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"How did you come up with your comic name?", 16th Nov 2010, 5:36 PM #1

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Just Curious.
I'm starting a webcomic myself, and am having a hard time thinking of a name for it. So I thought, maybe hearing how others thought of theirs would help.
Also, suggestions would be great. My main problem with coming up with mine, is that my comic has no consistent characters, theme or structure. I didn't want to do a serious story, a gag-a-day, or an autobiographical one, so I'm just going to submit some kind of sequential art every week. I don't expect it to be popular, just to have a project to keep me busy and get used to the pace of webcomics.

Thank you for reading!
16th Nov 2010, 5:46 PM #2
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Mine kind of just developed. At first my comic was a small side project based on the source game "Mitadake High" so that was the name for it. When I decided to expand the story to include a second arc, I decided to give it a subtitle to differentiate it from the first. Then, seeing as in the cover pages, I'd put "Death Note Mode" underneath the title, I decided to make that the subtitle for the arc.
Then came the ideas for the other two arcs, Prelude and Terminus. Clearly, things had expanded past being a small project, so I decided it deserved a proper name that would work for all four arcs.
And that's how "Mitadake Saga" got its name.
16th Nov 2010, 5:50 PM #3
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I basically brainstormed a bunch of tongue-in-cheek names related to brain substitutes... The one I enjoyed the most was "The Other Grey Meat", so I took that one, and then I realized that typing that out all the time would get annoying, so I changed it to TOGM: The Other Grey Meat on a lot of places... Another one was "I can't believe it's not brains!" but it's way too long and ICBINB doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well as TOGM :)

A quick search on google showed that two people had used "Brains - The Other Gray Meat" or something, so I figured if two separate people were using it, neither could have it trademarked or show that they had successfully defended it if they did, so I figured we were good to go, and that was that :)
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16th Nov 2010, 5:51 PM #4

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My main character's full name is Jonathan Hamilton Creech. He's essentially a modern man living in the Middle Ages, somewhat, and his sometimes larger than life stunts/actions/performance as a warrior got him the dubiously flattering moniker "Mad Jack".

He was actually a persona I was r/ping for a few years off and on in the online Gor community. Gor is a fictional world created by Prof. John Lange...John Norman...and he's written over 20 novels about the mythos.

So, I just took the name and character....invented by own world/s at the insistence of Prof. Lange....I corresponded with him for a bit about taking a comic book approach to Gor but he declined, wishing me all the best with something of my own.
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16th Nov 2010, 5:53 PM #5

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I just went with the names of my two main characters, Alexander and Lucas, and since it's a reboot of a previous series, I added "Rebooted!" to it.

In previous incarnations of Alexander and Lucas Rebooted! it was also called:
Alexander and Lucas
Alexander's Adventures
Alexander's Adventures 2

I'm pretty unoriginal when creating titles, but usually I take the main idea of the work and use it as the title.
My novel for example is entitled "Gifted", because it's about a race of humans gifted with supernatural powers.

The Artemis Fowl series was about a kid with said-name, and all the sub-titles were hints to what the story would be about (like the Opal Deception).

Titles can also be something that deal with the comic and it's legacy, like the Twilight series (as horrible as they were).
It went from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse to Breaking Dawn, all cycles of the night, where vampires usually like to play. I guess you could say they had more significance to the story then just that, but I don't want to bore you with details of observations.

In short, just take a main idea or character of your comic and try to find a title dealing with that.
16th Nov 2010, 6:20 PM #6
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My comic was originally about things going wrong. It was supposed to be murphy's law/finangles law incarnate. "It Figures" just seemed to sum that up nicely.
the whole "ComicFury" thing is just an acronym. It stands for Comics On My Interneting Computer For... Ummm.... Readers? Yeah....
Layout? I practically wrote the book on layouts. It's all probably being move to a wiki somewhere though. Still don't want to deal with the code? I'll do it for you.
16th Nov 2010, 6:22 PM #7

