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"Strip-Archive suggestions", 10 days ago, 12:39 AM #1

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For comics like mine that have piled up a huge archive, paging through them can be a pain. A few ideas. Maybe some of these already exist here?

1. A calendar-based archive system, like ComicGenesis had/has: Show the relevant month for the comic in question, with clickable dates where a comic exists for that day.

2. Or the option to create a link that jumps backward or forward 7 or 10 strips at a time, and/or jumps to the start of the next/last chapter.

3. On the Archive page, have an option to collapse the list down, so just chapter titles appear until you click or hover on one of them.

4. With the search function, when you get your results, instead of just a list of strips, show a snippet of the dialogue on either side of the searched-for word, to give a little context.
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I don't think any of these exist yet, but you could pull some of it together with some JavaScript. I'm interested in the archive show/hide chapter thing. This could be done but I think we'd have to edit the layout a bit and add classes and/or change it from table rows to an un-ordered list.

On the other hand, I suppose you could keep the layout as is, and dynamically calculate the number of table rows between chapter rows, and set those to alternate between display: none and display: block.

P.S. Another way to do it might be to link to each chapter's archive with [v:chapterlink]
more info here :
and here

P.P.S. Some tips on creating a calendar here:
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