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"Recommend Another Member's Comic!!", 5 days ago, 1:50 AM #1

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Hi everyone,

I thought it would be a cool thing to boost the signal for our fellow creators by recommending a few comics (other than your own) that you feel deserve wider recognition! If you're not a creator, but here as a valued reader, I want your recommendations too!

Please list up to three comics, with maybe a sentence or two saying why you like them. Please don't nominate your own comic!

I'll go first:

SPACE - The Comic - this is a photo-comic made using Space Lego!! It's funny and gives me a SUPER hit of nostalgia!!

Mega-Space C*nts - this won't be everyone's cup of tea, as you can tell by the name. It's a ribald sci-fi sex comedy, which I'm not normally a fan of, but - THE. ART. IS. AMAZING!!!

Kung Fu Grandma - it's early days on this strip but it shows a ton of potential. It does what it says on the tin - a grandma who kicks ass using kung fu. It has a real 60s underground-comics vibe to the art and is really funny. I'm enjoying it a lot.

Okay, those are my recs - who's next?
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Venture Capitalist
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Yes! I love getting hype over fellow Furians!


Cryptida is part Raiders of the Lost Ark, part Jurassic Park, part Duck Tales... the adventures of the Department of Cryptozoology are an ongoing, wide-ranging work.


Long running, epic, and with a huge reader base, Data Chasers sets the bar very very very high. This is the CGI comic that made me open my mind to CGI comics.


Modern civilization falls in Dark Horse and it is up to the fae and their allies to resist the dark impulses unleashed by crisis. Also, author Blue Dragon bought me lunch on Monday.

And here's one other that y'all better be aware of:


Autumn Bay is a weird place where the conspiracies are just the tip of the iceberg. Authors Professor Etheric and Sarah Sophia are stand up people, and they have many, many stories to tell of this amazing city, so much so that I (and others!) have canonically borrowed it as a setting on numerous occasions. This work is unfortunately on hiatus.

whoops that was four
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goes fast
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I'd like to recommend [ Lamb ]
It's a pretty interesting comic about a boy who ran away from his family, who are cultists.
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oh boy i was actually thinking of making this thread a few days ago (albeit with 'underrated comics' as the title) so i'm glad i get to plug something i found really cool

DiS in Space is probably one of the most underrated comics on the site. if you are a person who likes sci-fi, fantasy, or even the superhero genre at all, i can practically guarantee that you will like this comic. some absolutely amazing backgrounds, characters that are easy to like, and a pretty captivating story will make for something that is right up the alley of most Furians (myself included). the one downside (if that) is that this comic is currently in the process of being ported over from smackjeeves after their whole disaster, so you'll have to check it out on tapas or something if you don't want to wait a considerable amount weeks for the author to bring everything over (but that just means more content).

in any case, please check DiS in Space out. something this cool does not deserve to be this underrated.

e: whoops i went overboard with the whole 'sentence or two' thing. sorry about that
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AIght Lets get this show on the road.

In no particular order.

Krazy Noodle Massacre Do you like gorgeous traditional looking art? Completely Unique style? Krazy Noodles? This one is for you. I'll let the artist speak for themselves on the finer details...but you should definitely check it out.

Silvering Amazing color work in this fast paced epic. It's got pretty much all you could want in a sword and shield story with it's own unique twist. (Did I mention how much I love the color job?) (I REALLY DO)

The Claret Age Another fantasy comic, but absolutely unique and stunning in it's own way. I really like Wartooth's dedication to his world building and heck does it show in the backgrounds of this comic.

Night Lights and Dark Places Kick ass monster meets kick ass girl and they go on a date. It's adorable, it's witty and the characters are neat.

Millennium SPACE. SPACE SHIPS IN SPACE. SHENANIGANS IN SPACE. Fantastic, rich in color and story and always getting bigger and better.

Back From the DeepI'm a simple Dingo. I see Moby Dick retellings I subscribe. This comic has a hell of a fun style because it's very reminiscent of old woodcuts and I love it.

Bloom Saves Everyone Very surreal and complete(!) comic about a Fennec Fox and the choices they have to make. Super's comic was one of the first ones I saw on CF back when I joined and they're a neat person in addition to having a neat comic.

Queens A comic about a high school in Queens New York! Wr3n is really good at using heavy blacks in their artwork and the drama of their action scenes is worth a check out all on it's own.

Ashface's DaughterA 3D comic by the ever hardworking BMR who updates M-F. It's got a great feel to it and definitely something to take a look at if you're looking for what 3D comics can look like at their best.

