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"im angry on the internet so heres some charities", 6 days ago, 2:50 AM #1
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i'm annoyed by people whose causes i agree with because they're attacking people with opposing viewpoints that, yes, are harmful, but attacking these people will just make them less likely to see your side. so instead of being genuinely reactionary, here's some foundations and charities and resources and shit that you can donate time and money to. also just fuckin donate blood if you can, bring some actual joy to peoples lives, for christs sake man

lgbt and trans youth:
the trevor project
national center for trans equality
trans youth equality foundation
help for homeless lgbt youth

abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault victims:
joyful heart foundation
mercy housing
how to personally help victims of abuse
jane doe coalition

immigrant families in the US:
office of refugee resettlement
catholic charities for supporting immigrants and refugees
legal defense for latinx immigrants

women, children, and low income families:
planned parenthood
feeding america
national coalition for the homeless

post ones you like or ones you think are relevant/good/necessary
6 days ago, 3:09 AM #2
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Wait, hold on, keltyzoid. You're angry on the internet, so you're posting something helpful? You can't do that! It's against the rules!

Anyway, here's some for climate change:
The National Resource Defense Council
NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming
6 days ago, 3:15 AM #3

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Charity Navigator For Research Purposes

Against child marriages
Plan International
Girls Not Brides

Also please be aware that child marriage is still legal with parental consent in America
Information Video About This Cause


Fighting Pedophilia

Report Online Incidents Crisis Hotline Links
Darkness to Light
6 days ago, 4:14 AM #4
Venture Capitalist
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Having met them under the most trying of conditions, I can personally attest that Kelty is genuinely good people despite their Florida handicap.

So give

Give till it hurks
6 days ago, 4:31 AM #5
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Cool things to do if you don't have cash to spare-
-Help with ESL classes
-Donate to Foodshare (Money is more helpful, but they always need fresh fruits and veggies and cooking supplies like flour)
-Give cold water to the homeless on hot days
-Check in with somebody you haven't for a bit
-Participate in studies for medical advancement (object ID apps for the blind, for example)
6 days ago, 10:43 PM #6
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Honestly, that advice for helping victims of abuse seems like an excellent writing resource.
image imageimageimageimage
6 days ago, 11:12 PM #7
Lt. Locust

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youtube ad

Stephen Hawking once said that if he had the option, he would have chosen an English voice over an American voice. However, even when the option became available later in his life, he kept his american voice because it was a part of him now.

If you have a good microphone, you can "donate your voice".

Not like little mermaid donating, more like Limewire donating =3

For people that rely on synthetic voices to communicate, a unique voice can become part of their personality. Vocal ID is a website where you say a bunch of words into a microphone, and they use that to create more voices.
"You all are netizens, don't forget netizens charities", 2 days ago, 9:57 AM #8
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If you are angry about how your government keep passing evil cyber laws, go help Electronic Frontier Foundation. (If you are Americans: they're like ACLU, but for technology)

If you are frustrating about evil cloud service and software subscription cancer eating your computer alive, go help Free Software Foundation (US), Free Software Foundation Europe (EU), or Software Freedom Conservancy.


Free Software Foundation and their founder, are actually the first group of people who define and fighting for software users' rights since the age when smallest computer was as large as your closet. They are also behind a software development effort called GNU Project which its mission being:

"Rewrite and replace every essential proprietary software packages, with ones that respect users' rights"

And, did you know that GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a part of this effort?


Side point: I like Cory Doctorow's solution to consumer dilemma:

When you look at products from Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and other companies along these lines...

These companies push against technology users' and netizens' rights; but they made some good movies, neat gadgets, or essential software that you would need when you work. Of course, as an individual/consumer, you can't keep avoiding buying (or renting) things from them.

But with every dollar/euro you spend with them, consider donating an equal amount to organizations who fight for your rights as well.
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