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I couldn't think of anything, and since my comic doesn't make much sense I decided to choose a title that doesn't make any sense either.
16th Nov 2010, 6:24 PM #8
Butt Hunter
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Flicked to a random page in a dictionary and picked one with my eyes closed.
16th Nov 2010, 6:37 PM #9
Why would you give up a vintage title for this
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Well my comic is a love story at it's core, but not really in a traditional sense. Mind you I came up with the title years before Ed Hardy. There were several other names considered... like

Punk Rock Apocalypse
Friend of Mayor Town
Spiffy Comics
Strangers in a Strange Land
16th Nov 2010, 6:39 PM #10

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For RoboTwin, I searched robot related web domain names for something that hadn't been taken yet. The "Space Brothers" name was an appropriation of alien myth that seemed too much like nazi aryans, so my characters are multiracial to hint that we're all brothers on this spaceship Earth.

Since your webcomic isn't about anything in particular, it sounds more like a sketchbook or idea book, so make it related to your own name or your nickname. For example, call it "Crocodile Eggs" or "Croc Tails/Tales" or "Croc Stew"
16th Nov 2010, 6:44 PM #11
Mr Lostman
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I stole the words from a nice song to make a word salad title with.
"me", 16th Nov 2010, 6:52 PM #12
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miss j and the am (the old strip) see i all to be in a rock band and over the year's it's turn to jenffer's show (my new one) me have my onw tv show...
"RR", 16th Nov 2010, 7:40 PM #13

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We just named ours after the story line, with the comic being about First Responders that respond to reanimated corpse emergencies, "Reanimated Response" was easy to come up with
16th Nov 2010, 8:03 PM #14
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Jacob Gristwood:Flicked to a random page in a dictionary and picked one with my eyes closed.

I just realized how dirty your comic name seems.
"Artist" half:The Other Grey Meat Completed (But a follow-up mini-comic to come in 2014)
16th Nov 2010, 8:13 PM #15
Never Scared
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I was going for Star Chaser, but that was taken long ago...So...
16th Nov 2010, 8:20 PM #16
Usertitle Hater
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Well hello there, Mrs Crocodile, nice to see a new face!

I have a tendancy to call people on these forums "Mr/Ms ____", usually for humourous effect. When I decided to make a comic, I wanted it to reflect my lack of drawing capabilities, but "I can't draw" is a crappy comic name. So I added "Good Sir" to the intro, and now I have "Good Sir, I Cannot Draw"! Fancy!
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16th Nov 2010, 8:23 PM #17
Wayne Zero

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The original idea was to call it "Judgment" as the main character has decided to pass his own judgment on everyone else. That was a little difficult to research to see if it wasn't already taken, so I added the "Tales of" as a nod to older comics like Tales of Mystery and Tales of Suspense and the like.
16th Nov 2010, 8:33 PM #18
cruel map sap
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"Unichat" came from the fictional backstory of the comic's chat engine. It stands for "Universal Chat", because it's extremely light-weight (can be installed on almost anything) and so on. Not that this will ever come up in the comic, lol... But it's how I thought of the name.

"Essence of Eternity" came about because I wanted to do a project (which was originally going to be a StarCraft mod - that's how many of my projects start) with a city called "Eternity" in it which is like the core of existence and all that like in the comic also this sentence is horribly grammered and has a word missing it. "Essence of" was added to make it sound more mysterious and stuff - I thought of it because both "Essence" and "Eternity" start with "e" and are rather mysterious concepts.
16th Nov 2010, 8:35 PM #19
Usertitle Hater
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Jacob Gristwood:Flicked to a random page in a dictionary and picked one with my eyes closed.

Really? 'cos hokum means "something without meaning".
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16th Nov 2010, 8:36 PM #20
yes yes, of course, of course
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Mega-Bytes got it's name since the main character in it is a reploid, which is a type of machine. The name was meant more as a subtle pun.

Pokemon Misadventures was named because it it one comic mishap after another and I believed Misadventure would be more fitting a title.

Titan War is named because main characters of different game titles join together to battle their greatest rivals or longtime friends, creating a digital clash of the titans, so to speak.
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