(I totally missed the part where you said 3 only...woops)
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Firefly Jelly

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Only three? This is going to be tough... there's so much good stuff on here!

Only three, only three... and I won't repeat any that have already been mentioned, or the comics of anyone who's already posted... this is still so hard.

Okay. First up is mitchellbravo's Loud Era - a slice-of-life historical drama, character-driven, engaging and absorbing, and unlike anything else.

Second, BustyLaroo's Angels of the Fallen. A fantasy-drama that is also character-driven, with some very interesting mythology and world-building that doesn't overshadow the characters.

Third, John Waltrip's Enterprise-G. A treat for SF fans in general and Trekkies in particular, it's old-school Star Trek storytelling on a new stage with all original characters.

To everyone else on my subscription list, I love you all, too!
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Court of Roses by my friend Nutty. five lovable bards bond over their musical kickassery in a vibrant, colorful fantasy setting. fun and expressive art and a memorable cast of rad characters.

Millennium by my girl Deo. a diverse group of sci-fi goofballs get up to space hijinks with heartfelt moments sprinkled throughout. everyone is hot.

Suicide Noun. dark comedy about two dudes trying to figure out why one of them keeps coming back to life after killing himself. art's shakey and the subject matter isnt for everyone, but im hooked.

bitch i cant recommend just 3

5 days ago, 6:02 AM #8

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Also avoiding repeats and comics that already have large followings...

It's got that old school anime feel that I love so much. Great characters and a nicely sized archive to dig in to.

Where I go for my NSFW humor these days. Thank you "Great SmackJeeves Exodus".

Some of the best art I've ever seen put in to a webcomic... PERIOD.
5 days ago, 6:10 AM #9

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ALRIGHTY, lemme add in my 2 cents over here!

Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files is a fun read featuring cool characters, funny dialogue, and a really pretty cutie-pie protagonist! A detective comic is always a friend in my book!

Ignotus is a great action-packed webcomic centered around thieves in a world of superheroes! I just really wish they uploaded more often, to be honest, but yeah!

Novice Mistake, while pretty short SO FAR, has visually stunning art and really good-writing. Reading it will pretty much give you a fun time!

I'm writing this in the middle of class, so I gotta make it short, so yeah, sorry I couldn't make it longer!
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Craters Edge- One of my first subscriptions. Every page is colored and packed with detail. The monster designs are creative as well.

Slashed- Definitely recommend if you like action and lots of fights. Paneling and compositions are great.

Jack and the Beanstalk Part 2- A great interactive comic where readers vote on the outcome. The simple story gradually becomes a more epic adventure with deep lore and characters.
Even if there's a recap in this part, still should read part 1 to get the full experience.
Here's part 1
Also recommending this because it needs more voters.
5 days ago, 7:52 AM #11
Amazing Chris Godbey
formerly DrFurball
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Only three? Well...


Because I'm Depressed: I'm not really into "dramedy" or pitch-black humor, but...BCDE just does it so well, man. The main characters are all enjoyable, the occasional dips into drama really hit the reader emotionally without ever feeling like a sudden tonal shift (it's balanced very well), the artwork is fantastic (and keeps improving!), and most of all, it's really, really funny. Seriously, I've laughed out loud several times binging this comic.



Ultramutt: Wacky, cartoony superhero parody? Hell yeah, I'm into this! Not only is it funny, with lots of goofy humor, but the artwork is so animated, expressive, and lively that I can practically see it playing out in front of my eyes, moving like a cartoon from the late 90s. Unfortunately, it hasn't updated since late 2018, but hopefully it'll come back.



Extremely F^#%ing Nigh: This one's only recently started, but it's been forever since a fantasy webcomic has caught my interest. And it falls into the "urban fantasy" genre specifically, which is my favorite kind! The premise is interesting (an ancient barricade keeping magic from our world is being weakened by the people who uphold said barrier being killed off, one-by-one), the art is great, the dips into the surreal dreamscape are rad, and there's a little bit of humor woven in. Like I said, it's just started, but I'm excited to see where it goes.
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I'm just getting started so I don't have 3 comics to recommend, sorry. But there is a comic I would like to see more people read. It's called Cold Sweat (oh, but it is nsfw so uhm, I hope it's ok to link to it here).


