors and symbolism. Basically, its now a story about a bunch of internet users represented by socially inept interdimensional beings
6th Jun 2019, 3:40 AM #12

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I wrote a short scifi story when I was young. There were only six pages and four characters. Many years later I accidentially turned it into 500+ pages monstrosity that is now "Gifts of wandering ice".
6th Jun 2019, 3:56 AM #13
Zero Hour

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At the beginning I just wanted to poke fun at people and make parodies of tropes and also everything I can lay my eyes upon, that's why I have a main character that doesn't even listen to me and travels to different worlds whenever he feels like it. Because of him my world is full of anachronisms and story often goes all over the place in a surreal way
6th Jun 2019, 3:59 AM #14
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My only sessions of DnD. First session I created a Paladin character whose faith in their god was failing. The second session I created a character with a [redacted] past which led him to a life of fighting monsters as a monument to counteract the monument of [redacted]. They became my two main characters of my comic, Rani and Beren.
6th Jun 2019, 4:38 AM #15

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The whole thing started with a short film I made as my final project in an intro film class:

It's about a fan of a really bad anime and his boyfriend that he's forcing to sit through an episode. The production value of the film is honestly really bad in retrospect (still got an A though lol).

(The observant may notice quite a few direct references to the film in the comic - for instance, the double/triple/quadruple sword techniques, and Zebugu's use of a trident. There's also a couple lines in there that will be coming up in the comic in a couple weeks.)

At around the same time as I was making that film, I had just watched... I assume Food Wars, and I was on a real "you could make a battle series out of anything" stint. Like, I would just have a notes document full of ideas like "a shonen series about math olympiads". One idea I really liked was "a shonen series, but it's actually just The Wizard of Oz".

After I had finished the short film, I wondered what the actual series that the "anime" took place in would be like, so I decided to build out a comic. I outlined five books, the first being based primarly off the Wizard of Oz, and other plotlines being based off other stories I liked (Hunter X Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball, Harry Potter, Kirby, etc). And... the rest is history.
"Where to begin?", 6th Jun 2019, 4:47 AM #16
unfeathered yet airborne
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Oh my.
Loaded question.

I've been through some shit.
That 'shit' manifests itself as comics.
LOTS AND LOTS of comics.
6th Jun 2019, 4:53 AM #17

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6th Jun 2019, 5:08 AM #18

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I wanted to be an author as a kid but I could never make up a story that went anywhere after I’d built the basic world. So I decided that writing stories was something I just couldn’t do. Then one day I was reading The Muppet Show Comic Book which featured Skeeter as a really cool, spunky secret agent character. I fell in love with the concept and decided to try to make up my own female secret agent character and drew the first picture of Katana Markus, then Codenamed Nanoblade because of the futuristic swords she used. When I started colouring her I noticed that the yellow pencil in the box looked really nice and sharp and I wanted to use it, but the only thing left to colour was her skin. So I thought what the heck. (Full story is in spoiler).

HOLY MOLY I guess I just needed to get that off my chest, good grief! If anyone actually read all that I tip my hat to you! Basically the story all started with a picture I drew. I wasn’t intending to make up a story, it just came along.

Merged Doublepost:

I’ve been through some shit.
That 'shit' manifests itself as comics.
LOTS AND LOTS of comics.

Story of my life, yo.
6th Jun 2019, 6:02 AM #19

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Well, I once took part in a forum roleplay of gigantic proportions for several years. It went stale and, basically, ended, but I was one of the lore monoliths of the game, so I went searching for a way to apply all that lore. Ultimately, I reworked many ideas for both halves of "Arth and Tech", even more went to "Adventures of Arth and Tech".
But for the original strips themselves, I guess I kinda wanted to find something videogame-related to make webcomic about, so that I could build some sort of fanbase before diving into videogame development (*cries*). I looked at the Warrior design of Final Fantasy I, I looked at Mega Man design, and then I was like...
6th Jun 2019, 7:09 AM #20

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It was a combination of different things. A lot of free time and little to no supervision on my previous job. Love for roleplaying in MMOs like Age of Conan and WoW where I did a lot of storytelling and created multiple long-running plots. And finally a desire to create a big, interesting story of my own not based in any existing setting.

First I tried to realize myself by writing a book. But after I finished it I never published it. I believe that it has a pretty good plot and interesting characters but my writing skills are... just lacking.
So I decided to do it the other way, through comics. And this time I also opened the floodgate to my perverted ideas and love of hentai - I decided it would be a fun idea to integrate these elements into the settling where the comic would take place. And that's how Monstroniverse was born!
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