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"Author Comments - Do People Read Them?", 9 days ago, 2:06 PM #1

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Like the title says, I'm curious to know if people actually read a webcomic's author notes under the pages ever?

I know some comics don't include them, but others do to perhaps explain what is going on in the comic a bit more, or to make discussion happen.

9 days ago, 2:09 PM #2
What a sucker
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Sometimes, if I'm looking for an explanation OR the author makes interesting comments.
9 days ago, 2:13 PM #3

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I do. Always. I find they are a part of the comic.
9 days ago, 2:15 PM #4

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I also sometimes read them. It depends on if I'm up to date on a comic, or if I don't get what's going on, or I just really, really like the comic and like the author's comments.

I also like to check them for updates.

If I'm really behind on a comic, and I'm reading a large chunk, I often don't read the comments if I'm deeply immersed (sometimes, I nom nom nom consume consume XD) But if I'm caught up and just checking that week's page, I will often read the comment and sometimes respond.

I also am more likely to read an authors' comment if I'm going to leave my own comment. I'm scrolling by it, so I might as well :3
9 days ago, 2:23 PM #5

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I try, but often forget. They're usually worth reading, but easy to overlook, because my focus is on the page. Especially as most of the time I'm binging, either on one comic, or else on updates from multiple comics.

It's so satisfying though when I do remember to read the author comments and it's something good, or I can leave a nice reply. Conversation matters!
9 days ago, 2:24 PM #6
Birb is the Worb
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I always read them, and try to always write my own too. I find they make a creator feel a lot more approachable, to me. I dunno, when a comic doesn't have them, I find it makes the author seem a lot more aloof? Especially when they don't reply to comments either.
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9 days ago, 2:38 PM #7
Zero Hour

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I always check for them and read them if they are here, but I rarely make one myself.
9 days ago, 2:41 PM #8

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I read them most of the time for interesting tidbits or to get an idea of what's going through the author's head. I find it fun.
9 days ago, 3:14 PM #9

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I always read them and enjoy writing them. I think it gives you a chance to get to know the cartoonist better.
I'm your Huckleberry
9 days ago, 3:21 PM #10
Oh Yeah!
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Ditto, I always read them, they can be funny or informative.
9 days ago, 4:54 PM #11
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When checking an update, yes. When reading through an archive to catch up, no. I like to read them to get a better understanding of the author, but I forget to check it when I'm reading quickly.
9 days ago, 5:14 PM #12
in the BIG CITY
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I always read the author comments, even the mouseovers if there's a unique one for each page.
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9 days ago, 5:25 PM #13
Eaton Pye

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I read the author comments on updates, and if I'm archive-diving and the author writes interesting comments. A lot of the comments aren't really worth bothering with, even on some good comics. I hate mouse-overs.
9 days ago, 5:30 PM #14

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What BlueDragon said, with a little twist: Normally I read them, unless there's a reason to skip them, like doing a binge-read and the action on one page makes me want to get to the next page ASAP.

They often contain extra info :)

Referring to an author's comment in a comment I write? Sometimes, but much less often.

Edit: I like funny mouse-overs but you can click on the page and go to the next one before you see a mouse-over, so these are more like easter-eggs for me :)
9 days ago, 5:35 PM #15

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My readers say they enjoy them and find the reminders I include in these comments very handy. My comic is over 5 years old, so it's easy to forget something if you're not binge reading, so I remind, with links, where we've seen someone/something before if it's important at the moment.

According to my counter, new readers spend about 20 seconds on each page, so obviously, they don't read the comments.
9 days ago, 5:42 PM #16

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I rarely do, though it depends upon the creator's use of them.

I'm not a fan of "the explanation or punchline is in the author's comment" setups. The comic should stand alone and be self-contained, in my opinion. I do appreciate, though, when an author provides a reminder in the event the page refers to something so long back that readers probably forgot.

I do sometimes check for news, though.

My one exception is anything by Humon -- & -- because her comics frequently are references to interesting facts for which she provides detail in the author notes.

As an author myself, I generally assume readers skip my comments and do not put much effort into them. I do sometimes use them to provide a little news. Any big news that I want readers to definitely see gets posted as a comic page, to ensure that even the never-read-author-comments readers can catch it.
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9 days ago, 5:42 PM #17
Matt Comics
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I hope people actually read my author notes, because most of them are really important, due to the unusual nature of my comic.

I always read them, even when I'm archive binging. I don't want to miss something important. the only thing I tend to skip is regular comments by other readers, especially if there are 20+ of them.
9 days ago, 7:51 PM #18
BluRaven C. Houvener

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I do everytime. The Author comments are a doorway into the creators comic, and life. There are times that a little blurb has told me that the comic is going on hiatus(I definitely comment then too haha). I've even witnessed creators baring their woes in the author comment section which can also lead to uplifting and inspiring conversations.
9 days ago, 8:41 PM #19

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I certainly do. Sometimes the insight of the author gives me a better understanding of a presented joke or plot point. And othertimes, the comments are just funny.
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9 days ago, 9:27 PM #20

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I always read them. Sometimes they're funny. And sometimes, they can be informative. It can be a nice "behind the scenes" peek at your favorite comics.
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