It's about a woman and a vampire who slowly start falling in love, but it's also about finding acceptance, which I think is just as important as love. Lorsenal's art is gorgeous and there's a lot more that I would like to say about how she draws Mina and Drasil but I don't know that I could every do a good job of explaining myself. Anyways, please give her comic a try.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

P.S. oh, and sorry again, it is very nsfw.
5 days ago, 10:44 AM #13

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The thick outline style from early 00's... Just pleasant to look at, after seeing all of this modern cheap thin lined stuff in cartoons.
5 days ago, 1:32 PM #14

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Awww, thanks Dingo for recommending my little comic. <3


Anyway, here's a few recommendations from me:

Chimeran Legends by AKIllustrate has some lovely artwork and designs, and is an endearing fantasy story about different races of animal people.

Flowers from the Deep by Morningbee4 is a great, rather surreal comic with a really cool retro-comic book art style and an intriguing premise.

Finally, Flesh Kernel by Cancrizans has a really fun art style and an interesting premise, with some really cool character designs that are somewhat reminiscent of classic 90s cartoons.

So yeah, go read these!!
5 days ago, 1:40 PM #15

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I have two comics I used to read on smackjeeves and they moved here soooooo

image Doe of Deadwood is amazing and I love it. It's a sad and scary story about deers, demons and other things.

Grey Eyes is just so pretty and has such an amazing art style and the colours are so wonderful and it is very sad story about two men falling in love. I think.

I'm not very good at advertising things it seems but please trust me and read it.
5 days ago, 1:44 PM #16

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It's a long list, but here it is.

Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - A great comic for grown ups, couples and families who still love video games.

Court of Roses - A story about a merry band of bards with beautiful art and intriguing lore all around music.

The Book of Three - An adaptation of the underrated novel with stunning art.

Other I recommend because 3 is not enough.

5 days ago, 4:01 PM #17

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Wastelanders Anonymous - A memorable cast of misfits try to get through each day in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland, which takes place a long time after said apocalypse took place. (It was the first comic I subscribed to on comicfury)

Helsirvente - Four kids try their hand at ghost hunting, but have no idea how much trouble they will end up in, as they learn of the terrifying Helsirvente.

Dear Rider - A goblin with aspirations to become one of the fearsome riders does his darnest to make his dreams a reality - but unfortunately for him, he’s both very lucky, and very unlucky.
5 days ago, 4:51 PM #18
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The Rose Thief - It's a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story, that tries something different. The result is a really charming fairytale spoof!

Sheep's Clothing - It's a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story, that tries something different. A cute sheep becomes the tailor in the mansion of the Big Bad Wolf.

Turn Back the Sun - It's a retelling of the Beauty and the- no wait, this one is actually the retelling of an obscure science fiction film! It's about a lonely spaceship whose crew one day finds out that they are not the last humans in the galaxy...

Honorable mentions:

5 days ago, 5:32 PM #19

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I'm new so I don't have many yet, at least not here (If other places are allowed I'd have half a dozen at least), but i do have the one that introduced me to this site and another one.

Pure light, it's a fan-comic, but so far it's been pretty high quality for one. It did change hands a few times and i definitely commend the current holder for taking over and working on a webcomic and script that's not her own.
If you know Spyro (or even if not, I don't think it's really a prerequisite) you're probably going to enjoy it.

Accidental Elemental is one I've been following since the previous iteration, it's really good so far and the graphics are amazing.
Really, I can't stop gushing about the new art and the way the prolog and the first fight scene establish the characters and their personalities, it's so amazing and the improvement is so huge you can taste it, and that even though the previous attempt already started off pretty amazing.
My comic, At least until I get a decent banner.

Still very much a mess, owning to my incompetence in actually getting pages online, any advice/critique is welcome.
5 days ago, 6:15 PM #20

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Court of Roses - The first comic I subscribed to on the site. Wonderful fantasy comic with a colorful cast of unique bards. The dialogue is organic and fun. The art is expressive and cartoonish while not undermining the more dramatic moments. The current chapter is a flashback after we open up with an unexpectedly dark twist of fate. Recommended especially for the character writing.

Android Blues - A new transfer comic that I am just starting. The art is mind blowing and the concept so far is engaging .

Live Yasha - A clever and fun adventure comic that starts off on an island but ends up in a quasi middle eastern setting. And the villain is majorly freaky and effective. The pacing and character writing is fantastic and the art evolves very fast. My favorite aspect is how unexpected the writing is despite there being an overarching plot with the sisters. I can never quite guess where the whimsy will lead to.

I hadn’t seen the stipulation that I also needed to be a creator. I do have an old comic that I may upload at one point so consider me a quasi creator.
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